How do you all find that you are pregnant?Among them, the exciting level is not lost to "martial arts novels"

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Pregnancy is a unique talent for women, and pregnancy is also a very amazing thing. Imagine a small life in a small life in the belly. It is a very amazing process.

While the child brings surprises to the family, it also brings hope to a family. Some couples become more and more harmonious because of their children. Some dads will become more and more after becoming a father.Responsible,

I believe that when you are watching TV, you must have seen such a picture. The heroine will have a strong response when smelling a little smell, that is, covering his mouth and rushing towards the bathroom.The heroine is pregnant, and then I will find that I am really pregnant after the examination.

However, reality is reality after all. Few women know that they are pregnant because of sudden vomiting, because they find that they are pregnant because of some "coincidences"!

1: "Da Xian" out of the horse, one top two

@Mu Mu 8047: I am so amazing, I will accompany my friends to fortune telling for less than a year. As a result, I just sat down and I told me that you were pregnant.There are still a few days of the date of the period, that is, less than a month of pregnancy. The master said that I will give you the pulse and tell me that you are pregnant. It is a boy in less than a month.What is impossible? After a few days, I was tested with a test strip. I really got pregnant. Now my son is 8 years old.

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2: Son than adults "know" first

@User 1470352647185: I was pregnant for more than two months for my second child. At that time, my son knew it first. One day, our family of three was watching TV. My son suddenly sat on my belly and said that my mother had a little sister in my belly.I said no, my son was crying and said yes. One week later, the aunt did not come, and I tested two bars. Later, I gave birth to my daughter.

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3: Baby and mother have "induction"

@打 养: I plan to get married, so I have been conditioning. I caught a cold in the third month and a cold. Others advised me to take the medicine quickly.Then menstruation was postponed for a week, and I knew that I should be pregnant. Two bars and went to the hospital for diagnosis the next day, and then got a certificate of marriage.

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4: Dad prepares for the child in advance

@X: I are usually three or four days ahead of time. As a result, I did n’t care after the time, because sometimes I came late.I didn’t care about a chopstick. I took a pair of chopsticks the next day and joked with the old public that the family seemed to be going to visit.

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In fact, there must be some "forecasts" when they find that they have found some "foreterades" when they are pregnant.

After reading this article, do you remember how did you know that you were pregnant?Do you think these coincidences or "premeditated"?Welcome to leave a message for discussion!


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