Have you heard of "auntie during pregnancy"?How should I deal with it when they meet?

Waking up this morning, Xiao Wei was surprised to find that there was some blood on the underwear, scaring her to quickly tell her husband to take her to the hospital for examination, and still comforted her on the road: "It’s okay, maybe it’s auntie to come", XiaoWei said angrily: "I have been pregnant for three months, where is my aunt?" Although I didn’t feel any abnormalities in my body, Xiaowei only hoped that he would never have a miscarriage at this moment.Many pregnant mothers have symptoms of bleeding during pregnancy, but they have not found any abnormalities in the fetus after examination, so some people name them "aunts during pregnancy", so there is no possibility of menstruation during pregnancy.IntersectionHow to explain these blood stains?We together look.

Will menstruation during pregnancy?

Menstruation will stop after pregnancy. This is common sense, so it is impossible to come to menstruation during pregnancy.So why are pregnant mothers bleeding?In fact, vaginal hemorrhage is not necessarily menstruation. There are many reasons that cause vaginal bleeding, which is also a common condition in the early days of pregnancy.According to statistics, about a quarter of pregnant women have experienced vaginal bleeding. After vaginal bleeding, about half of them can successfully continue pregnancy., Portuguese, cervical diseases, etc., in general, most of the pregnancy vaginal bleeding during pregnancy does not affect the development of the fetus and the health of pregnant mothers, and does not need to be too nervous.

Causes of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy

1. Abortion

Due to miscarriage, bleeding is the least want to see that pregnant mothers do not want to see. At this time, due to the separation of placenta and uterine walls, the blood will flow out of the uterus.EssenceIf the blood volume is not particularly large, it may only belong to a threatened abortion. In this case, the possibility of childbirth is relatively high. Pregnant mothers should obey the doctors’ arrangements and lie down to rest.

2. Normal bleeding

For a small part of pregnant mothers, vaginal bleeding may be just a normal phenomenon.Some women due to special physical conditions, in the first three months after pregnancy, a small amount of vaginal bleeding will still occur during the monthly menstrual period of the month.If this is the case, if this is the case, and the pregnant mother is not hindered after examination, basically do not have to worry about it.

3. Diseases

In addition to the above two common situations, if pregnant mothers have diseases such as ectopic pregnancy, hydatidal, and placenta, they are likely to have symptoms of vaginal hemorrhage. Pregnant mothers should go to the hospital for examination and respond in time to avoid harm to themselves.life safety.

Pregnant mothers, have you ever appeared during pregnancy "aunts during pregnancy"?What causes it?Welcome to communicate with you.

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