Gege: Women who have not been pregnant for many years after marriage, check that there are "a wall" in the uterus, what should I do?

Guide: There is no pregnancy after a few years after marriage, but her body has no strange sign. Later, she found that she had a disease called uterus in the uterus through the hospital examination, just like a uterus was blocked by a wallIt is generally not separated from the middle, so I have not been pregnant for a long time.

What is uterine vertical diaphragm?

The doctor said that the uterine hypertrophy is relatively common in uterine diseases. It is generally divided into two types of vertical diaphragm, one is the entire uterus completely vertical diaphragm, and the other is incomplete vertical diaphragm in the uterus.Fully vertical diaphragm is like building a wall in the middle of a house, dividing the room into two, and incomplete vertical diaphragm is like a screen in the middle of the house. Although the house is separated, there are gaps on both ends.

Generally, women with uterine mediastinum have no abnormal discomfort. Many of them find that they are the longitudinal diaphragm of the uterus after conception.

However, the uterine hypertrophy can affect the pregnancy of women during pregnancy, which may cause repeated abortion, or premature birth, etc. Some can not even conceive for a long time.

What are the causes of uterine vertical diaphragm?

The vertical diaphragm is often caused by the abnormal development of the uterus. When the uterus is still in the period of the embryo, the uterine malformations caused by abnormal uterine fusion development.

Do I need to be treated in the uterus internationally?

Some female friends who have become mothers appear:

A: I am a patient with a completely vertical diaphragm in the uterus. Now the baby is two years old, lively and healthy, so natural conception is completely fine.

B: Now 33 weeks of pregnancy, but the whole process is very painful. The first pregnancy tire stopped. I found the uterus interval, listened to a lot of opinions, and finally chose not to do it.Finally, I chose to perform surgery for the uterus first. After one year of cultivation, I was pregnant smoothly, so I found that there was a problem with the uterus.

Through everyone’s answer, it is not difficult to find that although some women suffer from uterine mediastinum, they can still be lucky to be pregnant and childbirth, but some are different. If surgery is not performed, it will not only threaten the fetal life and health, but also damage their bodies.You have to lose.

Therefore, everyone must vary from person to person. When listening to the advice given by doctors, it is best to condition the body first and then consider the child. Don’t be lucky.

How should the uterine interval treat it?

First of all, we need to understand that the uterine translude is the dysplasia of the uterus and cause malformations. It is not possible to change the medicine and medication. It needs to be treated with surgery.Common treatment methods are hysteroscopy detection surgery, which can only be used to remove vertical removal.

In addition, the majority of patients are reminded that although laparoscopic surgery is a relatively common minimally invasive surgery, they should also choose a larger local three -level hospital to find an experienced doctor for surgery.Choose a small hospital with no qualifications at will.

What if you find that you should be a uterus vertical after pregnancy?

If you find that you have a uterus interval after pregnancy, you must first go to the hospital for a related examination in time to see if the development of the fetus is good. You must also listen to the doctor’s suggestion in time.Be careful not to let the fetus grow too large. The fetal too will cause the uterine environmental distress, which will affect the development of the fetus. In emergency circumstances, a cesarean section should be performed in advance.

Important reminder: Even if you have a uterus internationally, don’t worry too much. Just go to a regular hospital for a minimally invasive surgery and wait for your cultivation to recover. Be sure to keep your mood joy.

Topic today: Have you or the female friends around you have suffered from the uterus internationally?What is the state now?May wish to say.

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