How long does it take for pregnant women to sleep every day during pregnancy?Different in the morning and late pregnancy, pregnant mothers may wish to understand

Many pregnant mothers are worried that lack of sleep will cause harm to their children during pregnancy, so they pay special attention to their sleep quality during pregnancy. So when can I sleep without affecting the healthy growth of the baby?

According to a scientific survey, going to bed before 10:30 in the evening is excellent to pregnant mothers and baby, and it may cause harm to the fetus in the body later.

According to the research of some experts, there is a basic statistics for the sleeping time of the pregnant mother at all stages:

1. Early pregnancy

In early pregnancy, some pregnant mothers may be affected by pregnancy reactions, so they have poor resistance, are prone to getting sick, and their sleep quality is very low.

Doctors suggest: Pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy are best to maintain a time to sleep 8 to 9 hours a day. If you can fall asleep before 11 o’clock, you can meet the energy requirements of the next day.And during this period, the quality of sleep can also effectively alleviate the pregnancy reaction.

2. Pregnancy

In the middle of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will be greatly affected by the fetus.Because the fetus grows slowly in the stomach of the pregnant mother, the pregnant mothers will have a certain change in both their bodies and psychological.Sometimes because of emotional mood, the pregnant mother’s sleep quality is not good.Therefore, the pregnant mothers in the second trimester must pay special attention to sleep time, and must enter the sleep state before 10:30 pm, so as to lay a good foundation for the arrival of the third trimester.

3, late pregnancy

Pregnant mothers in the late pregnancy often appear because of their own problems, and frequent problems such as calf cramps, which affect the sleep of pregnant mothers. Therefore, pregnant mothers try to go to bed before 10 o’clock to ensure themselves.Energy the next day.

Pregnancy is a very tiring thing. If the pregnant mothers do not have sufficient energy, it is also very bad for the fetus.The source of the pregnant mothers is sleeping at night, so if each pregnant mother can ensure that they enter sleep before 11 o’clock, they can also effectively ensure the energy of the next day.

After all, pregnant mothers and ordinary people are different. Her sleep alone represents the sleep of two people.So nine to ten hours a day’s sleep time is the most basic.If it does not really do it for nine to ten hours, then it must be guaranteed for eight hours.In the late pregnancy, if you sleep less than seven hours a day, the possibility of caesarean section will increase when the child is born.

Xiaojuan is my neighbor, and she works very busy every day.And without being allowed by the boss, even work during pregnancy.The time to sleep every day is irregular. I can sleep before 10 o’clock in the early stages of pregnancy. Later, because of the influence of the fetus, I went to sleep later.It is born of a caesarean section, so pregnant mothers must pay attention to sleep.

1. Multids miscarriage in the early pregnancy, affecting the health of the fetus

In the early pregnancy, lack of sleep for a period of time has little impact on pregnant mothers and fetuses, but once the pregnant mother is used to staying up late, it will have a great impact on the fetus.Early pregnancy is the embryonic period, and this period is the most critical stage of the development of fetal organs. At this time, if the pregnant mother’s long -term sleep is not enough, it is easy to nervous. The incomplete emotional response will cause the fetus to develop healthy.Insufficient is prone to anemia. If dizziness adverse reactions occur, fetal abortion will also cause fetal abortion.

2. During the second trimester, the fetal development is slow, and the danger of premature birth occurs

In the middle of pregnancy, some pregnant mothers always feel that the fetus has developed stable, and starts to indulge themselves at sleep time.However, the more you need to pay attention to the second trimester. If the pregnant mothers in the second trimester stay up late for a long time, the internal organs will not be fully rest, which will cause the fetus to develop slowly, and the weight of the fetus will be greatly affected.danger.

3. During the third trimester, it is easy to cause fetal position incorrectness and difficulty in childbirth

In the late pregnancy, if the pregnant woman sleeps for a long time, it will cause the fetus to be slow, and the probability of premature fetal preference may be increased.

In the late pregnancy, the fetus is the most prone to danger of umbilical cord around the neck. If the fetus is not developing at this time, the risk of the umbilical cord around the neck is very worrying.For pregnant mothers, long -term lack of sleep may cause difficulty in childbirth in the later stage, and the danger of difficulty in childbirth may also occur.

1. Avoid falling asleep with headphones

Try to reduce the number of mobile phones when you are pregnant, but it does not mean that you cannot listen to songs.Many times pregnant mothers choose to listen to the songs before going to bed at night, but the pregnant mothers should pay attention to avoid wearing headphones to fall asleep.After seven months of the fetus, the hearing is basically mature, and the sound of the outside world is very clear.If the music played by the pregnant mothers let the fetus hear it, it will increase the frequency of fetal movement. This phenomenon is not good.

2. Methods that can be used in sleep encountering disorders

Some pregnant mothers have increased sleep disorders and insomnia during pregnancy. They often need a lot of time to buffer to fall asleep every time they lie on the bed.It is recommended that those pregnant mothers who have sleep disorders go to bed in time at 8 to 9 pm. There is enough time to buffer, which is easier to fall asleep.Get up at 7 or eight o’clock in the morning to exercise outdoor to increase your feelings.

As the fetus grows slowly inside the uterus, pregnant mothers will also be affected by this, and find that the sleeping posture should be adjusted.When the supine position goes to fall asleep, the enlarged uterus will compress the lower cavity vein, which may lead to a decrease in blood pressure, which will lead to a hypotension syndrome of the supine position.Therefore, pregnant mothers should try to take the posture of the left side as much as possible, and they will neither compress the heart nor enter sleep.

Family people can cook more lily sugar soup, Ganmai jujube soup, or Yuanzhi jujube porridge.These foods have the functions of being upset, insomnia, and nourishing the mind, and may provide some help to pregnant mothers.

Once the pregnant mothers have the fetus, they also know that they pay attention to the problem of sleeping, but they often know that they don’t know much, so they need to be tolerant and help them.Pregnancy is indeed a difficult thing. Pregnant mothers have to ask themselves to do a good job at all times in sleep, so as to reduce harm to their fetus.

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