Go out of the waves in 47 days?He Xunjun’s late night nightclub hi crazy, I don’t see Xun Mengyao throughout the whole process

Today, the entertainment industry has become a hustle and bustle of the happy field. The stars can become a carnival for the people who eat melon under the fermentation of all parties.If you have a little bit of relationship with the giants, this element full of Mary Sujac Su broke the news in minutes!

For example, now the popular search users Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting, such as the previous Xi Mengyao and He Yanjun.

Compared to the drama of Xiao Jiao’s wife, who wants to do with Guo Biting, the story of Xiao Jiao’s wife, the story of Xi Mengyao and He Yijun seems to be a bit stronger.Strictly speaking, Zimeng Yao cannot be regarded as a person in the entertainment industry. It is just a model in the fashion circle, and it is better. It is definitely a very small number of heads in the fashion circle.Almost all the fields have gone.

If Meng Yaoyao is wearing the most beautiful clothes, then He Yanjun is the most beautiful wine.He Yanjun’s identity is completely the standard of the male lead of "Master Master Love Me". The most prominent family born in Macau is the three sons of the gambler He Hongzhang and the Si Liang Anqi.

As the most representative gaming giant in Macau, He Hongzhang’s romantic affairs will naturally not be too bland.He Hongzhang has four wives, and all get along well.This is naturally not small (there are really many) children.Although He Junjun is one of many children, the gimmick of the "son of the king" can make him attract much attention from the crowd.

Coupled with He Yanjun’s own anger, the charm of several generations of the family, coupled with the educational results of the educational results of heavy money the day after tomorrow, the style of the giant son is really unable to understand. "After graduating from the name, I will enter the family business.In the future, the factory model of the Domineering President "was arbitrarily abandoned by He Yanjun, and even run counter to the entertainment industry. First, in a scientific brainpower reality show, a high IQ is dominant.The variety show of the fire, and the intersection with Xi Mengyao stems from a star reality show love variety show.

Although it is a reality show, the ingredients of "show" are a bit bigger, but people who really walk together because of the show are not without. In the past, Zhong Liti Zhang Lunshuo was a positive fruit, and then Xi Mengyao and He Yanjun were also being exploded.Although he denied it at the beginning, he couldn’t bear the people who eat melon. All of them were Holmes.

Later, of course, He Yanjun’s proposal also successfully occupied hot search, of course, there were some less harmonious hot search.Two months later, the two took a photo of the marriage certificate on Weibo. He Junjun finally married Xun Mengyao, who was taller than himself, and Xi Mengyao also married into the giants in the real sense.

It may be the influence of the proposal. The two after marriage are particularly low -key, but the focus of the media’s attention.

Recently, some people released a video of He Yanjun in a bars in Nanjing on a platform in a certain platform. According to netizens, He Yanjun was playing very much in Nanjing for a few days.

Although the dim light is not very clear because of the dim light, it can also be seen that it is He Yanjun.On the day, he was wearing a short sleeve in Heihe, and he was very casual. He sat in the middle, and he was around a few beautiful women wearing very cool.It is not difficult to see in the video that He Yanjun is familiar with the door, and he eats it among everyone.It was only 47 days since the announcement of getting married. He Yanjun has left Meng Mengyao to play crazy, and many media have photographed Xi Mengyao suspected to be pregnant before, so whether the pregnant wife himself comes out or not.

Then some netizens commented: both of them were money for money, one for dad, and one for her husband.Seeking benevolence is not a big deal.Some people even broke the news that He Xunjun paid for the audience and screamed in the audience.Such a big deal is indeed a giant.

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