How did you find that you are pregnant?4 kinds of uncomfortable symptoms, don’t take medicine randomly, it is easy to hurt your baby

Pregnancy is a magical and grinding thing. Some husbands and wives are prepared to be prepared, but some people are too surprised, and some mothers almost get good news after giving up pregnancy.Essence

Looking back, pregnancy is also a very mysterious thing, just like a small seed secretly giving up the germination in the mother’s body.Many times when mothers notice the presence of the baby, he has long grown his arms and calves.

I feel like there is something in my belly:

@: One day I went to work to go to the glass cabinet next to the station to see the mobile phone (the glass cabinet was not lying on it on it exactly the stomach).I was pregnant, and it was less than a month.

The sixth sense of the son:

@: Who do you have me fantasy, and the second child is still told me.

One day, our family of three was watching TV. My son suddenly sat on my stomach and said that my mother had a little sister in my belly. I said no, my son was crying and said yes.One week later, the aunt didn’t come, and I took two bars with a paper. Later, a daughter was really born.


@: When I was pregnant less than 10 days, my colleagues with good relationships dreaming about my pregnancy at the same night (I don’t dare to believe it), and it is the same dream.

It may be because I was just conceived and went to the hospital the next day.But then I have been a baby dream one after another, and a little boy is chatting with me.After the child came out, he loved laughter or crying. Colleagues said that the baby baby came to report gratitude.

Retuse the hemorrhoids and test it by the way:

@Call me to visit the mountain: At that time, the home was busy at home. I also mentioned two large buckets of cement to the balcony upstairs … Later, I needed to go to the hospital because of hemorrhoids.Haven’t come and go to test it yet.After entering the hospital toilet, my baby was the captain (two bars).

It seems that some pregnant mothers are really big, and their pregnancy experience is indeed a little fantasy.But in any case, pregnancy is the beginning of a new life. Women who hope to prepare for pregnancy will find the pregnancy signal that appears in the body in time.

1. Dyslex:

When an "foreign species" is entered in the body, the body will naturally be a little bit unbearable.At this time, many pregnant mothers will have symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, and even sleep all day long. In fact, this is because of the rise of progesterone after pregnancy.

2. The chest rises:

After pregnancy, the hormones in the pregnant mother will change hugely, and some body parts will change greatly, and chest pain often occurs.Pregnant mothers don’t think they are developing secondary, and may be happy.

3. Nauseous to vomit:

Pregnant vomiting can be said to be the most typical symptoms of women during pregnancy. Only a few pregnant mothers can escape this.It is normal for minor pregnancy to vomit, but if the pregnancy is too serious, don’t carry it. You need to go to the hospital in time to avoid dehydration.

4, stomach pain:

There were two friends around him who mistakenly regarded stomach pain as gastric colic in the early days of pregnancy. Fortunately, they suddenly realized that the baby was here before taking the medicine.

In fact, minor belly pain also belongs to normal reactions during pregnancy, because physiological contractions may occur at any time throughout pregnancy.Therefore, women who prepare for pregnancy should pay more attention. Do not mistakenly think that it is simple stomach pain, heartburn and rushing to take medicine.

Mom, how did you find that you were pregnant with your baby?Welcome to leave a message to share your parenting experience ~

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