How can I marry her without some means?Baby, you don’t know how long I have remembered you

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Chapter 1

Miss Li family in Jingshi was born in the name of the door, and has a goose egg face that is shocked by heaven.The face of his face, two years ago, a famous "Luo Shen" dance, was hailed as "three thousand years of beauty" by netizens.

In the circle, she knew that she had a marriage contract with the Huo family. It was a happy event, but she was a little unwilling.

The Huo family was in charge of power, her appearance was handsome, and she was so beautiful. She called the wind and rain on the mall, but did not expect to ask for a woman.

Once an accident, the two did a real husband and wife.A month later, she took a bars of pregnancy test stick and handed it to him.

"I checked it with my mobile phone just now, a line, that is not."

"Really? Let me see." He walked in front of her and took the small square box from her.

In the next second, his eyes paused, hooked the corner of his lips, and looked at her and said, "Look, are you not two?"

The two eye -catching red lines appeared in front of her eyes.

She blinked, and she looked incredible, "How is this? Just now it is a one!"

"Oh, don’t you read the instructions? The second line may be delayed. Two lines, indeed, there is."

She is still struggling, "This may not be allowed."

"If you feel inaccurate, I will accompany you to the hospital for an examination tomorrow." He saw the trick and did not leave her after a little bit.

He looked down at the pregnancy test stick in his hand, and there was one in the other hand, but it was just a line.

"Oh …" How can I marry her without some means?Baby, you don’t know how long I remember you.

Under his cheating and intimidation, he married the girl he was thinking about as he wished.

After the marriage, the two quarreled, and he looked proud: "Without three days, she will obediently confessed to me."

One month later, he blocked the little wife who had just performed in the corner of the unmanned. "Wife, I was wrong, go home with me!"

She raised her head like a proud white swan: "What is called me?"

He held her hand and fell a gentle kiss on the back of her hand: "You are my little ancestor."

Soon the day of the Huantian Annual Conference.He took her to dress.

She walked along the venue alongside him, and he stretched out his arm at her. She pouted and smiled, and immediately pulled her hand up.

She was a little nervous and sweated in her palms.

"Why are they all looking at me?"

"Because you look good." His mood at this moment also fluctuated. She is a shining star. Although he wants to hide her, the stars themselves will shineHer beauty.

"You just need to stand by me." He was like a tall mountain that could cover the wind and rain for her, and flattened all obstacles for her.

After the opening of the annual meeting, he stepped onto the stage and looked at her.

"There is another important thing to announce with everyone today …"

This is his end and goal. He wants everyone to know that she is his wife.

I accidentally slept with his uncle’s uncle. Is it too late to run now?


In the dark room.

The big bed was messy, and a beauty was lying on it.

The beauty is still asleep, a shocking goose egg face, the skin is as delicate as white, and the black long hair is covered with white sheets, and the picture feels very shocking.


The sound of the water was mixed with the wind, waking up the beauty on the bed.

In the next second, Li Chuyang had a spirit of excitement, and the whole person was awake.

who I am?Where am I?What did I do last night?

She was not in the end under the quilt, and some children’s inappropriate pictures suddenly jumped into Li Chuyang’s mind.

It’s over, Barbie Q!She seems to roll the sheets with a strange man!

She couldn’t help but shivered. If her two brothers of the two pets knew, her leg would be discounted–

While no one found that Li Chuyang was dressed at the fastest speed, and when he was rushing to the door at a speed of 100 meters, the door behind the bathroom was pulled hard and nailed to the Chu of Li Chu.The footsteps of Yang escaped.

"Want to run?" The voice of a low man came behind him, getting closer to her, "Don’t plan to be responsible after sleeping?"

Li Chuyang turned a bit stiffly, and the eyes were a tall and tall figure. Visually, there was 1.88 meters. He just took a shower and wore a white bathrobe, narrowed and long legs with wide shoulders and waist.Abdominal muscles …

Li Chuyang couldn’t bear to swallow his mouth. Is such a stunning picture that she can see without spending money?

The man approached, under the face of a sharp -edged face, the corner of his lips slightly hooked, "Sleeping and sleeping, what will this be ashamed?"

Li Chuyang looked up, and there was a stern flashed in the clear big eyes: "Last night we …"

"Do it." The man explained straightforwardly.

Li Chuyang: "What?"

"Oh, don’t you understand Chinese? Then I translate it for you in English." The man’s voice was cold and cold, "Make love. Do you understand now?"

Li Chuyang: "…"

Brother, can you still be more straightforward?

However, how do you look familiar with this face in front of you?Li Chuyang’s eyes fell on the handsome face again: "Have we ever seen it?"

This said that it was too unsatisfactory to talk about. Li Chuyang thought he would smile coldly, and then threw her eyes that "whether this kind of conversation was too old", but he did not expect that he answered.

"Oh, I have seen it. I have seen it twice in the Huo family before."

When it comes to the Huo family, Li Chuyang is about to crack: "Huo Family? Let me take the liberty and ask, are you?"

"Huo, Si,“! "

As soon as he heard the name, Li Chuyang’s legs were soft.

It turned out to be Hoski!Huo Mingyu’s stupid uncle?

Who is Huo Mingyu?Oh, that’s the nominal plastic fiance in the early Li Yang.

She "accidentally" fell asleep her uncle’s uncle, and Li Chuyang smiled. Is she still too late to run now?

"Last night … offended, uncle."

Li Chuyang confessed wrongly, and she did such a "big reverse".

She remembers that she was drinking juice last night, how could she be chaotic after drinking!

"After all, I have offended …" The man looked down at her high, and it was inexplicably shuddering. "How do you plan to be responsible?"

Li Chuyang’s face was aggressive, "Responsible?"

"Huh?" Hossy’s deep eyes burst into a dangerous light. "Do you still want to be white?"

Li Chuyang reminded him: "I already have a fiance, my relationship with Huo Mingyu, should you know your uncle?"

Li Chuyang remembered. He heard that Huo Mingyu said before that he had a fourth uncle and was the youngest son of his third wife.Because of his poor health, he has been staying abroad and rarely returns to China. They should have seen the former Huo family banquet, but Li Chuyang had no impression.

She only knows that there is such a character, that is, this big Buddha in front of her!

"What about that?" Hoski cloak, didn’t think it was a big problem at all: "You lift the marriage contract with Huo Mingyu and marry me!"

Li Chuyang: "…"

Is it so big?

"Isn’t this good?" Li Chuyang stretched out Erkang’s hand and wrote a rejection on his face: "Leaving aside your identity, I don’t have to get married now, and I have at most that it is at most overnight.Romantic, how can you still rely on me? "

Hossy looked a little cold when she looked at her, and spit out two words in her thin lips: "Scum girl!"

Li Chuyang’s cold expression of "I am scum": "It is impossible to get married when you get married, or I will give you a sum of money?"

"Do you think I am missing money?" Hoss asked coldly with his face coldly.

Xingbao, the Huo family is more rich than their Li family. She does not want her money, and she is not intended to be responsible. Then Li Chuyang patted his fart and was ready to leave.

She moved a small broken step, moved, and moved to the door, and was stopped by a strong arm behind her.

"Ms. Li …" Hoss called her, and it seemed that her identity was so appointed.

"What about me, never doing a loss of money. Since you don’t want to be responsible for me, there is only another way to repay."

Li Chuyang’s MMP in his heart, with a smile on his face, "What is the way?"

Anyway, I have no money, and I have no door for her to be responsible for him. Other loves.

"You fell asleep four times last night, and I had to go to bed."

As soon as the words fell, Li Chuyang was held up with a light body, and was held up, and then was thrown into the big bed not far behind him.

A figure full of male hormones pressed her, and Li Chuyang sank this time.

I don’t know how long, her hair was messy, biting her lips, and could not help but cursed.


It is a plant.


She provoked a wolf!

It was noon when Li Chuyang woke up again. She opened her eyes and saw that there was no one in the room.

Fine, don’t slip at this time, when will it be?

When she ran out of the hotel suite smoothly, Li Chuyang had a kind of relaxed from the wolf nest.

The phone happened to have a phone call.At first glance, it was made by her good girlfriend.

"Yang Yang, have you returned to China? Have you seen the news? Have you happened!"

Qiao Yan’s voice was transmitted into Li Chuyang’s ear across the phone. She just took a taxi and was ready to go home.

Li Chuyang is a dancer. She often follows the dance troupe throughout the country to participate in the performance. Last night, she just got off the plane and followed the teacher to participate in a commercial wine bureau. However, she did not expect to open the room with Hoski.

For this call from Qiao Yan, Li Chuyang thought she was filmed with Hos and Hos. Although Li Chuyang was not in the entertainment industry, because of her excessive face, she still had two years ago.A famous "Luo Shen" dance was hailed as "three thousand years of beauty" by netizens.Although the popularity is not as good as the front -line female stars in the entertainment industry, they are also famous.

Hanging the phone, Li Chuyang quickly poured into Weibo, and the first search first shook into her eyes.

"The well -known actress of the Huo family, the suspected relationship is exposed"

chapter 2

Oh, it turned out that she was not photographed with Hossi, but that her cheap fiance was photographed!

Li Chuyang wiped out the phone and did not take it to heart.

She has a plastic relationship with Huo Mingyu’s unmarried couples. The two have reached a consensus: on the surface, the unmarried couples are actually good buddies.

In a word to summarize: Huo Mingyu is stupid, more money, so well.

The Li family villa is located in the Hanlin Garden in the rich area. The taxi stopped. Li Chuyang probed the car underground. She first glanced at the direction of the garage. Li Yebai’s car was not there. It was good and the crisis was lifted.

She walked happily to the yard, and as soon as she was about to enter the house, she stretched out a clear hand on her head, blocking Li Chuyang’s way.

As soon as she looked up, she saw Si Wen’s handsome face, and her second brother Wen Yuhan.

"Early Li Yang, what do you do sneakly? When did you come back? Did you do something bad?"

There are three children in the Li family. The age gap between Li Chuyang and two brothers is very different. She has been spoiled since she was a child.After his death, he was even more favored by Li Chuyang.

The second brother followed his mother’s surname and surname Wen, and he was more powerful. "I don’t know the girl" Wen Yuhan. He insisted that a family who could not have two drooling children in a family, so he was more severe to Li Chuyang.

Li Chuyang knew that the second brother was only a paper tiger, and on the surface, she was not afraid at all. She was always a big brother who had a responding to her.

Wen Yuhan was a doctor. He was stepped on to work. After catching Li Chuyang, he was not in a hurry.

As if he had caught any small braids, he stared at Li Chuyang gloomily.

"Wen Yuhan, don’t be nonsense! How can I do bad things, am I always good?"

Li Chuyang was a little guilty. She returned home last night, but did not tell her two brothers. It was a sudden something, otherwise she would not be so nervous now.

"What is that in your neck?" Wen Yuhan suddenly approached her, Li Chuyang was startled, and quickly covered the red marks around his neck, and his head moved quickly: "I am allergic, we performed this time.The local environment is not very good, I have a lot of rashes on me. "

Li Chuyang’s skin was delicate and easy to be allergic. Wen Yuhan knew. He squinted and stared at his sister in doubt, "Yang Yang, don’t play with the second brother, do you not see if you are allergic?Shouldn’t … "

Is there a man?Before half a word, Li Chuyang interrupted him in horror.

"I’m not, I don’t, don’t talk nonsense." Sanlian denied it.

"Who is that little rabbit cub? Huo Mingyu’s two goods? Li Chuyang, did you forget what I said to my elder brother? You don’t allow sexual behavior before you get married."

The Li family is now Li Yebai’s house, mainly because their parents are gone. In the matter of Li Chuyang, the brothers’ opinions are unprecedentedly consistent, that is, the small cabbage that has been carefully raised in their own family must not be arched by pigs.

Li Chuyang thought that she had been arched, but she couldn’t tell the truth, and the pig who arched her was not Huo Mingyu’s little rabbit, but the old rabbit of Hoski.

"No, not him."

When Wen Yuhan was also intending to talk to her, his phone rang, and Li Chuyang quickly pushed him out. "Second brother, you are going to be late at work.worry!"

Wen Yuhan also had a Taiwan surgery in the afternoon, and he did not continue to deal with her, but just alert her at a warning, "You have given me a little more recently. The thing in the big brother is enough to be annoying. Don’t follow the chaos.It’s. "

Li Chuyang nodded very well, and as soon as Wen Yuhan left, she was relieved and turned into the room.

"Miss Miss is back? Did you eat?" Aunt Guan Guan, who had been taking care of Li Chuyang from a young age, saw her back and asked busy.

"I’m not hungry now, don’t care about me."

Li Chuyang went upstairs and said, "Aunt Guan, is the elder brother very busy recently? What happened to his company?"

Aunt Guan wanted to speak and told Li Chuyang, "It seems that there is something wrong with his new project, and your second uncle pressed him again …"

Li Chuyang understood that after the death of their father, Li Guangnian, the company’s heavy responsibility fell on Li Yebai’s head, but Li Guangliang also had the old fox of Li Guangliang. He wanted to drive Li Yebai out.The company, swallow it alone.

Li Chuyang could not solve the problem for Li Yebai, but the Huo family’s big mountain and the Li family needed. This is why she agreed to marry Huo Mingyu.

Even for the elder brother, she can not lift her marriage with Huo Mingyu now.

After returning to the room, I took a bath, the fatigue of my body soothing a lot, I took a dozen hours of plane and did another "exercise" for another night.

Lying on the bed, Li Chuyang picked up his mobile phone and gave Li Ye a white hair.

LCY: [Big Brother, I’m back!.

Let’s follow a [Cat Oktown .jpg]

Li Yebai didn’t know if she was busy and did not reply to her. Li Chuyang fell asleep on the bed, only to see Li Yebai reply to her.

Simple and rude, I directly transferred her account and left a lecture.

[Brother is a bit busy recently. If you are bored, you can find friends to play. If the money is not enough, tell me..

Li Chuyang was very happy to collect the payment, and then received the information from Qiao Yan.

Xiao Qiao is a beauty: [Come out, sister!.

Li Chuyang seconds, two words: [waiting for me]

At 8 pm, Hurricane CLUB

Li Chuyang wore hot clothes, turning into the club club on time.

Li Chuyang is a light -faced beauty, and there is a shallow pear nest at the cheeks. The words "laughing into the city" are not too much for her.

But tonight, she looks like a fairy, a black suspender long skirt, a right -angled shoulder, a long neck, and a perfect arc. The skin exposed outside is white.

As soon as he entered the club, it attracted a lot of eyes like wolf.

"Beauty, are you alone?"

"Do you want to drink a drink together?"

"Give a face, my dad is X Gang."

"Heaven and earth, Lao Tzu is the biggest. This girl I saw first!"

The annoying conversation came from the ear. Li Chuyang looked usual, but just said lightly: "I have AIDS."

For a moment, those men who talked about her avoided the god of the plague, Li Chuyang sneered, thinking that the second brother taught her this method is pretty good, and every time he could scare those men who were unhappy.

Chapter 3

When Li Chuyang found Qiao Yan, she was sitting in the card seat upstairs, sitting beside two tall foreign handsome guys. When she saw Li Chuyang coming, she blew her whistle in a whistle.Essence

"Yo! Big dancer, I haven’t seen you for a long time!"

Li Chuyang sat opposite her and glanced at the two handsome guys around her: "When did you change the taste?"

Qiao Yan is engaged in body art. She is a business at home and opposes her current career. She always faces her family, reverse bones, and has a close girlfriend with Li Chuyang from death.

Qiao Yan likes handsome guys, and her boyfriend always changes. Li Chuyang went to the country. I did not expect that Qiao Yan had changed.

"Hey, I lack inspiration recently, find some excitement."

Qiao Yan’s Queen’s aura, super short skirt, hate the sky.

After she sent the two men around her, she asked Li Chuyang.

"Are you new? What is this?"

Those traces in Li Chuyang’s neck, even if they hit the concealer, Qiao Yan’s eyes suddenly saw what it was.

"Well …" Qiao Yan found the expression of the new continent and rushed over and pulled her clothes. This was incredible, and the kiss marks were fierce.

"Li Chuyang, you are so amazing, have you been a man with me?"

Li Chuyang pushed the person in front of him, "I came to you to tell you about it …"

Li Chuyang told Qiao Yan the things that happened last night: "Do you say he said he wanted to eat swan meat?

"No, baby, do you say that this man is Hoski, Huo Mingyu’s stupid fourth uncle?" Qiao Yan asked uncertainly, "He wants to marry you, do you still refuse?"

"Yes. I am married to him? What am I picture?" Li Chuyang asked, "Figure he is old? The picture is handsome? Or is it rich?"

Qiao Yan’s old blood stuck in his throat: "No, Li Chuyang, are you lacking your heart? Grand age, handsome, rich and right, isn’t this advantage? Do you know Hosye?Who is it? "

"I know, Huo Mingyu’s four uncle!" Li Chuyang answered well.

Qiao Yan looked at Li Chuyang in front of him, "No, you don’t know! Hossy and Huo Mingyu are not a level at all. Have you heard of E God?"

Li Chuyang shook his head blankly.

No wonder, she never pays attention to the financial circle, so I do n’t know how powerful the E God in the legend is, but Qiao Yan has heard of the famous Wall Street E God.The power has pioneered its own business kingdom abroad, and now it is a big man who is daring.

E God’s reputation should be more loud than the fame of the Four Master of the Huo family.

"Is he very powerful?" Li Chuyang asked without any expression.

Qiao Yan nodded, stretched out two fingers twice, "Well, if Huo Mingyu is this, that is this."

Qiao Yan described the two men with the little thumb and thumbs respectively, and she could only describe it so much.

"Oh …" Li Chuyang still had no response, "What does that have to do with me?"

Qiao Yan said that the pretty woman was speechless, "Okay, your little head is probably can’t play the old man! Go, go down to dance!"

The two people squeezed into the dance floor downstairs. Li Chuyang’s professional quality was placed there. She twisted twice, which was a pleasing performance.

When Li Chuyang was jumping happily, her eyes inadvertently glanced at a familiar figure not far away, and she had to hide from the condition.

After that, how could Li Yebai be here?

"What are you doing?" Qiao Yan saw her going to leave, and quickly held her and asked, "So go so soon?"

"I seem to see my elder brother!" Li Chuyang was talking, and his eyes saw another upright figure. Under the light and shadow, the man stood up and was very eye -catching.

Isn’t that man the actor who discussed with Qiao Yan half an hour ago?

Li Chuyang’s little head slowly made a question mark: How could Li Yebai be with Hos?

End!That man won’t tell Li Yebai about what they sleep, right?

"Xiao Qiao, I’ll go first and contact."

Li Chuyang caught up in a breeze, watching Li Yebai and Hos on the third floor, and she followed him sneakyly.

Mid -way, Hoski went to the bathroom. After washing his hands and preparing to go out, he heard a "pop", and the door of the male washing room was closed.

As soon as Hoss looked up, he saw Li Chuyang’s pavilion from his mirror.

"Miss Li, this is a male toilet."

Li Chuyang said to him fiercely: "I recognize the words, don’t remind you."

The implication, she came to him deliberately.

"If you have anything, you will rush to me, don’t scare my brother!"

She first made a man look like a frying kitten. She looked fierce, and it was really not lethal.

Hoski wiped his hands slowly, turned around, and faced Li Chuyang’s eyes.

The lights inside the washing room were dim. The man in front of him had long legs, three -dimensional facial features, and dark lights hit him.

Li Chuyang’s heartbeat suddenly leaked. I don’t know if she was guilty. She raised her chest, like a proud little swan.

"Oh, Miss Li also knows that she has done bad things, so afraid of your elder brother to know?"

Li Chu Yangtian was not afraid of it, he was afraid of the two brothers at home.

The little woman could flex and stretch. When Li Chuyang saw that the man was not very good, she immediately raised her hand to surrender.

"Uncle Huo, don’t you tell me my elder brother?" She blinked a pair of moist and innocent eyes and looked at him, put her hands together and put it on her chest, looking for her face.

"If this matter is spread, it is not good for the Huo family’s reputation. After all, I have a marriage contract with Huo Mingyu. What do you think, Uncle Huo?"

"I think …" Hossy’s tall figure approached Li Chuyang. She retreated back subconsciously and retreated to the corner.After changing, what do you call me? "

The cold atmosphere of the man wrapped Li Chuyang, she blinked and called him, "Brother?"

"Who is your brother?"

Don’t let your uncle, and don’t let her call it, why is it so difficult to serve?

Li Chuyang was impatient, "Can you still want to be my father?"

I’m so embarrassed, her father had already drove to the west.

Holsi: "…"

"Hey, surname Huo." Li Chuyang was also annoyed, "I can talk to you politely now, don’t get into the ruler! What do you want?"

"I don’t want to do anything." Hossi smiled lazily, and the evil charm was rampant, like a sculpture, "You sleep, you have to marry me."

Chapter 4

"Cao …"

A accurate national essence reached his mouth and was swallowed back by Li Chuyang again.

"You want to be beautiful." Li Chuyang glared at him with a rather dying expression. "I am starved to death today, and I jump from here, and it is impossible to marry you."

"Then I can’t bear it …" The man passed through the head of Li Chuyang with one arm, and his long hair on his shoulder bypassed his fingers, causing a trembling.

Her body was a bit forward, and now the distance between the two is close to inseparable, and even the sound of each other’s breathing can be heard.

"What are you doing?" Li Chuyang faced such a handsome force, and it was such an intimate posture. Her face was no longer controlled by control.

She pushed him, her chest was hard, and she was not pushed.

Li Chuyang was 1.68 meters tall. Wearing high heels was 1.7 meters up, but she stood in front of him and still looked like a bird.

Hossy suddenly bowed her head, and the deep -bottomed eyes seemed to be a turbulent desire.

The breath he exhaled was sprayed in her ear: "Li Chuyang, not more than a month, you will regret what you say today."

"Ha! Miss Ben’s dictionary did not regret two words." Li Chuyang retorted very bonely.

"Don’t say too early." Seeing that the rabbit was about to be anxious, Hossy was no longer aggressive. He let go of her and stroked her long hair. "I waited for you to call me my husband.","

"Then you dream!"

Li Chuyang was going to leave after he let it go. She passed through the man’s arm and was dragged back before walking out of two steps.

Hossy stared at the dress she wore on her body, and there were two straps hanging on her shoulders. The skin naked outside was very white. He felt uncomfortable when he saw it.

The slender fingers unbuttoned the suit jacket and threw it on Li Chuyang: "Put on it."

Li Chuyang had to sing against him, and threw his clothes back again. "Who wants to wear your clothes! Less me!"

"Early Li, do you believe me, I do you?"

A layer of anger has emerged on the cold face of the man, and the little Nizi, who is unknown, is still challenging his bottom line.

"Cut! Do you think I am afraid of you?" Li Chuyang rushed to his face. When the two were pulling, the door of the bathroom was opened from the outside, and Li Ye, who was in a formal dress, walked in.

"Mr. Huo, why have you been for so long?"

Then Li Yebai found that there was a person he was familiar with. He was surprised on Qing Jun’s face, "Yang Yang, why are you here?"

Li Chuyang was shocked, and randomly strained: "I jumped with Qiao Yan … No, talk about things, accidentally go the wrong place."

She quickly walked to Li Yebai’s side, a calm look, "Big brother, you are here too! It’s a coincidence."

The little fox was pretending to be cute, and Hoss smiled slightly, and did not pierce her.

"That’s it." Li Yebai looked at Hoski, not far away, "Mr. Huo, then I will take my sister back first. What I said tonight, I will consider answering you again."

Hoski made a gesture of "inviting" at him and watched the pair of brothers and sisters leave. His deep eyes were stunned by the must.

Can the person he see?


Li Chuyang followed Li Yebai and got into the car. She was still pondering that the old fox of Hossy should have told Li Yebai about the matter of rolling their sheets.

Li Yebai suddenly asked her, "Do you know Hossy?"

"Ah! Don’t know!" Li Chuyang subconsciously denied, "I just left the toilet just now, and I accidentally met."

"He is the fourth uncle of Huo Mingyu, a very dangerous person, you will take him as an elder in the future."

Li Yebai looked a little tired. He ordered the driver to drive, leaning on the back of the chair, and rubbing his eyebrows.

Li Chuyang leaned towards him, and asked with a distressed look, "Brother, is there any trouble in the company recently? What did you talk about with Uncle Huo Mingyu?"

"Nothing, some business." Li Yebai didn’t want to let Li Chuyang intervene in the company, but comforted her, "It’s all small things, the elder brother can handle it well."

"How many days do you take a break after this performance?" Li Yebai shifted the topic in a timely manner.

"Half a half month vacation."

"Well, let Aunt Guan make some delicious food, and it will be thin for you for a while."

In order to maintain weight, Li Chuyang often diet, and Li Yebai was a little dissatisfied with this.

"How about Ming Yu recently?" Li Yebai asked again.

"That’s it." Li Chuyang played his fingers. In fact, she had not met with Huo Mingyu for a long time. Li Chuyang still saw his news on the hot search today.

"Yang Yang, if you don’t like Huo Mingyu, lift the marriage contract with him early!"

Li Yebai also saw Huo Mingyu’s lace news, and handed herself from childhood to such an unreliable man, and Li Yebai was not assured.

"No, he is good to me …" Li Chuyang understood the meaning of Li Ye’s vernacular. He was afraid that she would be wronged, but Li Chuyang also wanted to stabilize the big tree of the Huo family for him.Essence

"Anyway, you are still young, and you are not in a hurry to get married." Li Yebai said: "As long as you remember, Miss Li family can’t be bullied by anyone. I will always support you with your second brother."

"I know, big brother."

The car went all the way. When the Lijia villa stopped, Li Chuyang turned to look at Li Yebai. He had closed his eyes and fell asleep.The handsome face was hidden in the darkness, and there was a faint sorrow between the eyebrows.

She sighed with a sigh, the elder brother was really tired, right?


Li Chuyang stayed at home for half a month at home and blinked during the holidays.

The things that night did not cause any turmoil, and Li Chuyang slowly relieved.

The Li family has a rule. The three brothers and sisters have to take a day to eat together for a day, but Li Yebai and Wen Yuhan are very busy recently. After Li Chuyang returned, they did not eat at the table with their brothers for two weeks.It’s right.

The next performance location is at the opera hall of the city. At the time of the next time, Li Chuyang devoted himself to intense rehearsal.

After a day of rehearsal, Li Chuyang got a mobile phone and found that WeChat had a new friend’s application.

For the realistic performance of this performance, she needs to get a tattoo on her body, so she asked Qiao Yan to recommend a tattooist.

Li Chuyang thought it was the tattoo artist who added her, and immediately clicked.

The opponent’s avatar is a black swan wearing a crown on his head. Coincidentally, Li Chuyang’s head is only a white swan. This is obviously a couple avatar.

Li Chuyang thought, this tattooist is very delicious …

After the two plus their friends, Li Chuyang’s first seizure information passed.

[How is your technology?.

She was afraid of pain, and if the tattoo was too painful, she would not consider it.

After a while, the other party was entering.

[How about my technology, don’t you know?.

Li Chuyang: …

She suspected that the person was driving, but she had no evidence.

Chapter 5

Who was Qiao Yan introduced her!

Li Chuyang drumped his face, and his slender fingers poked the screen:

[How can I know, we don’t know it!.

She sent a rabbit’s emoji in the past.

At this time Huantian Group

A formal man’s posture was sitting lazily in the big chair, the black mobile phone was holding in his hand, his eyes were low, and he couldn’t help laughing at the emoji package from the little swan in the mobile phone.

Why is she so cute?

"Four Lord, tonight Huo’s dinner, the grandfather told me repeatedly, you must participate on time."

Cheng Lin, the assistant around Hoski, reminded him.

Hosyu put his phone off his phone and put it aside, his eyebrows were indifferent, his face restored his consistent coldness, and his throat was "um", and he knew it.

Tonight’s dinner, in another way, is Hosy’s wind feast.

As the smallest son of Huo Congshan, the business world, Hoski has been living abroad over the years. There are very few rumors about this "Huo Si Shao". Tonight’s banquet is to inform everyone that the Huo family is really.The prince is back.


Li Chuyang waited for a long time and did not see the other person’s reply, she couldn’t help muttering.

"Which studio is the tattooist of the studio, the service attitude is really bad!"

Leaving from the dance troupe, the driver at home drove to pick her up. As soon as Li Chuyang took the car, the phone suddenly rang.

At first glance, it was her "fiance" that disappeared for two months.

As soon as the phone was connected, Huo Mingyu protested dissatisfied, "Li Chuyang, did you forget that you still have a fiance?"

Li Chuyang rolled his eyes silently, thinking that they had each other, did not meet each other for two months, did not contact, and they looked completely like a plastic marriage.

"Why are you looking for me?" Li Chuyang asked impatiently, "If you say something, hang it if you have anything wrong, I’m busy!"

"Don’t! Of course I am looking for you! Where are you? Let me attend a banquet at night."

The banquet at night was organized by the Huo family. The guests came from the city. Li Chuyang, as Huo Mingyu’s fiancee, was attended.

In this occasion, Li Chuyang only needs to show her face, after all, she represents the face of the Li family.

"Then you ask me!" Princess Li said proudly.

Huo Mingyu also said very much. When he was kneeling, he had to kneel: "Please, Miss Li!"

"That line!"

Li Chuyang agreed, and Huo Mingyu said, "Then I’ll pick you up? Remember to dress beautifully at night!"

"When is Miss Ben?" Li Chuyang hummed.

Huo Mingyu quickly echoed the road, "Yes, Miss Li is Tianxian, you are a sack, and the most beautiful in the audience."

"Rolling the calf!" Li Chuyang laughed, and she suddenly remembered something, asking him, "Tonight, is your uncle who didn’t show up too?"

"Oh, are you talking about my fourth uncle? Of course, this banquet tonight is specially held for him."

Li Chuyang’s heart, did she regret it now?

"You go to the shape first, I will pick you up one hour!"

Huo Mingyu hung up the phone after speaking. Li Chuyang stunned, so that the driver drove the car to the studio that she often made.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, Rose Villa

Li Chuyang held Huo Mingyu’s arm, and smiled at the dinner scene under the leadership of the waiter.

The marble ground of Guangkejian people is covered with thick carpets, and the crystal chandeliers above the head reflect the bright light, which shines every corner of the hall.

Li Chuyang and Huo Mingyu, a handsome guy and beauty, attracted the attention of others as soon as they appeared. Huo Mingyu was the grandson of Huo Congshan. As soon as he appeared, many people surrounded him with cold and warm.

Li Chuyang slipped aside, and she greeted Huo Congshan first.

Over the years, Huo Congshan needs to be in a wheelchair because of his age, and his body has deteriorated, but he looks pretty good tonight. There is a lady wearing a cheongsam behind him. This is Huo Congshan’s third wife and Hos.’S mother.

"Grandpa Huo, for a long time, you look younger!"

Li Chuyang’s mouth was sweet and beautiful. Huo Congshan was very satisfied with the granddaughter’s daughter -in -law. He looked at her with a smile.

"Then I will shake in front of you every day in the future, don’t you think I am annoyed!"

"How do you? As long as you don’t think that my old man is boring, the Huo family door is open for you at any time."

A few words of Li Chuyang, coaxing Huo Congshan’s eyebrows and laughing. Seeing that someone came over to say hello, Li Chuyang went to the self -service bar to eat something.

She didn’t eat all day today, and she would be hungry.

Those who attended tonight were people who had business with the Huo family. Li Chuyang did not know. She took a few snacks to her plate, and turned to see the glittering Li Caiwei dressed in the crowd as soon as she turned.

Her second uncle’s daughter is three years older than early Li Yang. She is her cousin.

Li Chuyang hates her second uncle’s family, especially Li Caiwei has loved to compare with her since she was a child. Both of them are now at the Moon Theater.

The Huo family is the first chaebol in Beijing. Now Hoski is back again. It seems that her second uncle, the old fox, also hit the Huo family!

Li Caiwei’s dress is very delicate tonight, high -end evening dresses, precious jewelry, and talked about the style of everyone’s ladies.


Li Chuyang rolled her eyes at her, causing her to eat the little cake in her plate.

"Yang Yang, look at your current appearance, and when others see it, we have to laugh at our Li family, not even basic etiquette …"

Li Caiwei’s voice suddenly came from the top of Li Chu Yang, and said ridiculously that she was ugly.

Li Chuyang rolled the second white eyes: "Who follows you? I am not a family with you, and I have less with me."

"Oh, I don’t recognize my sister, it doesn’t matter! I may not marry the Huo family in the future. You have to call me a lot …"

It sounds interesting to it. Li Chuyang understood it. It turned out to be at Hos. After all, the Huo family was not married in this generation.

The fat of Hosh does not know how many eyes are staring at now. No wonder there are so many money tonight.

Li Chuyang screamed lightly, "Hossy’s eyes are not blind, how can he see you?"

"I can’t see it, but it’s not you who said it. Li Chuyang, from childhood to large, as long as I want what I want, I will definitely get it." Li Caiwei vowed to say.

Li Chuyang thought, I still don’t look at the man you thought about it!

The two were talking, and they heard moves not far away.

When Li Chuyang turned his head, he saw that the carved wooden door at the entrance was pushed away from both sides, and a tall and tall figure came in facing a room.

The coming person is the finale of the finale of Tonight Hoski. He is wearing a straight black suit with his back, handsome features, full of gas, this cold temperament is like a big black and white -eating big man.Slutherap and indifference.

This picture is too impactful. Obviously, he has no accessories that show his identity. Only the precious watch between his wrists reflects light light, but this person’s appearance is so regrettable.

Li Chuyang saw more handsome guys, but he was still handsome. This person was completely a heart of fire!

Chapter 6

"Caiwei, come here."

Li Chuyang’s second uncle Li Guangliang called Li Caiwei on the other side, "Mr. Huo is here."

Li Caiwei’s eyes shined instantly, holding a skirt and walking towards the bouquet of light.

Li Chuyang looked back and felt that the little cake in his hand was not fragrant.

As soon as Hoss appeared, the focus of the audience gathered there. Ah, she was inherited, she had to shoot horses, and it was the set in the mall. Li Chuyang felt even more boring.

She put down the plate in her hand and picked up a cup of drink. As soon as she was sent to her mouth, Huo Mingyu walked in front of her, pulled her hand, and said, "Come here, introduce me to me.Four Uncle. "

Before Li Chuyang had no time to refuse, she had been pulled in front of Hossy.

When it was closer, Li Chuyang smelled a familiar breath sensitively, from the dangerous and charming fir smell from the man beside him.

"Uncle Four, this is my fiancee Li Chuyang." Huo Mingyu did not find something wrong, and pushed Li Chuyang, "Yang Yang, called people."

Li Chuyang’s scalp was numb, and when he looked up, he found that Hos was plugging in one hand, and his body was full of the posture of the superior.Only the two of them can understand.

"Four … Uncle." Li Chuyang screamed reluctantly.

"Miss Li, it’s beautiful tonight." He praised Li Chuyang without hesitation.

Little Swan is wearing a white slim skirt with a light makeup, long hair shawl, bright eyes, and two shallow pear vortexes when they laugh.

In public, Li Chuyang couldn’t play a small nature. He could only return to him with a scalp, "Thank you."

"Mr. Huo, hello, I am Li Guangliang of the Li Group, this is my daughter, Li Caiwei."

Li Guangliang suddenly pushed Li Caiwei’s in front of Hoski, and smiled charmingly. "Oh, I am still the second uncle of Chu Yang, Cai Wei is the cousin of Chuyang. We are a family."

Li Chuyang was speechless. At this time, she knew that she had been climbing with her. She did not forget how her second uncle’s old fox bullyed their three brothers and sisters!

Li Caiwei’s manner is very good. In this occasion, she was generous. She took the initiative to reach out at Hoski. "Mr. Huo, hello, I am Li Caiwei, a dancer of the Moon Theater."

Unexpectedly, the man did not give her face at all, and she drove her aside, and her eyes didn’t look at her at all.

Li Caiwei’s face changed, and she took back her hands.

Seeing this scene, Li Chuyang smiled well. Two shallow little pear vortex showed the men’s eyes on the cheeks.

So good, I really want to hide her.

Li Chuyang didn’t notice this at all, and Huo Mingyu was called away by his dad again.

After half of the banquet, Li Chuyang ate and drink, and there were many things. She watched the slim velvet skirt on her body and took a makeup bag to the bathroom.

After making up the makeup in front of the mirror, Li Chuyang was preparing to go out. There was a tall dark shadow in front of her. She pushed in before she pushed in, and also blocked the footsteps of Li Chuyang’s departure.

Li Chuyang glanced at the people, and he was thinking about how to call him. Hossi had already spoke first.

"Remember when did we meet last time?"

Li Chuyang’s big eyes flashed, and I recalled it seriously, "Twenty … day ago?"

"23 days ago, 552 hours have passed today, 33,120 minutes, 1987200 seconds." He said it accurately until even seconds.

Li Chuyang: "…"

A dangerous atmosphere came back on the face. Li Chuyang stepped back subconsciously. Suddenly there was an arm with a temperature with a temperature, Hoski held her with one arm, the two were close to their bodies, their breathing phasesmelt.

Li Chuyang felt that at this time, Hoski was very similar to an animal that was ready to go, and she would eat her at any time.

She pushed him a little scared: "Hoski, don’t mess around! You are all people in your family. Aren’t you afraid of being seen?"

"Do you think I am scared?" The man asked without answering, smiling.

"I’m afraid! I’m afraid, okay?" Li Chuyang admitted, "You are an elder after all, we are like this, it’s not good …"

Li Chuyang euphemistically reminded, what’s going on with this person, blocking her in the bathroom twice, and she must have a psychological shadow.

"Early Li, do you remember what I said last time?" The man’s fingertips stirred her long hair and placed it in the palm of the hand.

Li Chuyang pretended to die, "Don’t remember."

"Oh, I don’t remember it, I repeat it with you again." Hoski circled Li Chuyang in his arms in an absolutely imprisoned posture, then bowed his head, closer to her white neck, and said, "One monthInside, I will let you call your husband obediently. There are seven days … "

"What are you doing during the day dream!" Li Chuyang blushed with a pretty face. She really didn’t know where this man was confident. She remembered that she had rejected him. "Don’t be passionate, I agree with it.Yet?"

"You don’t agree with it, you ask it again." Hossy’s hand that originally placed on the waist of Li Chuyang suddenly slipped into her lower abdomen, where he rubbed it twice, Li Chuyang stiffened, apricot eyesCan’t help but stare.

"What’s the meaning?"

"Four times in that night, coupled with the four subsequent four times, a total of eight times." Hoski said slowly, "Forgot to tell you, I did not take measures, here … maybe there is already our baby.","

Li Chuyang’s face was unbelievable, "How is it possible?"

She has begun to scream soil and screams, ah ah ah ah!This cheap man!

Didn’t he take measures?Li Chuyang didn’t remember, when did her aunt last time?I don’t remember …

Li Chuyang’s exquisite little face turned beautifully, and when the terrible thoughts rose in her mind, her heart that she wanted to kill was all ——

"Isn’t it, you know it after testing." Hosmo hooked his lips well, pulling up the petrified Li Chuyang out.

"What do you do? Where do you take me?" Li Chuyang was very dry. The culprit was the man in front of her. What kind of sin did she create!

"What are you afraid of, in case your mother is expensive, you are my ancestor!"

Hossi avoided the crowd and took Li Chuyang upstairs. The second floor was quiet and there was no one.

Li Chuyang passively followed him into a lounge, and then he was stuffed with a pregnancy test stick in his hand. He only heard the man who killed thousands of knives asked her, "Will you use it?"

Li Chuyang returned a word fiercely, "Yes!"

Turning around, looking for the toilet aggressively, when he entered, he deliberately threw the door.

Five minutes later, Li Chuyang came out with a red line of pregnancy.

"There is only one line, is this there?"

Chapter 7

"I checked it with my mobile phone just now, a line, that is not."

Li Chuyang felt that she was so smart. This dog man was too cunning, and she would not be deceived by him anymore.

"Really? Let me see." Hossy walked in front of Li Chuyang and took the small square box from her hands.

In the next second, his eyes paused, hooked the corner of his lips, and looked at her and said, "Look, are you not two?"

The two eye -catching red lines appeared in front of Li Chuyang’s eyes.

She blinked, and she looked incredible, "How is this? Just now it is a one!"

"Oh, do you not read the instructions? The second line may be delayed. The two lines are indeed, there is."

The man said word by word, the expression on Li Chuyang’s face seemed to be split by the thunder, staying in place.

"I am done!"

Her legs will be interrupted by her brother?Li Chuyang looked down at her pair of beautiful legs, and she was about to collapse.

"Woohoo … blame you."

Li Chuyang raised his sharp little paw and greeted the man’s body.

But she was small and fell on the man’s chest without pain, but just venting.

"Well, blame me." Hosyu stretched out his hand and wrapped her little fist, helped her rubbing, and his tone was gentle and unbelievable. "Since the children have it, you will not marry me, you can still marry me, and you can still marry me.Who? Huh? "

Li Chuyang is still struggling, "This may not be allowed."

"If you feel inaccurate, I will accompany you to the hospital for an examination tomorrow." Hosyi saw the trick and would not leave her after a little.

Li Chuyang’s face was ashamed, and his brain sons were "buzzing": "I want to think about it again, it’s late, I want to go home first."

She can’t think about it anymore now, and needs to calm down.

Li Chuyang was about to leave, and he just rejected Hossy’s proposal to send her.

"I don’t want you to send it, you disappear first, can you?"

Seeing her emotional unstable and didn’t do anything, she just said to her.

"Then I send you a car to send you, don’t think about it if you can’t think of it. Give it to me!"

Li Chuyang walked out silently, and Hossi didn’t follow, but two black bodyguards came out of the dark and followed.

It seems that it was really scared to her tonight. Hossi laughed and looked down at the pregnancy test stick in his hand. There was one in the other hand, but it was just a line.

"Oh …" How can I marry her without some means?

Yang Yang, you don’t know how long I remember you!


When Li Chuyang arrived at home, it was more than ten o’clock. Li Yebai went to the field to inspect the project in the past two days, and Wen Yuhan’s night shift was not at home.

The lights in the living room were still on. As soon as Li Chuyang entered the door, a milk -white British cats came around.

Li Chuyang leaned down and hugged it, and stunned his round head a few times before his mood became better.

Li Chuyang likes cats, but Wen Yuhan is allergic to cat hair, and has never been kept in the family.

The cat was still a 20th birthday of Li Chu, Wen Yuhan, who gave her birthday gift.

Usually Wen Yuhan is at home, it is closed, and it is a bit lively after being released.

"Little Four …" The name was based on the ranking of the family. Li Chuyang was randomly taken. In the words of warmth, the cheap name was good, so Li Chuyang just called.

"I often see the second brother’s fire, but the elder brother gets angry, I’m really scared …"

There were only two times in the impression of Li Chuyang. Shortly after the death of his parents, the second uncle came to take away the shares of his father’s company. Li Yebai was soaring on the spot.

At that time, Li Chu was only eleven years old. Li Yebai was twenty -one years old. At a young age, he had been responsible for his father.

Another time was the abduction when Li Chu was fifteen years old. The appearance of Li Yebai was crazy, and Li Chuyang would never forget.


Lying on the bed, Li Chuyang began to slap the wall. If the elder brother knew that she was "pregnant", what would happen?

Li Chuyang rolled around and rolled a few times. The mood this night was like a roller coaster, which was stimulated.

After sending it out for a while, Li Chuyang picked up his mobile phone and was ready to explore the tone of the second brother first.

She wanted to have a good word, then compiled a text message, and sent Wen Yuhan.

[Second brother, I have a friend (friend you don’t know) have a boyfriend, but she accidentally had a night stand with others and accidentally pregnant. What should she do if you say this?.

With a mobile phone "Ding Dong", WeChat jumped into the screen. Li Chuyang quickly opened it. However, Wen Yuhan would not be busy, and soon responded to her.

[Li Chuyang, your friend, shouldn’t you say yourself?.

When Li Chuyang saw this information, a "snap" phone smashed from her hand to her face, and her tears were about to flow out.

No, is Wen Yuhan’s survey ability so strong?Can she even see her "unclear friend"?

Li Chuyang quickly responded to the past:

[Of course not me]

[Not you!Li Chuyang, if you dare to get pregnant before you dare to get married, your legs will be interrupted!.

In the early days of Li, even the attitude of the second brother was so absolute, let alone the elder brother.

Li Chuyang was insomnia. The next day, he went to the Moon Theater Troupe with two dark circles, and was not in the state when rehearsing.

"Early Li, what’s going on today? There are still a few days to perform, what are you jumping?"

Li Chuyang’s teacher is a very famous dancer, Qin Fei, who once won the chief champion of the three international ballet contests in one fell swoop. After retreating, he was hired by Moon to be the chief instructor.

After Qin Fei retired, she rarely received apprentices. Li Chuyang was so lucky to become her apprentice.

"Sorry, Teacher Qin! I’ll come again."

Li Chuyang also knew how much energy and hope Qin Fei had poured in her. Each time Qin Fei led the team, Li Chuyang was the heroine, so the group was very envious and jealous.

Li Caiwei also wanted to worship Qin Fei as a teacher at first, but was rejected.

There are three teams in the Moon Theater Troupe, namely Li Chuyang, Li Caiwei, and An Qing leading dance. The three of them are called Moon "three golden flowers".

This performance show is an adaptation of many versions of "Liang Zhu". Li Chuyang has a large solo performance, and the male actor who partnered with her is also a professional dancer.

"You are wrong today, just practice here first, adjust it yourself, and continue tomorrow."

When Qin Fei saw that Li Chuyang did not meet her requirements, she simply let her go first.

Li Chuyang returned to the lounge to change clothes, and he heard a few laughter next door. It was the person she hated.

"Caiwei, the necklace you wore today is very beautiful. At first glance, it is a limited edition."

"Will it be given by a boyfriend? Cai Wei hand over her boyfriend?"

"Let me guess, which excellent man can worthy of our princess Caiwei?"

Several horses around Li Caiwei’s side were often squeezed against Li Chuyang.

Chapter 8

In this performance, Li Chuyang was the heroine of "Liang Zhu". I don’t know how many people are jealous.

"Oh, don’t talk nonsense, no boyfriend."

Li Caiwei’s voice said coquettishly.

"Let’s go back to rehearse quickly.

"Huh! Want me to say that Teacher Qin is eccentric. How can some people be the heroine this time?"

"That Li Chuyang never looked at people with a righteousness, what is she proud?"

"No matter how powerful she is, isn’t it our defeat of Cai Wei?"

"That’s it! In front of Caiwei, she was at most from the beginning of Li Chu."

When Li Chuyang heard this, the movement of the cabinet could not help but heavy, and reminded the next door, and she heard it.

It was quiet for a while, Li Chuyang changed his clothes and left directly.

After leaving the troupe, Li Chuyang saw a very arrogant car parked on the side of the road.

The license plate Beijing V, the latter number, at first glance, the car of a big man.

The car film was very deep, and the people inside could not be seen outside.

She drove today and did not let the driver follow, because she was going to the hospital.

After Li Chuyang passed the Curon, the window dropped, and a noble and clear face appeared in front of Li Chuyang.

Hossi was still the big guy’s aura, hooked his fingers towards Li Chuyang, "get on the car!"

"Why are you here?" Li Chuyang glanced around. Fortunately, no one noticed them.

"Didn’t you say that you go to the hospital together today?"

Hoski had come down from the car and personally drove the door of Li Chuyang.

Li Chuyang stood still, and he didn’t want to ignore him. "I didn’t agree. I will go in the hospital, don’t follow me!"

She said fiercely, "Before this matter is certain, don’t appear in front of me. Trouble you!"

After Li Chiyang said, he had gone away, and he didn’t take him in his eyes at all.

"Four Ye, do you want to keep up?" The driver asked.

Hoski raised his hand and returned to the car again. Li Chuyang is now very resistant to him, and he can’t force it too tight.

"Are you arranged all over the hospital?"

"It’s all arranged."


Li Chuyang did not dare to go to the first hospital of the city because he was afraid of being caught by Wen Yuhan.

She went to a private hospital for a guilty conscience and wore a mask and hat.

She made an appointment for the expert number. There was no one on the whole floor. Is she thinking that VIP service is so good?Also one -on -one service.

She went to the examination first and went to the doctor’s office after the examination.

Li Chuyang looked at the male doctor sitting in front of the desk and engraved with the nameplate of the "Single Pedestrian West", which was difficult to say.

Is the doctor so rolled now?It is so handsome and the service attitude is super good.

"Doctor, do I have a terminal illness? Why do you think for so long?"

Li Chuyang panicked a batch, and the doctor was handsome in front of him, but he didn’t know if he was reliable.

The single Mu Xi, who was looking at the report form, pushed the glasses on the bridge of the nose, and smiled embarrassingly, then looked at Li Chuyang and said.

"Sorry, Miss Li. I have read this report. Looking at the HCG value and B -ultrasound, you are indeed pregnant."

When Shan Mixi said this, he was praying: Amen, I was forced, sin!

Even if Li Chuyang was heard, even if he was ready, he was scared.

"Hey, girl, don’t cry …"

Shan Mu Xi saw Li Chuang’s eyes red, and quickly pumped two pieces of paper and handed it over.

"Aren’t you a good thing when you are pregnant? How many people want children to do …"

Thank you, I was comforted.

Li Chuyang pumped his nose and didn’t cry, but asked, "Doctor, I don’t want this child, when will I do surgery better?"

I am afraid it wo n’t work now. There are five days to perform on stage, so she can only wait until the performance is over.

Shan Mixi will tell her the reason for the early morning. "I have to tell you a bad news. If you do n’t need this first child, I am afraid it will be difficult to get pregnant in the future.Complications … Children are a life, you have strangled a life. "

"Okay, don’t say it." Li Chuyang’s face was pale, and she had run away without waiting for him to finish the words.

Shan Muxi looked at Li Chuyang’s back, and picked up a phone call.

"Hoski, are you a bit lacking? Let me a little girl who saves the white -fitting white clothes! People are obviously not pregnant, and they were scared to cry just now."

Hey, he is also an accomplice, helping the big gray wolf to deceive the weak and poor little white rabbit, it is really evil!

"Let me tell you, this matter must be concealed soon. Look at it yourself!"

Hoski’s car stopped across the hospital. After receiving the phone call, he saw Li Chuyang’s car driving.


Li Chuyang went to the cemetery. Mom and dad left the plane accidentally when she was ten years old. When the body was found, Li Chuyang did not see it. Li Yebai did not let her see, but she knewThat picture is fierce.

Until now, the three brothers and sisters go to the temple every year to pray for blessings to surpass her parents, so she cannot kill.

If the child can’t fight, can she only choose to get married?

What about her career?What should I do if Li Yebai and Wen Yuhan know?

After Li Chuyang calmed down, he had sorted out his emotions.

Hum, she should not be led by Hoski’s old man with his nose.

He was going to marry her, and he expected that she would marry him?

Li Chuyang left from the cemetery and met Huo Mingyu to meet.

Huo Mingyu often soaked. He also has his own team. When Li Chuyang was looking for, Huo Mingyu was still sitting with a beautiful woman. Isn’t it just a little star who was photographed with him not long ago?

"Brother Yu, Miss Li is here."

The people of the team knew Li Chuyang. Seeing that Li Chuyang came, they all walked away.

Li Chuyang walked over and kicked Huo Mingyu. "The genuine fiancee is still here, can you converge?"

Huo Mingyu smiled at Li Chuyang, then patted the beauties around him, and the beauty glared at Li Chuyang hatred, and then walked away reluctantly.

"The sun comes out of the west! What is the expensive to find the younger Miss Li?"

Li Chuyang rarely asked Huo Mingyu. The two have always had something to say, and they were okay.

Li Chuyang held a skirt with one hand and sat down opposite Huo Mingyu.

"I’m here to tell you something."

Huo Mingyu also changed the laziness just now, and sat up in danger: "Just, I want to tell you something."

"Let’s get married!"

"Let’s get a marriage contract!"

The two were almost at the same time. The previous sentence was Li Chuyang, and the latter sentence was said by Huo Mingyu.

Chapter 9

Huo Mingyu looked at Li Chuyang in shock.

"Miss Li, are you okay? Marry?"

The two did not call at all, and they had always been like their buddies. Huo Mingyu and female celebrities had a scandal, and Li Chuyang didn’t ask.

Li Chuyang was sitting upright, his back was straight, and he learned that someone looked like a serious negotiation.

"Yes, get married." Li Chuyang guessed that Huo Mingyu would be this reaction, and she also calmly explained, "We have also known each other for so many years, knowing the roots, the green plums, the door to the house …"

"You stop for a while." Huo Mingyu’s mind was a little chaotic. He knew that Li Chuyang was too much. Shouldn’t this girl dig a pit for him?

"I have been waiting for you to lift the marriage contract. Li Chuyang, I just said, did you hear it?"

Oh, Li Chuyang remembered, he just said that he would like to lift his marriage contract.

Her white face is still the proud expression: "Then why do you lift the wedding contract? You fluttering outside the color flag outside, the red flag at home is not just right?"

Huo Mingyu couldn’t cry and laugh: "I admit that the inferiority of many men is like this, but we are different. I just treat you as myself so that I don’t want to talk to you. Tell you honestly, my dad talked to me last night.He doesn’t agree with our marriage. "

Coincidentally, Li Chuyang and Huo Mingyu were born on the same day. They were born in the same hospital. The mother of the two was the same at first sight, so they verbally set their dolls.

Li Chuyang recognized Huo Mingyu’s mother Xue Ying as a godmother. The two did be able to bear the words "green plum bamboo horse".

"Why? Geyma likes me very much, and Grandpa Huo …"

Li Chuyang was a little surprised. Huo Mingyu’s father, also Hoski’s elder brother Huo Chengye, did not have much contact with Li Chuyang, so she didn’t know where Huo Chengye was dissatisfied with her.

"My family’s current situation is relatively complicated. My four uncle is back and decentralized … My dad wants me to marry a object that helps him."

It means that the Li family now can’t climb their Huo family.

Li Chuyang nodded and was able to understand Huo Mingyu’s hard work, so Huo Mingyu asked Huo Mingyu to raise a marriage contract.

"What about you? What do you think?" Li Chuyang asked him.

Huo Mingyu looked at the Dang Erlang, but in fact he was the grandson of Huo Congshan, and he was also given a heavy responsibility on him. He really couldn’t say anything about marriage.

"No, you suddenly, why can’t you think of getting married? Miss, you are only two years old …"

Li Chuyang, like him, is very fun, but she is playing with her own career. She likes to dance. Since the age of three, she has persisted for seventeen years.

"Hey, let me tell you the truth! Actually because I am pregnant …"

Huo Mingyu just lifted the glass on the table and gave it to his mouth. When he heard Li Chuyang’s words, a "嗤 …" sounded, the wine in his mouth was sprayed, and his shocked chin was about to fall.I asked it with certainty, "What kind of thing?"

Li Chuyang glanced at him with hatred and repeated again, "I said, because I was pregnant, I had to get married."

The wine was not in the stomach, Huo Mingyu would feel that he was even more dizzy.

"Lied! Li Chuyang, you are awesome! I treat you as a brother, do you let me take it?"

"Look at what you say, if you have an illegitimate child outside, I don’t mind!" Li Chuyang enlightened him very patiently, "You think, although the child is not yours, his wife is yours!"

Huo Mingyu: "…"

It makes sense, he can’t refute.

"Let me think about it for a few days. Just a few days later, I will come to power and wait for the performance, you will give me a reply, can you?"

Li Chuyang had already thought about it. This marriage Huo Mingyu had to end, and he had to end.

If he disagreed, she went to the godmother and said that she was pregnant with Huo Mingyu’s child, and he didn’t want to be responsible.

Huo Mingyu, who was wearing a green hat and was also like "Dad", was still covered in the drum. He looked at Li Chuyang with a tangled face and asked, "Can I know, who is this child?"

As soon as Li Chuyang thought of his child’s father, the whole person was not good, and his temper came.

"Don’t ask you, ask less."

After speaking, she was holding the bag and left her head.


She had to conceal Li Yebai and Wen Yuhan first. When she chopped first, she married Huo Mingyu. When she said the news, my brothers should accept it … right?

Li Chuyang resolved his heart, and the rehearsal was smooth.

Five days later, she performed on the stage as scheduled.

This performance location is at the largest opera theater in Beijing, presented by stage dramas.

The first half of the plot was conducted in an orderly manner. During the transfer, Li Chuyang quickly returned to the background to make up.

In the later period, Zhu Yingtai became a butterfly. Li Chuyang had a large solo performance. The makeup teacher used the fastest time to turn her a "war loss makeup".

"Very perfect!" Qin Fei also stood aside, watching Li Chuyang with satisfaction, and his face was proud. "Li Chuyang, you are the students I have brought, the most hope to surpass me.Born for the stage. "

Qin Fei gave Li Chuyang a high evaluation. If Li Chuyang heard these words before, he would be happy.

But now, she can’t tell the teacher that maybe she has been resting for a long time.

Time is too late to think of so much, Li Chuyang took time to come to power.

All the lights hit her. She was wearing a white waist skirt, barefoot, light, and light, like a butterfly dancing.

Li Chuyang was very devoted when she performed. The lights on the stage hit her. The black hair was black, and her delicate makeup made her delicate face.

Sitting in the audience, applauding, a stand -up figure sitting in the front VIP position in the front row, staring at the little swan on the stage like a torch.

There was a tear mole under the corner of the eyes, and a touch of red in the corner of her lips. She turned her head and looked back, jumping on her feet, and her body was soft like a snake.

So beautiful!

Each action is just right, and every look is so focused. She glows on the stage, and her applause has not stopped at all.

Finally rotated, rotated, and then rotated. Bai Sa slipped from Li Chuyang’s body. She exposed her back, and a black butterfly flew vividly.

She seemed to be integrated with the butterfly, and flew away with the misty immortal …

Li Caiwei also participated in the performance today, but she was just a background board. She watched Li Chuyang danced on the stage, and didn’t know how jealousy was it.

After the curtain, Li Chuyang returned to the background, and the flowers were full of the entire lounge.

Chapter 10

Every time Li Chuyang performed, Li Yebai and Wen Yuhan may not be present, but spending must be present.

In a large sea of flowers, Li Chuyang saw the blue demon Ji that did not fall every time.

There is a card card, there is no text, only a simple letter -Y.

Is it her name?Or is it the name of the flower owner?

In a large red pink flower sea, the bouquet of blue demon Ji looked even more charming.

Li Yebai and Wen Yuhan were not so particular about it. Each time she sent her a red rose and a card.

The performance is smooth -brother stay.

That Y successfully attracted the attention of Li Chuyang.

The performance ended smoothly, Qin Fei also walked in from the outside, patted his palm, and said to everyone.

"Everyone has worked hard today, and the performance is very successful. The old rules, the banquet at night, no one can be less."

Li Chuyang was the heroine, of course, she couldn’t escape.

As soon as she performed, she sent a message to Huo Mingyu and asked him how he was thinking.

That guy is brave, ignoring her?

Li Chuyang changed his clothes and just prepared to call Huo Mingyu. A strange number of strange numbers came first.

Li Chuyang picked up: "Hey-"

"Give you a flower, do you like it?" There was the voice of a low man, or the sound that Li Chuyang didn’t want to hear.

"You sent it?" Li Chuyang was thrilled. Is this man perverted?She appeared silently by her side, causing her to be caught off guard.

"Baby, I have another gift to give you."

Hosy’s voice was very nice, and he was very hooked with a sense of grainy.

Li Chuyang didn’t forget how bad this person was. She returned in anger, "Who wants your gift, bother me less!"

Without waiting for him to speak, she hung up.

The blue demon Ji in Li Chuyang’s hand was not beautiful. She was thrown into the trash tube by her, and then followed the dance group’s car to set off to celebrate the place of celebration.

The place of celebration is set at the "Earl One". The people in the entire dance troupe tonight are here. I heard that there are still a few directors and big bosses above.

Li Chuyang has not joined Moon for a long time, and it is less than a year. She is a disciple who has chosen from the Dance Academy directly from the Dance Academy. The youth of the dancer has been in recent years.

"Have you heard of it? I heard that Le Zhong is going to acquire our troupe …"

"Ling Yan of Lezhong and President Ling of our theater are siblings, and President Ling didn’t care much about it, and now he simply merged."

"So, in the future, our boss is the Ling of Ling?"

"That’s really great! Ling Yan is a single man in the diamond. It is also a talented talent. We can be full of eyes in the future."

"You want to be beautiful. People are always entertaining. What kind of national color Tianxiang has never been seen. Can we dance and get his eyes?"

"Dreams still have to have it, what if it realizes it?"

When Li Chuyang was sitting, he heard the hotness of other girls on the table.

Li Chuyang has not joined the dance group for a long time. She has only seen Ling Manhua, the president of their theater. She is a very temperamental woman. She was also a dancer. After retreating, she took over Moon.

Li Chuyang didn’t care about those, she only focused on dancing and performance.

There seems to be two important guests tonight. The banquet is delayed, and there are two seats in the main seat.

"Chu Yang, come here."

Qin Fei, who was sitting in the other table, suddenly called Li Chuyang beside him.

Li Chuyang was absent -minded. Is Huo Mingyu’s rabbit who wants to rebel?Do not answer her information or answer her.

"Teacher Qin, what are you looking for?"

Li Chuyang sat next to Qin Fei, and Ling Manhua was also there, and several directors and directors of the troupe.

"That’s it. You should also hear that our theater, of course, also includes our dance troupes with music."

On the surface, it is cooperation, but it is actually merging. Li Chuyang feels no difference.

"Lezon is recently investing in a costume drama, and the starring actors have basically been picked up, but they lack a professional actor who can dance, so they want to choose one from our dance troupe."

For such a good opportunity, Qin Fei thought of Li Chuyang for the first time.

"The drama is not very heavy, but the proportion of dance is very heavy, so you have to pick a professional dancer. This opportunity is also rare. Do you want to try it?"

"Teacher Qin …" Li Chuyang said weakly, "I might have to reject your kindness."


"Because I want to solve a little private affairs, I want to ask for a period of time …"

Li Chuyang was panicked. Qin Fei gave her this role, and she was destined to live up to her expectations.

Sure enough, as soon as Qin Fei heard this, he suddenly changed his face.

"Li Chuyang, don’t feel that you have jumped a few protagonists and boarded the stage a few times, and you feel that you are very powerful. The film and television drama you will participate in this time is a big production, which can make you go further.It’s higher. "

Is there a lack of beauties in the entertainment industry?No shortage!

What is missing is actors who look beautiful, have aura, and dance well.

"What important do you have to give up this opportunity?" Qin Fei asked.

"I don’t want to say." Li Chuyang was difficult to open up. She couldn’t imagine that if Qin Fei knew that she was "pregnant" and she would be disappointed to get married.

"Early Li, you are really …"

Before Qin Fei said, he heard the people in the box being opened, and then two outstanding figures came in.

The coming person is Ling Yan of Lezon, and the younger brother of their president–

However, there was a slender figure around him. Two men with extraordinary temperament walked in from the outside together, excellent and strong.

With a glance at Li Chuyang, she stayed.

The man around Ling Yan, why is Holshisa?

"President Ling!"

I knew Ling Yan, but I was more interested in Hoski around him, and his eyes fell on him.

"Introduce it to you, Huo Sishao of Huantian Group is also our future father’s father."

Ling Yan briefly introduced Hoisy’s identity. As soon as the name Hoski appeared, the audience was uproar.


"Mr. Huo."


The people present were all human beings, but Hoski was the man standing at the top of the pyramid. He could be able to come to the meal, and he was completely facing Ling Yan’s face.

"Everyone sitting! Just order it."

Ling Yan looked at no shelf, and was very affinity. He looked at Li Chuyang with a smile and praised her deliberately. "I watched your performance today and jumped very well."

"Thank you." Li Chuyang’s customer settled alienated.

The two of them were sitting. Unfortunately, Hoski sat opposite Li Chuyang.

Later, the entire mealing process, Li Chuyang could feel the direct and hot sight on the opposite side, and it fell on her.

Such as an invasion delete

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