Girlfriends are just pregnant. What gifts are the most suitable?These things are very warm

There will be a good girlfriend around every girl.When Qiqi was single, the best girlfriend around him met his true love. After two months of love, he was immediately married and became pregnant. He became pregnant three months after marriage!

Unbelievable friends were worried that she was very happy for her prematurely, and prepared a few small gifts to prepare to give her girlfriend and the baby in her belly.In order to make my girlfriend feel sincerity, when choosing a gift, Kiki was particularly attentive, and she also asked a parenting expert to consult many times.

The first gift: maternity costume

Considering that my girlfriend loves beauty, even when she is pregnant, she wants to wear beauty.Therefore, a stylish and comfortable maternity dress has been prepared for girlfriends, hoping that girlfriends are beautiful every moment.

Second gift: folic acid

Listening to childcare experts said that eating folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy is very important, because folic acid can prevent fetal malformations, so many pregnant women are preparing for pregnancy and three months before pregnancy.Therefore, a box of imported folic acid products was prepared for girlfriends, hoping that she and her baby could be healthy.

Third gift: Huiyou Xizao oil soft capsule

Listening to childcare experts said that when the fetus was in the mother’s belly, the functions of the body had begun to develop, and at the 5 months of pregnancy, the brain nerves and visual nerves would begin to develop.

At this time, adding DHA to the fetus can promote the fetal’s intelligence and vision development. When 5 months pregnant, the child will supplement DHA, and the children born in the future will be clever.Therefore, in order to have a clever dried son in the future, I chose a few boxes of Huiyou Xizao oil soft capsules to girlfriends.

When the carefully prepared three gifts were sent to the girlfriend, the girlfriend did not mention more movement, and Kiki was also honored to be the godmother.

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