Gourd!Cai Xukun’s one -night seeing a girl is pregnant, and the mother’s "after -good" means are even more unbearable.

In the summer vacation, the happiest thing is to eat melon.Recently, the hard -working paparazzi has held a fragrant melon for everyone: "Cai Xukun and Ms. Cao surnamed, and became pregnant after a night stand."This melon is upset. This is a period of time. Following Wu Yifan, another stream of male artists made by the sin made by the lower body.

On May 20, 2021, in a KTV in Chaoyang District, Beijing, an ambiguous drama is being staged. The male lead Cai Xukun and the female lead Ms. Cao, through Jiu Jin, confused.After the end of the song, the two were still in love, and they were lingering in another place.

After the camera turned to a month, Miss Cao went to the hospital to check and found that she was pregnant.After getting the cold answer, Miss Cao went to the hospital alone to perform an abortion surgery on July 5.

The matter is such a thing. It is also a talk about tea after a meal on ordinary people, but it is not the same as it is placed on the top artist. As soon as the news comes out, it affects the entire network.

First of all, the woman’s information was quickly picked out. The woman’s surname was Cao, 32 years old, nine years older than Cai Xukun.

Many netizens began to question Cai Xukun’s taste and curious: "How can he choose such girls with his conditions? Will ask these words.

It should not understand the operating mechanism of dopamine.The principle of making happiness in dopamine is not to have, but to want more.

Then some netizens picked it out. When Cai Xukun had a one -night stand with people, there was a genuine girlfriend. Although not a person in the circle, it was also a Bai Fumei.Well, the problem of derailment is put on the desktop again.

This is not over yet, and another big V broke out. Cai Xukun’s private and unbearable was dazzling.

When he was 20 years old, he opened a house with female fans. When he went to the United States, he also spent the Spring Festival with a rich second -generation girl in Los Angeles.

The most and most important thing is that he sleeps more girls, but live difference!This is a bit buried.

But the most important thing about this is the performance of Cai Xukun’s mother.

Dingliu artists sleeping with fans. At that time, the preventive measures were not in place, causing pregnancy, and compensation after compensation.And after the one -night stand, the two are adults, and you are willing to be in love. Although it is not recognized by the public order, it does not violate the law.

The behavior of her mother just violated the public order and good customs, but also violated the law.

After the incident of the East Window, Cai Xukun exposed his mother’s heart, and he did not take contraceptive measures on the day of the incident, causing the woman to be pregnant.

After the news of Mother Cai, the first thing to doubt was that Ms. Cao deliberately set up a bureau to blackmail her son.

So the question comes, if Ms. Cao asked for compensation, would it constitute a crime of extortion?Professional questions of law are answered by professional lawyers. What I want to say is that the video content that Teacher Luo Xiang once shared by the Internet celebrity said that losing money is the most basic awareness of an adulterer."

It should be the same here, and the aftermath is the most basic awareness of the seeder.Obviously, Mother Cai did not have such awareness. She used the victim’s sin theory.

While asking the staff to contact Cao Nu to discuss compensation, they arranged for private detectives to follow Ms. Cao and illegally install cameras at their doorstep. This obviously had violated the privacy of others.

The camera was filmed by Ms. Cao, a girl, and a man’s late home.This gave Mother Cai because she suspected that Ms. Cao and other men were dyed, and she also gave her a capital to "the plaintiff as the defendant".

Mother Cai’s behavior couldn’t help feeling that behind every child who was in the shape of a waves, there was a planned mother.

But is this kind of calf really good for children?Is it necessary to cultivate an irresponsible man in today’s society?

Cai Xukun has always been excellent. He has been versatile since he was a child. He stood out from "Idol Intern", killing the bleeding path in the cruel entertainment industry, and now.In the end, he was surrendered under the slavery of dopamine, and hateful was sad.””

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