Heavy health is eating "rustic" foods to nourish the liver

In the Qingming season, there were rain. Recently, Wuhan entered a rainy day, often making people feel tired and sleepy.How to get rid of moisture and boost the spirit?On the 3rd, Wang Jian, head of the General Pharmacist at Wuhan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, recommended several "rustic" foods suitable for eating in Qingming soy solar terms and 4 health tea suitable for drinking.

Qingming Health Heavy Health is nourishing the liver

Qingming is the season of Qingqi rising, and it is named because of the "Qiqing Jingming and Everything All" during the festival.Gu Shiyun was "rainy during the Qingming Festival". Previously, Wuhan Meteorological Department had done statistics. In the past 30 years, more than 20 Qingming Festival in Wuhan has been raining.In recent days, Wuhan happened to be rainy again.

"Qingming rain is inseparable from the word ‘wet’. In addition to the warmth of the weather, the overall climate is characterized by cold, heat, wind, and wet clips.Jian Introduction, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, spring and liver belong to the same wood in the five elements. When spring belongs to nourishing the liver, the health is heavy in relieving liver qi, biliary dampness, and strengthening the spleen and stomach.

He analyzed that some people will have headaches, dizziness, insomnia, and no reason to get angry in the near future, most of which are caused by the rise of liver qi.The liver qi is too strong, and the spleen will also be overwhelmed. The spleen and stomach suffer from poor power, and the wet turbidity will stagnate in the body."Jin Kui Xue" believes that "seeing the disease of the liver, knowing the liver to spread the spleen, when the spleen is real," means that if the liver is wrong, the disease will be passed on the spleen, so when treating the hepatic disease prescription, you mustAdd flavor to the spleen to prevent disease transmission.

Eat more "rustic" food

In the Qingming season, rainfall increases, and the humidity of the air increases. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is dry and wet, and it is easy to be trapped.The more moisture affects the transportation function of the spleen and stomach, and then produces internal wetness, manifested as a thick tongue coating, a sticky and bitterness in the mouth, dull complexion, and burnout of the limbs.Clearing the wet evil in the body in time is also the key to recent health.

Wang Jian suggested that citizens can eat more sweet potatoes, radishes, taro, yam, etc. in the near future, which adhere to the "rustic" foods.Essence

"Xiaomi is particularly strong. No matter how barren land is, it can thrive. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, Xiaomi can be described as the thickest and most nourishing spleen and stomach." Wang Jian recommends that citizens can eat more Xiaomi and grain grains, etc.Seed food.

People with heavy moisture in the body can add ingredients to damp and spleen, such as coix seed, Chenpi, Poria, winter melon, etc., and can also choose Huoxiang and Chenpi.The effect of stagnation.

Can try these 4 health tea

It is the time to collect "Mingqian Tea" recently.According to Wang Jian, Li Shizhen, the great doctor of the Ming Dynasty, was the most respected in the Qingming period. The most admired is tea tasting, especially the "Mingqian tea" picked and processed by Qingming.Revles.

In addition to tea, you can also use 2 grams of Chenpi and 5 grams of Poria to make specialized spring damp tea.Chenpi has the effects of qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach, eliminating food, dissolving greasy, damply dampness and other phlegm. Poria also has the effects of dampness and water, and peacefulness.You can also drink appropriately daily.

In addition, it is still suitable for drinking wolfberry chrysanthemum tea.The main eyes of the liver, the liver qi rises in spring, is prone to liver fire, which causes the symptoms of dry eyes and redness.Drinking 6 grams of tea with 5-6 chrysanthemums and wolfberry can be cleared and can nourish the liver, which can effectively improve and protect vision, suitable for people who work for a long time.However, people with cold constitution and cold spleen and stomach deficiency should not be used or use less.

Recently, women can also try rose jasmine tea.Pour the roses and jasmine 3-4 into boiling water and brew it. It can relieve liver and qi, promote blood circulation, and suitable for people with frequent chest tightness, breast pain, and low mood.It can relieve the liver and relieve depression, regulate sleep problems caused by liver fire, and beauty effect.

Reporter Wang Chunlan Correspondent Chen Yanxi

Recently, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, the air humidity is large

Add autumn pants, pay attention to putting on dry clothes and shoes

In recent days, Wuhan has been immersed in the rain.Gao Hongfeng, director of the emergency department of Wuchang Hospital in Wuhan City, reminded that recently, the temperature difference between the morning and evening and the temperature decreased. At the same time, the air humidity is large. Everyone should do warm and dehumidifying work in life: pay attention to add clothes in time to keep clothes and shoes dry.

Keep warm and quickly add autumn pants, find down jackets

Gao Hongfeng analyzed that in recent days, the temperature difference between Wuhan morning and evening is increased. It is recommended that citizens keep warm, and the off -autumn pants can be worn back.In the morning, when the office workers go out, remember to bring a thick jacket. Citizens with cervical spondylosis and cough should not wear low -necked tops.The elderly who are afraid of cold can prepare to change back to thin down jackets.

At the same time, the water and air humidity are high and slightly dull in rainy days. In such weather, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases easily occur suddenly.Therefore, middle -aged and elderly people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should not go out when the temperature is low in the morning and evening.

Dip -dehumidifying sets of spare clothes to the office

Gao Hongfeng introduced that after the heavy rainy weather, citizens who went to the hospital to see skin problems would increase.Among them, many young people traveling through water at get off work and wearing wet shoes were wearing wet shoes. As a result, because of the sweltering and humid feet, they induced the athletes, or eczema, contact dermatitis.In addition, if you wear wet clothes for a long time, citizens with weak constitution may be cold.

Therefore, he suggested that office workers can prepare dry towels, spare clothing and shoe and socks in the office. If the road is wet on the road to work, you can put on a coat after arriving at the unit, rinse your feet and dry it, put on clean shoes and socks.Essence

After washing your clothes, pay attention to the drying of your clothes and then storage.Conditional families can use the dryer to dehumidize the clothing, or hang it under the air conditioner. The wetting function of the air conditioner is used to accelerate dryness.Small clothing can be blown with a hair dryer before wearing.(Reporter Wang Chunlan Correspondent Zhou Qishu)

Source: Wuhan Evening News

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