How do mothers find that they are pregnant?Some people want to vomit when they are not full. Some people want to vomit!

Pregnancy is one of the pursuit of many women and the beautiful yearning for marriage life. Some people are inexplicably "Chinese guns" even if they take protective measures.I was pregnant, and I didn’t believe that the child would not believe that he was pregnant before the child did not come to her eyes.

Maybe a mother wants to say, how can there be a last person? When I was pregnant, I was pregnant and nauseous. How could I not know that I was pregnant?

Don’t be surprised, there are a lot of such mothers.

Twenty days ago, in the emergency room in a hospital in Beijing, a woman with severe abdominal pain to her face was distorted by her family.The woman claimed to be indigestion, so her stomach was very painful, and she hoped that the doctor would hurry to see what’s going on.

The doctor naturally dare not neglect. The time of the rescue room is calculated in seconds, which is essential for treating patients.However, after the doctor carefully checked it, she found that the woman did not seem to have indigestion, but was about to be in the basin. The abdominal pain was that the uterus contracted in the pain!

The most terrible thing is that the fetus has obvious symptoms of suffocation. If the mother will give birth as soon as possible, the child may have died or even die because of hypoxia.

So the woman was rushed to the obstetrics and gynecology department by the medical staff. When she lived and died, she successfully gave birth to a 6 -pound female baby.The confused mother couldn’t believe that she was pregnant until the doctor took the child into her eyes, and even unknowingly gave birth to the child.

In fact, this should not blame her. After all, she suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome, and was later diagnosed as infertility. After a long time of treatment, she did not see her improvement. She gradually let go of this.You can also get pregnant.

So during pregnancy, the mother found that she was "getting fat", and she also took weight loss pills and strenuous exercise to lose weight. As a result, the child suffered from congenital tiny deformities.It has a significant impact on children’s future development.

Most mothers are through various signs of signs, and they are suspected that they buy test strips to detect the "winning" results after pregnancy. Therefore, each mother’s experience is different. It can only be said that sometimes women’s sixth sense.allow.

1. Eat a good appetite

Mom Chicken Leg Bao: It was in the past few days, and her appetite was particularly good. I ate a lot of meals at noon every time.The sisters in the office also said me, be careful to get fat.

The key is to eat so much at noon every day, and it is still hungry at about 1 to 4 in the afternoon.So I limped to a small restaurant far away from the office every day to buy pancake fruits. Selling the pancake fruit, then asked me if you didn’t eat at noon?I had to be too busy to say that I was too busy.

Later, I thought about the fertilized eggs at that time. It should not be so hungry, but it was actually hungry.Later, I suddenly realized that menstruation seemed to be over three days, and it was impossible to be pregnant.So when I passed the pharmacy in the evening, I bought two pregnancy test sticks.I secretly tested at night.

I had nothing that night, and then I felt that I thought too much and slept.The next morning, I thought there was another one, and then tested it again, and after a while, two bars were displayed, but the second one was slightly shallower.Then I found the pregnancy test stick I tested last night, and found that it was actually two bars!Oh my god!I just won so easily.

2. Ru halo and deepen change

Mother Xiong Set’s Xiaohua: This question is a bit shy. When I took a bath, I found that the hair on Ru’s halo was erected, and it was not usually the case.When wearing clothes the next day, it stood up again. I also told my husband, come on, how can I stand on my chest?Will it be reminded me to get pregnant!

I calculated that the day, I took a test strip and tested one, and there was a gray seal!Because I had misunderstood before, I tested another one after the fourth day, and I told my husband.

3. Sensitive to taste

Mom Bennie Gemini: At that time, I started preparing for pregnancy since I was married. I did not have any movement. I tried many ways for pregnancy.Take Chinese medicine conditioning, read the post to measure the base temperature and calculate the ovulation cycle, do hormone examination, but finally disappointed, I don’t want to regenerate.

Finally, I decided to look at Western medicine again, to take a needle of lyzone, and do an artificial cycle.In the three -month cycle, after a dozen shots, there were still no movement in these three months.So I felt that I should do everything, so I was going to give up.My husband also has this meaning, saying that we might as well raise a puppy.

So the broken jar was broken. We bought a dog and bought it for a month, and he took the puppy to take a bath.After taking a shower, I took the dog home. When the dog ran in front of me, the smell of the fragrance on it mixed with its appreciation, and suddenly I got into my nose. I suddenly felt a nausea.

But I have no other ideas, because the dog has been stinky before taking a bath, and I feel not very comfortable.Later, about a day or two, I was alone at home, and my husband was outside.I calculated that the aunt hadn’t come yet, and hoped to test it with one line. It was actually two lines. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

4. Slightly bleeding in the lower body

A touch of grass by the mother Qingqing River: When the first child felt that when he came to the aunt, he went to a toilet, but there were two or three drops of pink blood droplets on the underwear, which was different from the old aunt, so it was very puzzled.EssenceWhen the doctor’s husband said that he might be pregnant, he bought a test paper that afternoon, and he was pregnant.

Later, I checked on the Internet. It turned out that the pink blood drip appeared because of fertilized eggs.

5. The taste changes, vomiting from time to time

I have no regular holidays. Sometimes at the beginning of the month, sometimes in the middle of the month, sometimes it is the end of the month, but every month I will come to the aunt.

Mother Number Miss Sister: Because of doing cashier in the supermarket, one month before pregnancy, the aunt was postponed for a week and was going to buy a test paper to test it. As a result, the aunt just came.In the month of pregnancy, the aunt was postponed for ten days. When checking the customer at the checkout, I saw the meat I bought, and the pork ribs would be retched.At that time, I thought, it was probably the winning.After getting off work, I went to the pharmacy to buy a test strip, and I won the prize.

Mom warm summer parenting: I basically sleep for 7 or 8 hours every night, and I will be very mentally unable to sleep the next day. At that time, I just slept enough at night. I was still sleepy during the day.Yes, I have been yawning, my husband is always playing with me, are you a pig?Why do you always want to sleep, alas, I haven’t experienced it, I have never thought about it in the direction of pregnancy.

6. Other changes

Mom Ning Mom Wu Yu: At that time, she was pregnant with a second child, and there was a premonition for about 23 days. The following is the feeling and physical change I recorded. After these performances appeared, the menstrual period was 5 days after the menstrual period, and the pregnancy was measured with test strips.I feel sick when I take a motion sickness of my own car. Even if I drove myself, I have a stomachache. I feel dysmenorrhea. I feel sour, my knees also hurt. I lasted about three or four days of vomiting.Toothache, strenuous meals.Facial skin becomes dry, and the skin of the chin and on both sides of the mouth is not as flat and soft as before.

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