He is dizzy, and Hangzhou’s pregnant mother has a tumor here!During pregnancy, don’t ignore these dangerous signals!

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At 6 months of pregnancy, Ms. Shen (pseudonym), who lives in Hangzhou, was found to have brain tumors, and the tumor was located at the essentials of brain stem insurance. The difficulty and risk of surgery were high, and the fetus in her abdomen was dangerous.

Fortunately, after cooperation with multidisciplinary medical staff such as neurosurgery such as Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, the patient’s brain tumor was removed smoothly, and the child was born in full month.

Dirty body is actually a "life center" long tumor

At the beginning of this year, Ms. Shen was as long as her baby, and she was immersed in the joy of breeding life every day.However, at 4 months of pregnancy, she accidentally felt that sometimes there was no numbness in her right finger, thinking that it was the cause of pregnancy, and she didn’t care.

Over time, the numbness of the fingers gradually expanded to the right palm and the upper limbs.By August this year, at 6 months of pregnancy, her entire right limb was numb, and she even took chopsticks to pinch vegetables.

Ms. Shen accompanied her family to Zhejiang People’s Hospital.Although there are psychological preparations, the test results still make them almost collapse: the brain extension of the blessing of the blood and transportation lesions.

The doctor explained that the main function of the marrow is to regulate internal organs. Many basic central centers (such as breathing, circulation, digestion, etc.) that are necessary for life to maintain life are concentrated in the marrow. Once these parts are damaged, they often cause rapid death.The center is called.The difficulty and risks can be imagined in this danger surgery.

"Falling in hell from the sky, a black eyes are dark." When he learned that the adults and the fetus were in danger, Ms. Shen and her family suddenly panicked.In addition to being able to leave the danger, Ms. Shen constantly invited the doctor that she wanted to keep the little life in the belly.

Lei Bing is under surgery

A wave of twists and turns, the mother and son are safe in the end

"Respiratory cardiac arrest, cerebral hernia, infection, bleeding, etc.; Patients with 25 weeks of pregnancy may occur in the patients may occur in obstetrics such as fetal stops and abortion.", Discussion in related departments such as anesthesiology.

"For patients with benign brain tumors with benign pregnancy, if the patient’s condition is stable, surgery can be performed after the patient’s smooth delivery." Experts comprehensively evaluate the patient’s condition and needs, balance the pros and cons, and finally formulate the most suitable patient, relative to the baby relative to the baby, relative to the baby.Safe treatment plan.

Knowing the treatment plan of the expert team, Ms. Shen and her family suddenly stretched out a pair of solid hands as if at the cliff, very happy and grateful.

Unexpectedly, a wave of twists and turns, the situation mutations: Ms. Shen’s condition suddenly worsened. Without much, the limbs were numb to only a wheelchair. The headache was more obvious. It was really difficult to stick to it … It’s time for "life and death".Experts immediately adjusted the treatment plan according to the changes in the condition and decided to perform the brain surgery first to solve the patient’s crisis.

The chief physician of neurosurgery, Lei Bing, chief physician Wang Weiyu and other surgery, calm and calm, cleaning the tumor resection of the brain stem.After surgery, a series of symptoms of Ms. Shen quickly relieved, and dangerous into danger.

Fighting, ensuring the child’s successful responsibility, and handed over to the team of obstetrics director and chief physician, Yang Liwei.After more than two months, she was escorted for more than two months, and she was familiar with (38 weeks+). More than half a month ago, Ms. Shen’s 6 catties of healthy children fell to the ground.At this point, for a few months, he has been paying attention to this pair of medical staff who are in danger of mother and child, and finally relieved.

Two days ago, the doctor returned to visit, and Ms. Shen and the child were in good condition.On the other side of the phone, Ms. Shen said with joy, excitement and thanks.

"Pregnancy with brain tumors is a small probability case, but extremely dangerous." Director Lei Bing specially reminded that nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, and even feeling headache discomfort. In many people, it is a normal pregnancy response.Dangerous signal.At present, the epidemic prevention and control period, but frequent vomiting, severe headache, and unable to alleviate during pregnancy, and there are signs of aggravation. You need to be alert to brain tumors. You should seek medical examination in time.

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