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I have to be a gold medal medalist recently.

Do you still remember the old agent?Last time I smashed and the assistant girl was awkward because of the slippers, as if I still owed you a follow -up.

Later, I made a fungal mirror examination for fat, and found that there was no fungus that would not cause athletes on his feet, but there were many bacteria that would cause foot odor … I bought a new pair of slippers for the assistant girl, but was abandoned.Those pairs, he took it home.

No, the mediation staff’s job has not been put on, and he has to pick it up immediately -fat smashing and assistant girls have different differences on hemorrhoids again.

The cause of hemorrhoids has not been completely clear. The medical community believes that all this is related to "anal pads".

The anus we usually say is actually just an exit of excretion of waste. The anal pads and sphincter are the gatekeeper who holds the exit.

The anal pad is located under the anal canal mucosa, consisting of veins, smooth muscles, elastic tissues, and connective tissues. It can help the sphincter to fully close the anus and play the role of the gatekeeper.Can shrink back to place by yourself.

However, if the abdominal pressure is relatively high, the fiber elastic structure of the anal pads will be more likely to be destroyed.Formed hemorrhoids.

People are different from other animals and are used to walking upright.Walking upright can liberate people’s hands, but the gravity effect of the organs in the head, chest and abdominal cavity will increase the internal pressure.Therefore, compared to other animals, people are really likely to have hemorrhoids.

The ten men’s nine hemorrhoids and ten women and ten hemorrhoids that the fat smashing and the assistant girl talked about the possibility of obtaining hemorrhoids.As mentioned earlier, hemorrhoids need to be moved out.This is very simple, as long as it can be 2 points, it is enough: make the anal pad relax and increase the internal pressure.


With age, anal pads will become relaxed, hypertrophic, easily damaged bleeding, and prone to hemorrhoids.


Constipation patients will repeatedly screen gas and increase the internal pressure of the abdominal, which is easy to give birth to hemorrhoids.

Sit or stand for a long time

Sitting on a chair for a long time, or standing for a long time, most of the anus is oppressed by most weight, and the perianal veins are prone to curvature, causing hemorrhoids to move out of the anal pad.


The increase in uterus during pregnancy will cause compression, increasing internal abdominal pressure, which is particularly easy to cause hemorrhoids.

In addition, the pressure on the abdominal cavity is also related to endocrine and spiritual factors. Tumor and prostate hyperplasia in the pelvic cavity can also cause increased abdominal pressure and may cause hemorrhoids.

I do n’t know if our little agents and old agents have discovered their discovery. Some of the prepaid factors of some hemorrhoids are unique to women, such as pregnancy, uterine fibroids, etc.; Some induced factors are unique to men, such as prostate hyperplasia; men and women in hemorrhoids are in the incidence of hemorrhoids;It is difficult to talk about it.

Some surveys show that hemorrhoids will affect about 1/3 of adults; about half of the people over the age of 50 are plagued by hemorrhoids.Whether it is ten men’s nine hemorrhoids or ten women and ten hemorrhoids, it is just to explain the universal nature of "hemorrhoids" and wake everyone up.

Since hemorrhoids are such a common disease, I have to pick it up as the α of the medical health science industry.

When it comes to hemorrhoids, many people think of "pain".

But not all hemorrhoids hurt. The place where hemorrhoids were born, determined that it hurts, how it hurts.

There is a line in the anus called the tooth line, which divides the inside and outside of the anus; hemorrhoids growing in the tooth line are internal hemorrhoids; hemorrhoids growing outside the tooth line are external hemorrhoids;At the same time, internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids are called mixed hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoid

The part of the tooth line is covered with mucous membranes, and the venous blood vessels are tangled with internal pressure, which becomes tangled and protrudes the intestinal cavity with the mucosa.The red and swollen mucous membrane becomes easy to bleed when it is excreted; for a long time, the internal hemorrhoids will even fall out of the anus.

Even when internal hemorrhoids are in the stool, pain generally does not cause pain, but if the internal hemorrhoids that are proladed out of the anus are often caused by infection, erosion, thrombosis, or even necrosis. At this time, internal hemorrhoids will also occur.Different degrees of pain.

In order to be able to describe the severity of internal hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids are divided into 4 degrees according to symptoms:

Ⅰ degree

During bowel movements, blood, dripping blood, or hand paper with blood, less bleeding, can stop it by itself, hemorrhoids will not get rid of it outside the anus.

Ⅱ degree

There is a hemorrhoids from the bowel movement, and the part of the deepen after defecation is automatically retracted, and sometimes bleeding.

III degree

When defecating or standing for a long time, cough, tiredness, and carrying heavy objects, hemorrhoids will get rid of the anus. You need to use your hand to plug in the internal hemorrhoids back to the anus, and often bleed.

Ⅳ 度

After the hemorrhoids are removed from the anus, they cannot be stuffed back to the anus; or after the anus is stuffed, the hemorrhoids continue to get rid of it, and sometimes bleed.

external hemorrhoids

The skin is covered with the skin below the tooth line. After the defecation and violent activity, the vein of the perianal can be ruptured, and the bloody subcutaneous tissue may form thrombosis.The pain of the perianal skin is more sensitive, and external hemorrhoids are prone to the problem of anal discomfort and pain.

Mixed hemorrhoid

Internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids exist at the same time, called mixed hemorrhoids; internal hemorrhoids have developed above III, and mixed hemorrhoids are likely to form.

Just slight bleeding and hemorrhoids occasionally prolapse. For this relatively light symptom, applying medicine can repel the hemorrhoids.

The main role of these drugs is generally forming a layer of mucous protective membrane on the rectal mucosa, which can effectively isolate feces, protect damaged mucous membranes, and allow it to repairs themselves quickly. Some drugs also contain titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and other ingredients.Itching, anti -inflammatory, reduced mucosal congestion, and a certain lubrication effect, which is conducive to the excretion of feces.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids are relatively serious. According to the situation, take drugs that promote microcirculation and reduce local anus edema under the guidance of a doctor; take some slowdown in intestinal peristalsis and reduce defecation resistance to relieve constipation; if hemorrhoids have acute attacks, there willEdema or even incarceration, anti -inflammatory, swelling, and analgesic drugs can be played.

If the hemorrhoids develop to each time the defecation, or the embarrassing situation that the incarceration cannot return in the anus, the doctor may recommend surgery.

Hemorrhoids are like acne on the surface of the skin, and it is difficult to guarantee whether it will be committed.

Although hemorrhoids can be temporarily soothed by the drug or cut off by surgery, we still have to sit on or stand for a long time. The reduced intra -abdomen pressure cannot be reduced at all.

Coupled with the occasional constipation, a little breath condensed, hemorrhoids may still appear again.

Alpha has 4 Tips for preventing hemorrhoids, and old agents can write down:


Eat more green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, corn and other foods containing crude fiber. Drinking plenty of water can increase the volume of food in the intestine and help intestinal bowel movements.It is best to develop the habit of timing defecation. Do not go to the toilet for more than 10 minutes. Cultivate the natural response of the body. Do not defecate hard.

2 Hot water sitting bath

Hot water can promote local blood circulation and help prevent hemorrhoids.Sometimes after external hemorrhoids are used for local hot compresses and use of swelling and pain, pain can be relieved to avoid surgery.

3 exercise 30 minutes

Exercise 3 to 4 days a week for about 30 minutes, which can promote local blood circulation, alleviate constipation, and reduce the occurrence of hemorrhoids, such as fast walking and swimming exercises.

4 anal lifting exercise

Actrillers can improve the blood circulation of the perineum, improve the function of the anal sphincter, prevent the anal relaxation, and be very effective for hemorrhoids.

The anal -lifting exercise is a way of moving the anus regularly, and then relaxing.There is no limitations of this action. You can do it whether you are sitting, lying down or standing.When inhaling, the anus is lifted hard, tightening the anus, and relaxing when exhaling.Each anus is relaxed and tightened, and 15 times are one group, and 2 groups are made every day.

I have said so much about treating hemorrhoids, specific drugs that can treat hemorrhoids, their active ingredients, and specific surgical methods of hemorrhoids … Alpha has not finished it yet.

The martial arts in the world are not broken, and the treatment of diseases must be "fast".After discovering the trace of hemorrhoids, go to the hospital early and take medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Don’t be ashamed of treatment because it grows in a special position, and finally delayed to surgery.

Well, successfully solved the small differences between fat smashing and assistant girls. Today’s gold medal medalist will get off work first.Open again tomorrow.

Make feelings fall with strength.If one day, you find that I bow my head in front of mediocre, please firing me.

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