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For life for every family

It’s all a big thing

The child’s health is related to the happiness of the family

And mother’s physical condition

The health and safety of the baby is directly related to the baby’s baby

So pre -pregnancy eugenics examination

Also received more and more attention


Except for women, you have to do pre -pregnancy examination

Do men need to be checked before pregnancy?

How to enjoy free pre -pregnancy examination?

Where to check?

What preparations?

We invite Shijiazhuang Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Hao Sufang, Deputy Director of Pre -pregnancy Health Health Medical Department, attending physician

Let’s talk together

Check those things before pregnancy

1. What is pre -pregnancy examination?

Pre -pregnancy examination refers to a physical examination before the husband and wife prepare for pregnancy to ensure that healthy babies are given to health, so as to achieve eugenics.

2. Why is it necessary before pregnancy?

The birth defect is a worldwide problem. my country is one of the countries with high incidence of birth defects. About 800-12 million defective children are born each year. Newborn congenital diseases and congenital malformations not only seriously threaten children’s health and the quality of birth population. It has a great negative impact and heavy burden on society and families.Pre -pregnancy and health checks are first -level prevention measures to prevent birth defects. Prevention is also the most active, proactive, effective, economical, and painless prevention measures.

Third, do you have to do pre -pregnancy examination after a marriage check?

It is necessary to do pregnancy test.Because the wedding check and pregnancy check are different, the marriage examination is mainly to screen the problem that is not suitable for marriage or whether it is suitable for fertility after marriage is a basic examination for both men and women’s bodies. It has a preliminary guidance for their life after marriage.

Pre -pregnancy examination is mainly a understanding of the body before pregnancy, because the pre -pregnancy situation is relatively complicated, and the crowds are different. There is a maternity plan after marriage.If you have a problem with a problem, you have been inaccurate for a long time, and you need to add some targeted projects and conduct individualized guidance.

4. The best time for pre -pregnancy examination

Generally 3 to 6 months before pregnancy, find problems in advance and intervene in advance.Pre -pregnancy examination is mainly a understanding of the body before pregnancy, because the situation before pregnancy is relatively complicated, and the crowds are different. There are fertility plans after marriage.Or or if you have a problem with a problem with a problem, you have been inaccurate for a long time, you need to add some targeted projects and conduct individualized guidance.

Fifth, do the woman only need to check before pregnancy?

Of course not, both husband and wife during pregnancy must be checked.

6. What are the health checks before pregnancy?

National free eugenics health inspection projects include: eugenics health education, medical history collection, physical examination, clinical laboratory examination, imaging examination, risk assessment, consultation guidance, early pregnancy and pregnancy ending tracking 9 aspects, with a total of 19 specific service content.

Basic service content of free pre -pregnancy eugenics health examination

● History of medical history: Including the previous health status, whether there are chronic diseases and history of infectious diseases, family history, marriage and childbearing history, women’s menstruation and pregnancy history, etc., to investigate the genetic disease family in the history of family genetic medical history.Impact on future generations.

● Physical examination includes: physical general situation: such as height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.; thyroid cardi, cardiac aiopathic, abdominal strike, limb spine examination and other operations.Men’s and women’s reproductive system specialists.

● Laboratory examinations include 13 items: blood routine, urine routine, vaginal secretions, blood type, blood sugar, liver function (cottage aminotransferase); renal function (creatinine); thyroid function (thyroid ainine);Examination, such as five eugenics: including rubella virus, giant cell virus, bowworm antibody, syphilis spiral body, hepatitis B virus and other infections.

● One item of imaging inspection: Gynecological ultrasound routine examination, which mainly understands the shape, size, internal echo, location, adjacent relationship, degree of activity, and activity of the uterus and accessories.

● Risk assessment and consultation guidance: Finally, we will evaluate risk factors based on the medical history and physical examination conditions of each couple, promote healthy promotion, guide and urge the implementation of preventive measures, regularly follow up, reduce the chance of complications during pregnancy and birth defects.

● Follow -up follow -up of early pregnancy and pregnancy ending: Understand the relevant information of early pregnancy and pregnancy ending, do a good job of relevant guidance and services, and connect with health care during pregnancy.

7. How to enjoy free pre -pregnancy examination services?

All the couples who are willing to have fertility and plan to be pregnant will go to the street office of the residential place to receive the "Three Lishes for the National Free Student Examination of Pre -pregnancy Gongsheng".Essence

8. Precautions before pregnancy?

1. Select the right time for pre -pregnancy examination.The time before pregnancy is generally 3-6 months before pregnancy, so that problems can be found and early treatment.

2. The couple should be empty in the morning during pregnancy.Keep a light diet within 3-5 days before the inspection, do not drink alcohol, oral drugs, etc., because these may affect the laboratory inspection results.

3. Keep regular work and rest, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, avoid staying up late, exercise appropriately, and keep your body good.

4. It is not advisable to check during women’s menstruation. In the first three days, the examination should not occur or use a lotion to clean the vagina.

5. Men’s 3-7 days after the same room is the best.

Nine, what should you pay attention to before preparing for pregnancy?

Adjust your body to the best state before pregnancy. In addition to actively healthy physical examinations, timely detecting diseases and treating diseases, you also need a good life and working environment, including staying away from bad environments and contacts, such as radiation, radiation, chemical, high temperature high temperature, High -voltage electricity, etc.; Quit tobacco and alcohol or addictive medicine; if you need to take medicine, you must use it under the guidance of a doctor; in addition to maintaining good living habits: regular work and interest, balanced nutrition, strengthening physical exercise, etc.Good nutritional state and psychological state.Provide a good environment for the survival of the fetus and lay the foundation for the health of the children.

In addition, supplementing folic acid prevention of fetal brain tube malformations, scientific investigations and research confirmed that simply small doses of folic acid supplementation can prevent 85%of spine bales and cerebral deformities.my country’s maternal and child health care system lists women with folic acid tablets as conventional perinatal health services, and is distributed for free preparation people. Therefore, it is recommended that each pregnant couple replenish folic acid early and appropriately.

Family planning is to have a plan and prepare for fertility, so here are also reminded friends of childbearing age: when there is no fertility plan or physical health, it is necessary to actively take safe and effective contraceptive measures to avoid pregnancy and pregnancy and pregnancy.The risk brought by artificial abortion fully protects the reproductive ability of women.

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