How do sows feed after pregnancy?Pay attention to these four steps

Recently, there are farmers who ask us how to raise and manage sow after pregnancy, and what steps do sows do after pregnancy.This article summarizes the matters we need to do after the sow is pregnant. After doing it, we can let the sow give birth to the piglets healthily.

What to do during pregnancy during pregnancy:

1. During the matching of the diet, the sow is divided into 3 stages during pregnancy. In the first month after the breeding, because the fertilized eggs need to be bed, we can feed about 4 pounds a day.-In 90 days of pregnancy, we decided to feed the feeding of mammals based on the sow’s emotions. After 90 days of pregnancy, we started feeding about 6 pounds of mammals a day to ensure that the sows had sufficient milk after giving birth.In the entire pregnancy period of the sow, we can add: maternal animals are too guaranteed+multi -dimensional Pacific guarantee to ensure that sows have sufficient nutrition, give sows, preserve the fetus, and adjust the intestines to prevent the sows from the late pregnancy constipation.occur.

2. Dedication, sows ‘deworming is also important. Sow deworming can avoid sows’ nutritional loss and decreased feeding due to parasites.The deworming of the pregnant sow is in the middle of the pregnancy, about 45 days and 80 days. Mixing is: Alctidazolevin powder is used for 7 consecutive days to repel deworming.This time is safer to repel the sow, and the impact on the fetus in the belly is relatively small.

3. Purification of blue ear, swine fever, and pseudo -rabies virus.Sow needs to purify these viral diseases during pregnancy. If you only rely on the vaccine, it is easy to cause immune failure, causing the sows to abort and the occurrence of dead tires.You can cast the medicine.You can use water or mixing sow for sow every month: Qingwen is too guaranteed, and uses 7 days a month.It has a good effect on blue -ear, ring, swine fever, and pseudo -rabies.

4. Vaccine, the main vaccine for sow during pregnancy is pseudo -rabies vaccine. The vaccination time of pseudo -rabies vaccine is one month before the sow. We must remember this time.Other vaccines, such as encephalopreges and foot -and -mouth vaccine vaccines, have strong seasonality, we can do it according to the season.

The above is the breeding and management matters of the sow during pregnancy. In these aspects, our farmers should pay attention to it so that the sow can give birth to the piglets healthily, hoping to help our farmers.

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