Growing posture: Probiotics toothpaste to become a must -have pricer artifact for pregnant mothers

The pain of oral cavity during pregnancy, I am afraid that only people who have been a mother can experience it.In those months, if you didn’t pay attention, the gums became red and swollen, and the good appetite was gone.If you ca n’t eat it, the little baby in the belly ca n’t keep up with the nutrition.What is even more worrying is that according to relevant studies, it can be seen that oral problems during pregnancy may even cause serious consequences such as miscarriage and premature birth.

In order to maintain oral health and take full care of the upcoming little life, pregnant mothers are in the eighteen martial arts, and Dafa is also hand -made.I heard that a priced artifact is popular in the circle of pregnant mothers recently. Many pregnant moms who are deeply troubled by oral problems are shouting and easy to use.Where is the artifact of the artifacts that can be loved by pregnant mothers, the answer is probiotics!

The following editors will introduce the powerful prique effects of probiotics in detail!

Care for max, the prarites effect

Probiotics?Care oral?I believe that when the pregnant mother hears this news, her face must be a capital of a capital.Yes, Xiaobian didn’t dare to believe it at the time.In the minds of Xiaobian, probiotics are a kind of useful microorganism. Supplementing probiotics is already the secret of the pregnant mother’s circle. Of course, there are also brands to launch intimate probiotic skin care. Is it okay to use this care care mouth?

For this reason, Xiaobian checked the relevant information before understanding the truth.It turned out that in our body, there were probiotics, and they together with harmful bacteria and other microorganisms constitute the micro -ecological system of our human body.The good operation of our oral cavity also depends on these microorganisms.Once the harmful bacteria are overly reproduced, the ecological balance of the oral cavity is broken, and various oral diseases will follow.Probiotics can effectively balance harmful bacteria and maintain the balance of oral flora.

According to Dr. Ye Changchang, a doctorate doctor at Tokyo Medical Dental University in Tokyo, during pregnancy, the surge in estrogen in the body will increase the capillaries of the gums, weaken, and increase the transmission of blood stasis and vascular wall transmission.Causes gingivitis; dietary habits during pregnancy have also changed. Once the mouth is not cleaned, it can easily lead to periodontal disease.In such a harsh oral environment, the balance of the dental flora is broken, and the oral problem during the pregnancy period is naturally increasingly prominent.At this time, the flora balance that uses probiotics to reshape the oral cavity to maintain oral health, and the oral cavity of the pregnant mother will be full of vitality.

Safety MAX, take the gesture of the gestation god assists during pregnancy

However, by relying on the powerful guardian mechanism, is it enough to become a priced artifact that tens of millions of mothers like?Faced with the little baby that has not yet been born, the question that pregnant mothers are most concerned about is it safe?will it affect the baby?The oral cavity is the first barrier to protect the baby. Of course, the pregnant mother requires the testimony repeatedly for its safety.

The chemicals with nursing effects widely used in ordinary toothpaste will not consider the safety of the baby’s growth environment with the mother’s growth source.The probiotics that are homologous to the human body can be more able to have the oral cavity during pregnancy. Through 3 minutes of washing brushes each time, probiotics entered the oral cavity of the pregnant mother, eliminating harmful bacteria in the mouth, and restoring the balance of bacteria in a short period of time.To reduce the risk of oral problems during pregnancy, this non -chemical care method is super assured that pregnant moms are used.

At this time, Xiaobian finally couldn’t hold back the inner chicken frozen to release a good news, that is, today, probiotics are no longer just pregnant mummy food, hot mom’s skin care products, reaching food -level safety domestic first domestic first domestic firstOral care products during pregnancy -Yunnan Baiyao Yongkang toothpaste is listed!The main component is what we call oral probiotics today.Yunnan Baiyao Yongkang toothpaste research and development team lasted for 7 years. It selected strains suitable for pregnant women from 300 probiotics and finally developed into today’s Yunkang toothpaste.A professional -level pregnant mothers taste test, select the natural Japanese green pomelo essence, fresh and natural taste, so that the pregnant mothers feel comfortable when brushing their teeth!

From then on, among the preparation artifacts around the pregnant mother, naturally more oral and healthy characters in Yunnan Baiyao Yongkang toothpaste!

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