How hard is expectant mothers during pregnancy?Crying when looking at it, it is really difficult for a woman …

It is said that mothers during pregnancy are not easy, so do you know how easy is expectant mothers?Or what did they go through the whole pregnancy?Today, let ’s take a look with the Bad Bud Mom!

@: The most terrible thing is that my mother -in -law gossip next to me: the body is really poor. When we went down the ground, I picked water, and I didn’t go to the hospital for examination. I didn’t know what the due date was.Okay, right ~

@: There are still 16 days to the due date. These days are restless. It is uncomfortable during the contraction. I want to come out and want to be in the stomach.Oxygen, all kinds of worry, it is not easy to be a mother, I hope that the baby and I can spend this level safely and healthy.

@Muyi: IVF, always seeing red, various injections and fels to protect the fetus.Two the first three months to get a hanging bottle.Now that I have finally been boiled until thirteen weeks, I still want to vomit, eat too much, and vomit, I vomit and vomit too late! Back pain, tired … I originally thought that I would be a beautiful pregnant woman, but now every day nowFaces are too lazy to wash.

@: I feel that I have no face to see people.Cut my beloved long hair and weigh it.What is even more worried is that the baby is making trouble as soon as he arrives at night.I feel like a panda in a mirror …

@: I have experienced a biochemical, and I am careful to do anything again, because I work in the hospital, and I will listen to the fetal heart once almost three months after three months. No matter how tired, I feel bad.

@: I did n’t have a fetal heart in the early 50 days of pregnancy, and then I dare not check it after 88 days. I have a fetal heart and fetal buds.For premature birth, it was difficult to boil until the late stage and various disabled. Sleeping too much on the left, causing the left hand to be painful, and then the pubic pain could not turn over at night.

@小: I fell red in the early stages of pregnancy, and then ran to the hospital to worry about being afraid. It was not relieved until the B -ultrasound came out.Fortunately, the examination is passed at one time. Toothache in the middle of pregnancy is now two and a half months to the due date. I just want to know when toothache can be good.

@Jiangnan: The blood glucose in the third trimester is repeated, and the one is sweet. If you don’t eat sweet, you will come down again. Check the blood sugar once in half a month.For more than 30 weeks, the baby baby is still three weeks old, but the hip position. When you are worried, the baby will be many, and it seems that it is inevitable.

@小: I was okay in the early stage. After half a month in the middle of 5 months, the doctor said that it would be okay to let me walk around. After a few days of pubic pain at the beginning of 7 months, it was okay.It lasts for a long time that the chest ministerial eczema is not hot and itchy, and it is often caught by bleeding, especially the most itchy at night. Other aspects are okay. There is not much feeling. Finally, it is particularly frequent after entering the pot.The most important thing to go out is to find the toilet. Before walking, I walked Jian Rufei, and then walked slower and slower. All the housework in the family could do it. Whether it was squatting with a steel wire, the ground or other elsewhere, there was no impact.After entering the basin, it will shrink when squatting. At present, there is only 10 days of due date. I hope to live soon.

@Sarah: 7 months of pregnancy, only once, from the throat to the chest at 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, rushed to the hospital. The doctor said that he would not have a fever and could only observe it.I vomited once in the hospital, spit it back on the way back, and vomited again at home.The third time I spit was really bitter water. I felt that I was about to spit out my intestines, and the taste … I didn’t want to experience it anymore.

In fact, each expectant mother during pregnancy is very difficult, and some even have experienced heavy difficulty.Therefore, the buds also hope that your husbands must take care of and love our little fairy mothers ~ Finally, the younger sisters will be welcome to tell us if there are any impressive pregnancy experiences ~

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