Giant food crabs have invaded the UK, 3.7 meters can be cut with sharks!Can this crab man eat?

In a sunny afternoon in the UK, a group of giant crabs suddenly raised their "arms" to invade the beach with a few meters long crabs.Human crab is the largest crustacean animal on the planet. Their chelaces can reach 3.7 meters and weigh nearly 30 kg. They can be described as the "boss" in crabs.

Is this "food crab" really like the food and mermaids in the Amazon River.Or is it the biggest crab and become a "meal" for human beings?

All the reasons for things start from the invasion of the UK pier.

"Species invasion"

In 1836, the Dutch zoologist Konad Jacob Tengke saw a huge crab in Nagasaki, Japan. Its chelated foot was about 3.7 meters.Strange creature.He brought the crab back to the Netherlands and described and named it with western scientific methods. This is the first time that human crab has been recognized by the Western world.

However, in Japan, people’s crab already has its own name and legend.They are called high -foot crabs because they have long legs.They are also considered to be the messenger of the God of Water and can predict disasters and bless fishermen.The Japanese have a sense of awe and respect for the crab of human beings, and do not easily kill them.

Originally, the main living area of human crab should be in the coastal areas of Japan in the Northwest Pacific. In recent years, due to climate change, the temperature of the seawater has increased. A large number of human crabs are forced to migrate to the British waters with higher latitude.Because Britain is located in the temperate maritime climate area, the temperature of the seawater is moderate throughout the year, and the underwater environment is also conducive to the survival of human crabs. There are different base quality such as rocks and sand mud. Human crabs can drill or climb in them.

There are also rich food resources at the bottom of the sea, such as fish and shrimp, shells, jellyfish, etc., can eat all kinds of animals and plants.Therefore, people who are in a foreign country not only feel dissatisfied with the soil and water, but even breed a lot, and soon become a hegemon around the United Kingdom.

Whenever summer comes, human food crabs will appear in a large number of shallow waters in Corwol, Britain, or even ashore for shelling and breeding.This invasion has attracted people’s attention and concerns in the UK. On the one hand, their appearance and names make people feel fearful and disgusting.

On the other hand, they will compete for food and space with other marine life, and even prey or harm some precious or protected species such as lobster and shellfish.They will also destroy fishing nets and fishing gear, reduce the income of fishermen, and have a serious impact on local ecosystems and fisheries.

First of all, we must first understand the habits of ingredients. Human food crabs mainly live on the bottom of the 500-800 meters. They mainly use small sharks and jellyfish as their food. The diving ability is extremely strong. Except for shelling and breeding, it will basically not go ashore.It can be said that people’s crab and human life cannot be said to be a bit related, but it can only be said that it is not related.Where does the "food" come from?

It turns out that in addition to predation of some small creatures, food -eating crabs also have certain eclipse, so they are also called corpse crabs.

However, after the name was passed to our country, it was translated into human crab, and it became more and more widely spread, misleading many people.And with the frightened appearance of the crab, slowly, the name of "food" is rooted in people’s hearts. It can be said that the crab crab can be regarded as one of the victims of the "Appearance Association".

Although people’s crabs do not eat people and do not take the initiative to attack people, do not treat them like cute pets. The pair of giant bandfedes is a powerful proof.According to researchers, an adult -eating crab’s pinch can reach 1,800 catties, which is equivalent to three times that of a lion arm force.This horrible power is enough to divide a shark into two in an instant.

According to legend, in the 1990s, a Japanese crew went into the habitat of human food, which shocked their frustrated people who were furious.It is said that the crew went to the hospital after the incident and had deep wounds in many places.

Therefore, although human food crabs do not take the initiative to attacked people, they still do n’t want to get closer easily. They really have to fight. Unless the stone scissors are cloth, you have no chance of winning.

What is the best way to solve a species of disaster?That’s right, that is to eat.Speaking of which, maybe the readers wanted to ask: "Can this stuff eat it?"

Here I will tell you that not only can you eat, but also very delicious, even known as one of the most delicious crabs in the world. Its meat is fat and delicious, and is loved by diners.

The meat of human crab has a unique fresh and sweet taste, rich and delicate taste, but the meat is firm but not dry.The ointment content of human crabs is also very high, so its meat is delicious and juicy, which makes people take a bite.In addition, people’s crab also has a unique fragrance, which makes it an indispensable important raw material in many cuisines.

In different regions and different cooking methods, human food crabs also have their own taste.For example, in Singapore and Malaysia, people usually add food crabs to curry to cook, making their taste more rich and rich.In Japan, human crabs are usually used as raw materials for sushi or sashimi, which are praised as a good product in seafood cuisine.

In China, steamed crabs must have heard of it.This method of retaining the flavor of the crab itself can make the crab meat tender and delicious, there is no fishy smell, the taste is very delicious, it tastes very refreshing, suitable for summer consumption.In addition, steamed human crabs also have a certain nutritional value, containing the characteristics of high protein, low fat, and low calories.

However, with a large number of people’s fishing, in some countries and regions, such as Australia, the United States, Europe and other places, human food crabs are considered to be endangered species, so their capture and sales are usually strictly restricted and supervised.In these places, unless there is a special license or special environmental protection plan, it is generally not allowed to capture and sell human crabs.

In recent years, my country has also begun to implement some related measures to restrict the wanton fishing of human crabs. This has also increased the price of human crab in the market. It’s just the wallet of slaughtering people.

If you are interested in ogre crab, you may wish to visit the London Aquarium in the United Kingdom. There is a Japanese food crab named Barney, which is the largest in the world with a weight of 15 kg.You can observe its appearance and behavior up close, or interact with it and take pictures.

You can understand its lifestyle and living environment, and it can also explore its scientific value and cultural significance.You can appreciate its beauty and strangeness, and you can also think about its existence and future.You can ask yourself a question: What would you do if you encountered a human crab?Is it running or taking pictures?Do you eat it or let it eat you?


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