High temperature in summer, steaming mode?Drink a bowl of mung bean soup, or can gain these 4 benefits

In the hot summer, as the temperature rose, the "steamer" mode was opened throughout the land.

At this time, for many people, in addition to ice watermelon and blowing air conditioners in summer, the most meaning is to come to a bowl of iced mung bean soup.

What are the effects of mung bean soup?

1. Clear heat

As a soup that can prevent heat stroke, mung bean soup is not only favored by the public, but also has the effect of dietary therapy from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mung beans have the effects of quenching thirst, clearing heat and diuretic, so if the body sweats a large amount of sweat in the hot summer, you should drink more mung bean soup.

Because the nutrients in mung bean soup are very rich.

In addition to many well -known vitamins, it is also rich in a lot of potassium, sodium, and calcium. Therefore, drinking mung bean soup often in summer can not only play a role in clearing heat and heat, but also supplement a large amount of nutrients for the body.

Especially for people who are easy to get angry, drinking more mung bean soup can also have the effect of clearing heat and removing heat.

2. Detoxification

Many people in life know that mung beans have a detoxification effect, because the mung bean protein in mung beans can be combined with heavy metal ions. On the one hand, it can remove the role of toxins and waste in the body, and on the other hand, it can promote the metabolic speed of the body.

Drinking more mung bean soup in summer can not only effectively alleviate the harm of summer heat to the body, but also make the body refreshing and away from heat stroke.

In addition, the nutritional value of mung bean soup is particularly high because the mung beans are rich in protein, and the protein content is more than 3 times the rice. ThereforeEssenceFor people with weak constitution, drinking more mung bean soup in summer also has the effect of preventing heat stroke.

3. Reduce blood lipids

If the fat content in the body exceeds the standard, it is easy to cause the fat content in the blood vessels to rise, and in this case, hypertension and hyperlipidemia will occur.

Because some nutrient elements in mung beans can effectively remove fat in blood vessels, it can play a good role in lowering blood lipids. For people with obese and older people, if you drink mung bean soup every day in summer, then not only not only do you drink it, then it is not only not onlyBlood lipids can also prevent diseases such as coronary heart disease and golden.

4. Promote appetite

When the weather is hot, many people will have a decline in appetite.If you want to improve your appetite, you can also drink more mung bean soup.

Because mung beans are rich in large amounts of protein and phospholipid elements, they can supplement the body’s rich nutrients and can also stimulate appetite.

Although mung beans are just a kind of ordinary beans, they do not know that in the hot summer, they want to get rid of the threat of heat stroke.

Then you should eat more mung bean cake and drink more mung bean soup.On the one hand, it can play a role in clearing heat, detoxifying, and removing fire. On the other hand, it can effectively promote appetite and improve physical resistance, especially for people with weak physical fitness. Drinking more mung bean soup in summer can stay away from heatstroke threats to keep up with heat stroke.Essence


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