Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are cured like this, saving money and saving

The body of the pregnant mother after pregnancy is not only because of some physiological changes in hormones.It will also cause some diseases due to the impact of hormones and other reasons.

Moreover, some of them are more embarrassing diseases, and it is also a high -incidence disease during pregnancy. About 40%of the pregnant mothers may be ill because of this, that is, "hemorrhoids".

As the saying goes, everyone may be familiar with the disease of hemorrhoids.It is not big to say that it is not small. When there are no symptoms, it is the same as normal people.

When you are uncomfortable, you may be restless, which makes people irritable and tortured.Especially during pregnancy, I dare not take medicine casually. So what caused the hemorrhoids during pregnancy and what should I do?

Although everyone is familiar with the name of hemorrhoids, how does hemorrhoids form and what are the pathogenesis?You must understand this first.In essence, the current pathogenesis of hemorrhoids is still unclear.

At present, there are several theoretical doctrines. The most popular theory is that hemorrhoids are derived from veins that are expanded from anal ducts and veins composed of connective tissues and veins. It is a normal physiological structure.It is also called blood vessel pads in medicine.When this normal physiological structure is abnormal due to some reasons and the symptoms of merging, it becomes hemorrhoids, which needs to be treated.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are mainly due to the increased anal canal venous veins caused by increased local venous pressure.

During pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, because the uterus is increasing, pressure on the lower cavity veins, which hinders the blood flow from the pelvic cavity, the blood pressure of the periart vein is increased, which will cause the anal canal venous veins to make the normal tissue structureChange the occurrence of hemorrhoids.In addition, due to the impact of hormone changes, the high incidence of constipation will increase the venous pressure of the anus, which can also cause the occurrence and aggravation of hemorrhoids.Main symptoms such as itching, pain, bleeding, etc.How to treat and relieve it during pregnancy is also what everyone wants to know.

The treatment of hemorrhoids is mainly to relieve symptomatic treatment.When mild pain and itching symptoms appear, warm water can be taken to take a bath.Taking baths in warm water can relieve irritation, itching and anal spinth.You can take about 2 times a day.

If there are severe symptoms such as pain, you can also use drug treatment. For example, the latest guide of FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) is also recommended to use compound corner cream or embolism (Taining), which is a safe medication during pregnancy.Secondly, exercise appropriately every day to avoid bad habits such as sitting for a long time.If the warm water can be relieved after taking a bath or after taking the medicine, the symptoms continue to worsen, and go to the anorectal clinic.Take other methods under the guidance of a doctor for treatment.

Another important point is to prevent constipation.

During the pregnancy, due to the impact of hormones, the gastrointestinal peristalsis slows down, and the absorption of water in the intestinal wall increases. Many pregnant mothers will have constipation. Constipation will induce or aggravate hemorrhoids. ThereforeFoods such as avocado, peas, grains, oats, brown rice and linen seeds, green leafy vegetables, etc.

Add more water. It is recommended to drink 1500-2000ml of water every day to develop good bowel habits.When constipation is particularly serious, it can be appropriately relieved to use Kaishu to avoid excessive effort to increase abdominal pressure. It can also be used to relieve lactose.

Now everyone may have a certain understanding of the mechanism and treatment of hemorrhoids. Do not worry when hemorrhoids occur, you can alleviate the treatment in accordance with the above methods.Pay more attention to diets of life.

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