How can women quickly get pregnant?

For newlywed couples, the most concerned is the problem of pregnancy.Many people want to know how to get pregnant quickly, so what are the ways to increase conception?Let’s take a look.

Human conception is a complex physiological process. Only when the female ovulation is in the same room, sperm and eggs meet in the fallopian tube and are combined into fertilized eggs. They are transported into the uterine cavity. The endometrium is suitable for pregnancy to bed.Generally speaking, if you want to get pregnant quickly, it is best to find the time for conception and the same room during ovulation.

How can I get pregnant quickly

1. Quit smoking and drinking

Nicotine in tobacco and alcohol in alcohol can endanger the health of sperm and eggs, which greatly reduces the chance of conception.Therefore, you should stay away from tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy. It is best to quit the tobacco and alcohol from 3 months to half a year before conception.

2. Rich and nutritious diet

During pregnancy, both the couple should pay attention to diverse diet and strengthen nutrition. They can eat foods rich in high -quality protein, protein zinc, calcium and other foods, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, and make nutritional reserves for conception.

3. The same room during ovulation

If you want to get pregnant quickly, you are in the same room before and after ovulation.The female ovulation day is about 14 days before the next menstrual tide, and the first 5 days before the ovulation day and the 4 days after the ovulation day will be the ovulation period for a total of 10 days.In the same room before and after ovulation, you can increase the chance of conception.

4. Find the time that is easy to conceive

For the year in July and August, it is better to produce in April and May.According to scientists’ research on one day of conception, if you want to get pregnant, the best time for the same room is from 5 pm to 7 pm.

5. Control the number of the same room

Within one month before pregnancy, the number of times in the same room should not be too frequent.It is recommended to have the same room once the next day during ovulation, while ensuring sperm quality, it is also conducive to the combination of sperm and eggs.After the same room, women are best to lie on their back for a while to promote conception.

6. Maintain a good attitude

During the time to get pregnant, the couple must keep their mood relaxed and welcome the baby’s arrival with a calm and natural attitude.Regulating your mood by exercise is very helpful for successful conception.

When is the easiest to conceive for women

Women are most likely to conceive during ovulation.There is a regular sex life during ovulation, and the chance of pregnancy is relatively high.

Generally speaking, the menstrual cycle of women is 21-35 days, and the ovulation day is 12-16 days before the next menstrual period. At this time, it is easy to get pregnant in the same room.Ovarian can survive in the fallopian tube for 1-2 days after the ovaries are discharged to wait for fertilization.Men’s sperm can maintain sperm ability for 2-3 days in women’s reproductive tract, so sexual intercourse is prone to conception a few days before and after the eggs.

I do n’t know that women in ovulation can judge according to the changes in leucorrhea.During a menstrual cycle, the nature of leucorrhea will change periodic changes.Under normal circumstances, the leucorrhea is dry, sticky, and less in quantity.In the ovulation period, the leucorrhea will become clear and transparent, like an egg white, the drawing is high.This is due to a high concentration of estrogen during ovulation, which acts on the cervical pillar epithelial cells, causing them to secrete a large amount of leucorrhea.

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