Hot Japan’s "Wonderful Case": How did she get pregnant?Who is the child’s biological father?

Give fat friends a "wonderful case" that has recently been popular in Japan ’s online social platform: How did she get pregnant?Who is the child’s biological father?

The heroine of the "Strange Case" is Taozi, living in Nagasaki, Japan.Because of her precious blood, she is a young lady who has to be spoiled in the big family.Because of the age of marriage, the family usually pays attention to watching the peach, so as not to ask ordinary boys to deceive.

But even so, Taozi was in trouble.Everyone didn’t notice that she was pregnant. One day, she suddenly gave birth to a baby.

The baby is like this, very cute

There are no pictures, the baby is tightly dragging the young lady peach.

Peach is a 10 -year -old white palm gibbon.The white palm gibbon is an endangered animal. In addition, she was born in the Ninety -nine Islands Anima and Botanical Garden, and lived here, enjoying the treatment and care of the young lady in the garden.

In order to save the "species" of the white palm gibbon and avoid the breeding of close relatives, Taozi reached the age of the estrus, and the zoo specifically arranged her a single room.Nuo Da’s cage, just to live in a monkey to prevent the possibility of being harassed by a male monkey.

But she was still pregnant and gave birth to a healthy and lovely monkey.

At first glance, the director thought it was wrong.How can you get pregnant?Intersection

Protective measures are dripping without leaking, just to prevent peaches casually!Because I did not expect at all, Taozi did not even find that the breeder was giving birth to a new little life in her belly.

Not to mention the zoo is puzzled, and the Japanese villagers who learned that Taozi’s single live alone was also a mother: how did this conceive?

Ber music, the TV station will really go to the life style of a monkey in the past.

The location of the outdoor host pointed at the cage where the peach lived alone.The cages on both sides also live in monkeys, but the cage is separated by a isolation net.

Close, look closely, the net eye is only 1cm size.This … He can’t do anything.

Find it, the zoo found a small eye with a diameter of 2cm.If you want to say the possibility, this little eye may be the only answer that can barely explain.

The principal said that I have heard of individual examples that there is a 2cm size gap, and the monkey can also end.

The principal’s heart is still unbelievable: But the real situation, who knows …

Okay, even if the two monkeys are a small diameter of 2cm, they wait for the opportunity to sing the harmony of life. Which male monkey is the child’s father?

Well, all the photos of the suspects are all public.

Her biological parents lived in the cage on the right hand side of Taozi, both in white palm gibbon; the left hand side was on the left hand side with a black -crown gibbon; a black palm gibbon was living behind.

No wonder the director will let Taozi live alone.The only one who belongs to her is her biological parents.It is necessary to avoid the breeding of close relatives, and she does not want her to breed the "mixed -race" monkey with other varieties.

Excluding the mother monkey, the last four male monkeys may be the child’s biological father …

Display diagram of the suspect

Which one is it?

The zoo decided to confirm it through DNA identification.

For this baby who has never been expected.Its mother’s pregnancy experience surprised the villagers, and its future destiny became a stomach.Since its birth in February, many people have visited it in the zoo.

However, the principal has officially spoke: the baby is very cute and we are very happy to be born.It will always live here in the future.

Villagers’ comments

Thinking of the paragraph of male and female prisoners adjacent to the cells in the "World Yangtian News" …

Fake it … like the plot in the porn.

In any case, the monkey baby is super cute.Hope to raise it well.

The news announcer and dean are choosing statements carefully from beginning to end to describe this. It is so funny.

LOL!The male monkeys were treated as prisoners.

So funny!However, if the protagonist wants to change it, it will become a super downward style in seconds.

The plot description is quite vaguely hahahahahahahahaha

A mother monkey lived in the right, but could not touch it.For those male monkeys around, this is a torture.

Although the news is described very euphemistic, as long as I imagine that picture … ha ha ha ha ha ha ha is too interesting

Great monkeys were living next door.When I started to see half of my heart, my heart was quite nervous.

That little eyes are very tumbling around, and it should be very painful in the inside.The test of pain to suffer from pain is finally a touching story.

Fat friends, what do you think?

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