How do dogs breed, and what are the ways of dog breeding?When is the dog’s breeding period?

The breeding of the dog is born, and the puppies are directly produced by the birth canal after the development of the bitch’s uterus.The breeding period of dogs is generally in spring and autumn. There are two times a year. Large dogs may have about six or seven perbal perbal, and small dogs can give birth to two to three cubs at a time.

Dog reproduction period

The breeding period of the dog is also the estrus period of the dog. Generally, it is twice a year. Most of them breed in the spring from March-May and autumn. Generally, the age of female dogs is about 1.5 years old.After 2 years old.

Dogs are affected by varieties, breeding conditions, regions, and climate. Generally, dogs will reach sexual maturity at the age of August to December.estrus.

The ovulation period of dogs is often 48 to 60 hours after the beginning of estrus, the average pregnancy period is about 60 days, the breastfeeding period is 45 to 60 days, and the birth period is about 10 years.

Dog breeding method

Dogs’ viviparous is the process of mature and production in the uterus of the female dog’s body. The nutrients required by embryos during development can absorb nutrients and oxygen from the mother’s blood through the placenta and umbilical cord, and send metabolic waste into the mother.Until birth.

There are two types of dog breeding methods: natural mating and artificial fertilization. Natural mating is the breeding method of most dogs.For dogs with different sizes or difficulty breeding, they can choose the method of artificial fertilization. Dogs with a relatively low success rate of natural mating can also be reproduced through artificial assistance mating.

Do not let the dogs grow close relatives. This may occur in some genetic problems. It is best to choose the same variety and breed the same size of a dog, which can reduce the chance of dystocia.

The breeding ability of the dog is generally strong. After pregnancy, the dog can be produced in about two months. If the dog is not left as a dog, it is best to be about 6 months or in the future.EssenceThis is conducive to the health of the dog, it is also conducive to the management of dog breeding and reducing the cost of dog breeding.

Do not intend to allow dogs to reproduce and make sterilization as soon as possible, which can improve the quality of life of dog later.

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