Hangzhou 4 -year -old girl always shouted itching, and her mother was stunned after watching: Many small bugs

Recently, a 4 -year -old girl Kiki (pseudonym) happened very terrible. She first shouted itching and itching in a few days.

As a result, her parents took off her little underwear to check carefully and grabbed many "millet worms."

Where did these small bugs come from?What kind of damage does it cause to children?Is it contagious?Qianjiang Evening News reporter found Dr. Yang Lin from the pediatric department of Hangzhou Normal University Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University.

The 4 -year -old girl said that the place of urination itching

Mom grabbed many "millet worms"

4 -year -old children should be super good according to the quality of sleep, and they basically do not need to get up at night, and Kiki was originally the same.

I don’t know why, she woke up frequently at night.And the reason is also very strange. First of all, the fart is itchy, and the small hands often pick up when sleeping.

At first, her parents did not take it seriously, and they also rebuked her bad habits to not talk about hygiene.

However, a similar strange move Kiki "staged" once or twice every night.To make matters worse, a few days later, Qiqi’s scratching hand turned from fart to the front, waking up in the middle of the night and crying and saying, "The place where the urination is itching." This time, his parents became nervous.

Take off Qiqi’s small underwear, get the phone’s flashlight, look carefully, and what you see in front of him is trembling.Mom and Dad immediately picked up Kiki and rushed to the emergency department of Hangzhou Normal University.

"This is a tapeworm." After looking at the little worm wrapped in Kiki’s napkin paper, Yang Lin, a pediatrician on duty, recognized it at a glance.

Tapeworm adults

What is the worm?Where did you come from?Will children be dangerous?Qiqi’s parents’ doubts and worry.

Tapeworm is a common kind of worm in the intestine. It is mainly spread directly through the anus-hand-mouth.The female climbed at the anal mouth at night, which caused itching. The children tickled the insects with their fingers and swallowed the insect eggs when eating or sucking their fingers.The nymph eggs hatch at the anus, and the larvae can also climb into the anus and invade the large intestine, which can cause retrograde infection.If the ticks are not treated in time, the entire anus will be spread, and girls will even climb into the vagina, causing abdominal pain.

In order to further verify, Dr. Yang Lin told Qiqi’s parents to take more children’s feces to go to the laboratory for a mirror inspection.Sure enough, the duty staff of the inspection department found tapeworm adults and a large number of worm eggs under high -definition microscope.Fortunately, the damage caused by the little bug to Kiki is not great. After eating the "small sugar pills" of insects, the problem was solved.

Children’s tapeworm infection in summer high incidence

No timely treatment may affect children’s physical and mental health

Dr. Yang Lin said: "Ricknames infection is a common parasitic infection for children, especially in summer. Due to the night’s stomach pain and itching, it is highly suspected that the children infected with tapeworms can basically encounter every day, and they can be encountered every day, and they can be encountered every day, and they can be encountered every day, and they can be encountered every day, butIn the end, there are more than 10 cases of the bugs diagnosed. "

Tapeworm larvae

It is understood that children’s eggs that are attached to toys, pollutants and clothing are directly contacted to the entrance of the eggs in the mouth of the insects, causing cross -infections and repeated infections of patients.EssenceTherefore, it is necessary to do targeted prevention.

Dr. Yang Lin reminded that he usually pays attention to keeping the perianal clean and changing his underwear daily. You must wash your hands frequently before meals. This washing hands is also very particular. You must wash your hands with soap.(Including a good habit of correcting children’s finger habits, cutting nails, and sleeping without wearing open crotch pants).The preventive measures for regularly washing the bedding and cleaning toys (soaking the toys for more than 5 minutes or 0.05 % iodine solution for 1 hour or more for 1 hour with 0.5 % iodine solution) is the key to prevent re -infection.

In addition, if the infection of tapeworm disease is not healed, the children have symptoms of night shocks, night -time grinding teeth and urine, which will affect children’s physical and mental health.Sexual appendicitis and allergic skin diseases.Therefore, if parents find that children always say that farting or stomach pain at night should be paid attention to, and timely consultation.

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