How do you solve "that" after pregnancy?This husband’s approach deserves praise

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Pregnant baby is a thing that almost every woman has to experience. Although very hard during pregnancy, so many Baoma insisted on it. When I experienced the pain of opening the ten fingers, I saw the fleshy baby lying in herEverything is worthy of everything around me. Mom is the greatest person in the world.

Pregnancy is a happy thing, but there is something embarrassing for the young couple, that is, the problem of the life of the husband and wife.Is solution correct?

1. Keep it for your baby

Netizen Xiaoli said: When my husband and I confirmed that they were pregnant in the hospital, the doctor told us that we must pay special attention to three months before and after. Do not have a husband and wife life. The borders of my husband are the same as Panlang Drum.When I was 4 and a half months of pregnancy, I was afraid that my husband was too hard, so I began to suggest that he was not a dangerous period now, but my husband began to pretend to be stupid, pretending to know what I meant.I was a little worried in my heart. Is my husband who had someone outside and I couldn’t pay the "homework" when I went home. When I pushed the bathroom door directly, I knew that he was solving it by himself …

2. Moderate amount in the middle of pregnancy

Netizen Xiao Song said: We know that after pregnancy, we did not dare to do it in the first three months. The first time I was pregnant was still very embarrassed, but in more than three months, my husband did not hold back, so he gave him.Later, I found that there was no special circumstances that happened, and then it came once after some time. I checked on the Internet that some people said that the moderate amount during pregnancy is conducive to the baby’s development. I don’t know if it is true or not …

The above two methods are actually not bad. Be sure to pay attention to safety after pregnancy. The first three months belong to the early pregnancy. The fetus is not very stable.Don’t just hurt your baby and Baoma just for your own happiness.

In addition, the following three things should be avoided during pregnancy:

1. Don’t wear high heels

There are many pregnant mothers who continue to work after pregnancy, but don’t wear high heels. Even if the company has explicit regulations, I think you will give feedback to the leader. No company leaders can be so cruel?

2. Do not use cosmetics

Most girls can make up, but there are some ingredients in cosmetics that are not conducive to fetal development. No matter how beautiful you are, you still need to quit makeup in this special period.Essence

3. Don’t lift heavy things

Many Baoma did not take care of after pregnancy, and she was busy living like a female man, but the matter of raising items was very easy to hurt the waist. I have seen too much pregnant mothers due to the abortion during pregnancy.What a painful thing.

How do you solve "that" after pregnancy?Welcome everyone to leave a message to comment. Remember to collect and forward it, thank you

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