Gynecological examination found that the little tadpole?IntersectionThe eight things that are most taboo in physical examination!

Recently, a ladies checked sample specimen, and a small tadpole was found, embarrassing and news.

In fact, my colleagues in the physical examination shared me a lot of similar situations.

Many people don’t know that there are 8 precautions for medical examinations, the most taboo you do wrong!

Wrong is not only small embarrassing, but also affects the test results.

01 On the day of physical examination

Do not eat breakfast, fast for 6-8 hours, and 4 hours forbidden water.

However, if you want to eat dinner the day before, the analogy time is more than 16 hours, which will also affect the indicator of blood tests.

The conventional fasting items are mainly:

Blood drawing liver and kidney function, abdominal color Doppler ultrasound, upper abdomen nuclear magnetic, carbon 13 exhalation test, capsule gastroscopy, and so on.

02 1 day before the physical examination, according to the past normal diet

Don’t overeating, do not drink alcohol or drink alcoholic drinks within 3 days;

So as not to affect the results of detection results such as biochemical, urine testing, stool testing.

03 3 days before the physical examination, avoid sexual life and vaginal plug

The same room may not only affect the results of cervical testing;

Moreover, the small tadpoles can live in the vagina for a maximum of 5 days. Checking the leucorrhea may be checked for TCT, which will be a bit embarrassing.

In addition, the sisters are reminded not to do gynecological examinations during menstruation.

If you have to do gynecological examinations (including gynecological B-ultrasound), it is best to clean menstruation for 3-5 days to avoid sexual life.

04 Specifies 3 days before the physical examination

Extremely exercise, a large amount of sweat can affect the level of blood pressure, heart rate, hormones, etc.

Pay attention to rest the day before the medical examination to avoid staying up late.

05 The physical examination should be loose and convenient on the day of the medical examination

Girls should not wear shaped underwear, dress or pantyhose.

Because you may need to take off when checking, it will be inconvenient;

Don’t wear valuable metal jewelry or watches.

One is the risk of loss and also affects the image results.

06 Do not drink a lot of water before the blood stretching blood

Drinking a lot of water before blood drawing may dilute the blood and affect the blood drawing test indicators.

Those who suffer from chronic diseases need regular medicine, it is recommended to tell the staff of the medical department that the medical examination order can be adjusted.

For example, you first do B -ultrasound, draw blood, and then send pills in a little water.

If you do a check that need to be urinating, drink water and urinate after blood drawing.

07 Urine routine urine has skills

The most suitable urine detection in the middle section of the middle section is the most suitable.

Middle urine refers to the urination that starts to urinate, rinse the urethra, and then remove the urine, which can also be understood as the middle part of the urination.

Women should avoid menstrual periods to avoid menstruation.

08 These situations should be informed of the doctor

Women who are pregnant or may already conceive are not recommended to do X -ray examination.

At the same time, it is recommended to tell gynecologists that gynecological examination items should also be evaluated.

After surgery, to inform the doctor.

If you are taking some drugs that treat chronic diseases, you should also inform the doctor;

Easy to choose and analyze and evaluate the results of the project.

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