How do pregnant women wear a sense of advanced?From clothing selection to matching, this Japanese blogger personally demonstrate

"During pregnancy" is a link that many women are easy to ignore, but it is also very important. After all, women at each stage want to show the most beautiful side.

Different from the dresses in Pingri, the most important comfort of pregnant women in dressing, followed by fashion.

Can fish and bear paws be both?Of course it is possible.

Women should have a mentality of pursuing beauty at any time, and they can wear a comfortable and fashionable sense of fashion even during pregnancy.The blogger from Japan can be called a maternal dresses during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the body will be obviously bloated than before. The neck, shoulders and face will be slightly swollen. From thin to obesity, there is a big difference in the entire upper body compared to before pregnancy.

When choosing clothing, you should try to avoid round necks and high collar, otherwise it will only make you look more bloated and have no neck.

It is recommended to wear more V -neck series, appropriately increase the exposed skin area, which can lengthen the neck lines, thereby weakening the strength of the neck and back, and the proportion of the overall body will also look coordinated.

At the same time, V -neck also has a good modification effect on the face, which will not make the face look too swollen.

For most pregnant mothers, their body is obese, which is a typical "apple -shaped figure".

Therefore, in terms of matching, you can refer to the dressing skills and methods of this body to play the purpose of covering the stomach and not showing your stomach, and calmly achieve the purpose of comfort and fashion.

Dress+long cardigan, a mix and matching inner and outer level, it is very helpful to weaken the bloated feeling of the entire area and reduce the obesity brought by the pregnant belly.

It also made a proportional stretch visually. Although it cannot shape the perfect linear figure like a normal person, it can also make the overall proportion more coordinated.

Many pregnant mothers will ignore the matching of shoes, but in fact, in addition to avoiding shoes with hidden safety hazards such as high heels and no anti -slip function, choosing the right shoes can also enhance the fashion sense of overall shape matching.

The canvas shoes themselves are comfortable and stylish, and they are also very fashionable and versatile. They have a good age reduction effect and are very suitable for pregnant mothers.

Sports shoes and feet are also very good, and many of them are designed with thick -bottomed design and have a certain increase in effect.

You do n’t need to worry too much about matching. Using the “upper Panasonic” dressing method, it highlights that the leg lines are even higher.

Pointed cat heels are more fashionable, especially suitable for girls with short fertilizers and short legs, which can lengthen the visual ratio.


Pregnant mothers should avoid too close fabrics such as cotton and linen, and it is easy to show the pregnant belly. The fabrics that are too inflated cannot be selected, otherwise it will only make the figure look more obese.

All in all, as long as you choose the right product during pregnancy to avoid the lightning area, you can be beautiful when you spend a little careful thinking.

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