How many days do you need to do a pregnancy test?The doctor recommends 12 weeks, but in this situation

Many people are pregnant unconsciously. They are almost waiting for the "big aunt" next month to know that they are pregnant when they come as scheduled.A few days ago I went out to run and moved.There are two bars vaguely, I was uncertain, hurried out one, and tested it again. This time it was clearly showed that there were two bars.

I still remember that the mood at that time was both joy and a little bit of circle: I am finally going to be a mother!

Many pregnant mothers should also have similar experiences, and they have a baby unknowingly.

After pregnancy, Baoma will be a little helpless, because her mother did not have any pregnancy tests that year, and she was confused to the due date, and she gave birth to a baby in a confused manner.

Nowadays, pregnant mothers pay attention to eugenics. We must be pregnant on time. Even if the probability is not high, we cannot keep our baby in a dangerous state, not to mention that the age of fertility is generally high. For risks, we can’t afford it!

When the pregnant mother learns that she is pregnant, it is usually about 5 weeks of pregnancy.Because the pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last menstruation.

First, you need to go to the hospital for further confirmation

Because the accuracy of test strip test is about 95%, you need to go to the hospital to confirm whether you are really pregnant, a problem with the test strip, or the phenomenon of "fake pregnancy".

The hospital will use the value of HCG to test HCG to determine whether women are really conceived.

At the same time, although this examination is not a real pregnancy test, doctors will initially screen whether there are high -risk factor for pregnant mothers. In the past, the history of genetic diseases and the history of pregnancy will also be measured.wait.

Second, confirm that you are pregnant

Doctors usually recommend to have the first pregnancy test around 12 weeks of pregnancy, and at the same time build files in the hospital, familiar with the situation of pregnant women, and some areas require pregnant women to go to the hospital for 8 weeks of pregnancy.

After each pregnancy test, the doctor will tell you the time of the next pregnancy test, the earliest one month, and the frequency of examination will increase with the increase of pregnancy time!

In the first pregnancy test, that is, before 12 weeks of pregnancy, if abdominal pain, bleeding or brown secretions occur, go to the hospital in time because this situation may occur in a pioneering abortion.

Doctors will check the double situation of HCG to determine whether there is a threatened abortion risk based on this as a basis.

At that time, I also appeared brown secretions. I went to the doctor in time to prescribe some drugs. After that, there was no similar condition. Don’t worry about drug problems. The drugs prescribed by doctors were safe and after many years of clinical trials.

About 10 to 12 times during pregnancy, but what pregnant mothers are most afraid of the four -dimensional pregnancy test, but if the first time, the pregnant mother will have to run a few more times.The other is the elderly pregnant women. If Tang can not be sieved, it is necessary to perform non -invasive or amniotic fluid puncture to confirm whether the fetus is normal.

List of the schedule of pregnancy check:

Between 16 weeks and 28 weeks of pregnancy, you need to check every 4 weeks;

From 29 weeks to 36 weeks of pregnancy, it has increased to check every 2 weeks;

Starting from 36 weeks of pregnancy, you need to check it once a week in order to diagnose that the body of the pregnant woman is normal.

Early pregnancy:

In the early stages of pregnancy, the hospital was built. Checking blood routine, urine routine, healthy liver and kidney function, blood type, other genetic diseases, and pets at home also need to check whether there is a toxoplast virus.

Weight is a conventional inspection item. The weight of the pregnant mother is evaluated by the height and weight ratio, and the doctor will give good suggestions.In the middle of pregnancy:

The second trimester is the most comfortable time during the whole pregnancy. The fetus will be everything smooth in the mother’s belly, the belly is not too large, and the pregnant mother is more comfortable. At this stage, it is mainly to check the fetal heart hearing, Tang screen, electrocardiogram, and B -ultrasound.Whether the pregnant mother has edema; the third trimester:

In the third trimester of pregnancy, you are facing the cooked pheasant. At this time, you must be more careful. At this time, you must perform fetal heart monitoring, electrocardiogram, B -ultrasound, blood pressure, abdominal circumference, and pelvic internal testing to test whether it is suitable for delivery.

PS: Weight, blood routine and urine routine are required subjects for each medical examination.

Many doctors will regularly have a corresponding popular science lecture to pregnant women. One of my friends often go to the hospital to listen to lectures when she is fine after pregnancy. She said that many knowledge is really surprising., But vegetables and fruits are quantitative, so there must be more, otherwise it is easy to cause obesity, so she finds that she eats too much every meal.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers go to the hospital or find some science to study at home in their spare time. Finally, I wish each pregnant mother all the best!

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