Guo Biting rarely dyed red and broke the rumor of pregnancy, and farted the rainbow fart to Zuo: My wife is 16 years old

2019-12-02 00:00

Since Guo Biting and Xiang Zuo’s marriage, the two have also been frequently spawned, especially Xiang Tai, and they are eager to get pregnant as soon as possible and complete their desire to hold their grandsons.The suspected pregnancy, so the news of Guo Biting’s pregnancy is also endless on the Internet.

Recently, some netizens exposed the gifts sent to Zuo on the Internet. Some netizens with sharp eyes found that there were anti -stretch marks and children’s clothing for pregnant women in the gift. Many netizens guessed whether Guo Biting was really pregnant?

On December 1, Guo Biting took a selfie of his own hair on Weibo and wrote the text: "Change the hairstyle (I don’t care ~ I don’t like it to say good -looking)" "

Guo Biting in the photo is completely plain, fair -skinned, smiley, and very three -dimensional and delicate. Such a beautiful Guo Biting will no wonder the goddess of many otakus. Guo Biting is also dyed with red hair, which is more energeticIt looks amazing.

For a long time, Guo Biting appeared in the public’s vision with his black hair. This time Guo Biting was stained with red hair. Guo Biting, who was relatively calm and quiet with his usual personality, was just like the two, making netizens feel a little unable to hold it.

Later, Xiang Zuo also commented on Guo Biting’s Weibo message: "Wow wow, super capable, my wife became 16 years old", I have to say that this wave of rainbow fart in Xiang Zuo is really amazing.Don’t hesitate to come, don’t accept the wall, just serve you.Later, Guo Biting replied playfully: "You are suspected of abducting minors." In response to this, Zuo Zeng responded: "Come on, catch me!" This wave of dialogue was too abuse, is there any.

This time Guo Biting’s hair dyeing also broke the rumors of pregnancy. After all, women during pregnancy cannot dye their hair. Hair dyeing is not good for the baby. Before Guo Biting took photos, Xiang Zuo responded to Guo Biting’s pregnancy in an interview with the media today.Xiang Zuo said, "I hope Biting is pregnant, but not yet." Officially denied Guo Biting’s pregnancy. It seems that Guo Biting is really not pregnant.

However, it can also be seen that from Xiang Zuo really want to be a father, and the urgency of upgrading to his father is not too much. Moreover, Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting often explore and associate with Lenovo in the "Daughter’s Love" program.After having the baby, from the facial expression of the two people, the baby’s arrival is also looking forward to it. I hope that the two can also realize the idea of being a cool father.

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