Have questions to discuss with other users?There are these symptoms during pregnancy, congratulations, most of them are pregnant

There is a girl who has just got married in the group. In the past few days, this little beauty always said that she was like a cold, and she couldn’t lift up and did not like to eat.Afraid of affecting pregnancy.There is a mother in the group reminding her: shouldn’t it be pregnant?

So the little beauty went to the hospital for examination, the result was really: pregnant!pregnant!It’s!

Everyone was very happy for her, and it worked hard for the past few months.

Because next, the prospective mother will have a series of early pregnancy symptoms:

★ Menstruation stop

Everyone knows that the aunt after pregnancy will not come again.

Therefore, whether in film and television dramas or daily life, as long as it is postponed for a few days, the aunt has not come, and the first situation in the mind is to be pregnant?

Because women usually come to normal aunts because of the endometrium of the endometrium, after pregnancy, the progesterone and estrogen in women’s body will continue to rise, the endometrium will be thickened, so that the fetus can better in the uterus in the uterusThe endogenous root is germinated, so it will no longer fall off, and the aunt will not come.

★ increased secretions

When it comes to secretions, women should not be unfamiliar.Generally, there will be more secretions after the end of menstruation, but these secretions will be sufficient, and the secretions are relatively thin.Before row L, the secretion will become very sticky, and it is brushed like an egg white.After losing L, the secretion will become less until the next aunt ends.However, if you are pregnant, about one week after the losing L, due to the rise in hormone levels, women’s cervical mouth is congested, and the secretions will become extremely much.

To what extent?

The expectant mother feels like leaking urine, and her underwear is very moist all day.

★ chest pain

When the fertilized eggs are planted into the uterus, the hormone level rises, and the expectant mother’s body will receive these signals, the chest will be put into production immediately and enter the "re -development" state.

Blubes of breast glands are continuously proliferated ~ increased artificial and equipment to expand their own territory so that more milk can be secreted after the baby is born.

In this case, expectant mothers will find that her chest becomes larger, and she also has a sense of swelling, and her sensitivity has also increased. It will feel very painful when I accidentally touch it.

Some expectant mothers are more sensitive. Even if they accidentally touch when they wear clothes, they will feel pain when they are pressed when they wear underwear.

When the lazy mother is pregnant, it feels like this. It feels like filling a lot of things, swelling, and pain, as if the milk pain in the early stages of weaning.But I was young and I was embarrassed to ask others, so I didn’t know how to deal with it. I always felt a lot of missed.

★ Body temperature rise

The increase in body temperature is also very obvious. Many expectant mothers always feel that they have a cold in the early days of pregnancy, which is inseparable from this reason.In the usual menstrual cycle, the body temperature before ovulation is relatively low, generally about 36.5 degrees, but the base temperature of each person is different. This is not absolute.On the day of ovulation, the body temperature is the lowest, and it will decrease by 0.2 ~ 0.3 degrees before ovulation.On the second day after ovulation, the body temperature will recover normally, and it is 0.3 ~ 0.5 degrees higher than the normal body temperature.Therefore, many people measure the temperature of about 36.8 ~ 37.2 degrees after ovulation. If there is no pregnancy, this temperature will continue until the next menstrual period, and then continue to circulate.But if this temperature lasts more than 18 days, it generally indicates that the fetus has successfully stayed in the uterus ~ pregnant!

And after pregnancy, this high temperature will continue until the end of the early pregnancy.

★ Nausea and vomiting

Nausea vomiting is also caused by the rise of hormone levels. It is stimulated by hormone levels and affects the smooth muscle of the intestinal smooth muscle. The digestive function of expectant mothers has decreased, but it becomes extremely sensitive to the smell.

Therefore, it is easy to cause nausea and vomiting. If you smell some bad smells, such as the smell of oil fume, the smell of gas oil, etc., you can really spit a lot of vomit.

★ Sleamed

After pregnancy, expectant mothers will become very lethargic.

Some people say that they do n’t understand why people become lazy after pregnancy?

Can you be lazy?

After pregnancy, there have been tremendous changes in both physiological and psychological.

The whole body is working for the fetus to continue pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum preparing for the fetus. Each organ of the body is working, and the workload has increased suddenly. Can it not be tired!

So we can see that many expectant mothers love to sleep after pregnancy, and they are as if they can’t wake up all day, and they are tired every day.

★ frequent urine

After pregnancy, expectant mothers always feel like going to the toilet, but the amount of going to the toilet is not large each time.

Due to the increase of the uterus, the bladder is compressed and the capacity of the bladder becomes smaller, so it will frequently want to go to the toilet.

★ constipation

The changes in hormone levels can cause pregnant mothers to nausea. They want to vomit. Similarly, because hormone levels can cause the intestinal smooth muscle to slow down, making the water in the excrement in the intestine repeatedly absorbed, becoming more dry and harder, resulting in defecation defecation, resulting in defecation defecationdifficulty.

Some pregnant mothers have more than above these symptoms, but also dizziness, headache, back pain and so on.

In addition, these early pregnancy symptoms generally begin to appear around 4–6 weeks of pregnancy. At the peak period at 8-10 weeks, it will gradually relieve and disappear about 12 weeks, but it mainly depends on the mother’s physique.

In other words, what symptoms do you have during pregnancy?

I am a lazy mother, pay attention to me to know more.

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