How big is the fetus in 29 weeks?Are these data compared with the standard?Also attached to development indicators

Guide: Some friends asked, "How big is the fetus in 29 weeks of pregnancy?"

It was more than 7 months of pregnancy for more than 7 months. At this time, the fetus had been formed. It looked like an adult. After finishing the abnormal abnormalities, it was waiting to initiate the final sprint.How big is the fetus?What does the fetus look like?Become a question that mothers think day and night.Let’s take a look at the size and appearance of the fetus.

Development indicators generally refer to the size of the fetus. We use the following indicators to indicate the development of the fetus, and the pregnant mothers can compare them well.

Double top diameter: 7.50 ± 0.65 cm

Hemplane long: 5.61 ± 0.44 cm

Abdominal circumference: 23.71 ± 1.50 cm

Head circumference: 26.6 cm

Body length: 38 cm

Weight: 1200g

If you have done a B -ultrasound at this time, the data of double -top diameter, femoral long, abdomen, and head circumference will be displayed on it.

The subcutaneous fat of the fetus has gradually formed, and the blood vessels gradually become blurred, and it is no longer a transparent state.The overall looks fatter, and the wrinkled skin starts to stretch.The body is full and round than before, and the fetus is much cute.

Eyes, noses, ears, mouths, and other facial features have reached the right position. They have all their appearances, and they look similar to their birth.

The fetus’s eyes began to open and closer. With their own sleep cycle, they began to prepare for birth.

The fetus’s bones are stronger and the spine is stronger. It can almost support her body, and it is no longer soft.

1. Brain:

The fetus’s brain is more and more, billions of brain nerve cells are formed, and the weight of the fetus has increased significantly, so the fetus fix the fetal position in the posture of the head.At this time, many fetuses are already head, and doctors have also begun to pay attention to fetal examination. If the fetal position is not right, the doctor will remind the fetal position at this time.

2. Listening

The fetal nerves of the fetus are more sensitive to external voices, and they can remember some familiar sounds, especially the mother’s voice.Therefore, after the baby is born, the mother’s voice will be particularly happy. Mom should remember to communicate with the baby more and let him remember more voices.

3. Smell

The baby’s sense of smell has been formed, and you can remember the taste of the mother’s favorite food.Therefore, pregnant mothers must be nutritious and not picky eaters. Otherwise, if the baby is born with partial eaters, you must blame the mother.The mother’s diet is not only related to the growth of the fetus, but also the dietary preference after birth. It is really important.

4. Internal organs

The internal organs are almost no different from adults. The functions of the heart, kidneys, spleen, respiratory system are complete, and will continue to be improved.Now the fetus also likes to practice breathing by swallowing amniotic fluid, and sometimes snoring, so we will see the fetal movement of the stomach.

The fetus now has a certain sleep cycle, and she will dream when I fall asleep, and I will play very well when I am awake.

He will play umbilical cord, kick, stretch your waist, punch, twist, and twist, and it is very different from the soft and weak appearance after birth. It is a magical existence.

In short, 29 weeks of fetal development is relatively complete. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to their words and deeds and give the baby correctly.

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