How high is the chance of "pregnancy" with ovulation?

Recently, some people asked: "Is the chance of ovulation and pregnancy high?" If you want to know how high the chance of ovulation is pregnant, this will be given to everyone.

Ovulation needles will increase the chance of pregnancy, but it also depends on what the "elite" of men is.In clinical practice, many hospitals with ovulation disorders will take ovulation acupuncture to help women perform ovulation. In addition, for women infertility patients, the hospital will also take such a method to allow women to produce several more mature eggs during ovulation during ovulation periods.To achieve the effect of pregnancy.

Ovulation primary ovulation drugs are mainly used to treat those who have disorders because of the lower part of the mound -pituitary axis and ovulation without ovulation. Take drugs can induce ovulation.

In fact, at the beginning of follicle development, it is irresistible, but it can control the late stage of follicle development.When the follicles grow 2-5mm, it changes from the growth of the single body to the need to be auxiliary growth. At this stage, the auxiliary growth of the FSH (promoting follicle hormone) is required.2-5mm, without the growth of FSH, the follicles will be locked, causing the follicles to develop and cannot be ruled out.

Patients with polycystic ovary syndrome will increase the chance of pregnancy.

Many oxygen -promoting drugs are different.The polycystic ovary syndrome is an ovarian enlarged and contains many small sacs full of liquid, the level ofrogenic levels that increase the level ofrogen, and cannot ovulate endocrine disease.It is characterized by amenorrhea, highrogens, insulin resistance, and infertility.Some ovulation -promoting drugs can fight the role ofrogens and achieve ovulation ovulation.

How much is the chance of taking ovulation and ovulation?

If ovulation disorders are used, 80-90 ovulation opportunities will be available after using ovulation drugs, but the chance of conception per month is only 20-30 %.(Note: 20-30 % refers to everyone considering the safety period, menstrual cycle, sexual life time, etc.)

However, everyone should pay attention to that ovulation is not suitable for everyone. In fact, the ovary consumes a batch of eggs every month. When there is no follicles in the ovaries, remember not to take ovulation -promoting drugs, which will lead to premature ovarian failure.

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