How many days do you take for a small confinement? Qingdao Xiyuehui tells you the answer

The so -called confinement is the rest time after Xiaoyue’s abortion.After artificial abortion, it will have a certain impact on the body of women, and should pay attention to rest to avoid affecting physical health.How many days do you take to take a little confinement?Tell you the answer here.

How many days do you take for a small confinement?

Under normal circumstances, you can recover in a small confinement in bed for a week.Of course, the rest time after the specific abortion still needs to be adjusted according to its own situation.If your body feels not very comfortable, you can take two weeks to condition.If it is very serious, the bleeding is particularly too much or the stomach is particularly painful, you must go to the hospital for a review in time.

Is it necessary to take a small confinement?

Some people may think that abortion surgery is a relatively safe small operation, and there is no need to confine, but this varies from person to person.Some women are very strong in their bodies and have a better ovarian function. They may not need to spend too much time to recover. For women with ordinary physical fitness, it is still recommended to take a small confinement to restore their bodies.After all, the small confinement does not recover well. It is easy to have discomfort such as menstrual cycle disorders and gynecological inflammation, and severe ones will cause infertility.

Precautions for confinement:

If you need to take a small confinement, pay more attention to the following aspects in addition to paying attention to time ~

1. Keep hygiene and clean

After abortion, it is easy to cause post -abortion infection, so during this time, you must pay special attention to the cleanliness and dryness of the vulva. You can use a shower to replace the pots and change the underwear.Pay attention to daily physiological hygiene. Put your clothes through the sun, so as not to cause infections and cause uterine cavity infections.The body resistance decreases in the small confinement period, and the interior must be kept in circulation. Be careful not to be cold and cold.

2. Avoid strenuous exercise

After finishing the abortion surgery, you can exercise appropriately, but it is recommended not to do some physical work within one month to avoid strenuous exercise.At this time, too strong exercise is not conducive to recovery, which may also cause strain of muscles in the pelvic cavity.So be a quiet beauty, you can return to normal daily life after a month.

3. Avoid sexual life

Before menstruation, try to avoid sexual life, because after the abortion, the anti -infection function of the vagina and other parts is reduced. If sexual life is performed at this time, it is easy to invade bacteria and cause gynecological inflammation such as endometritis and pelvic disease.And shortly after miscarriage, if you are pregnant again, your body has a greater influence.

4. Pay attention to diet

Whether it is a natural or aborted or artificial abortion, patients are taken oral antibiotics for 3 days.Qingdao Xiyuehui proposes to consume more protein, supplement iron and moisture in daily diet.Pay attention to the rich nutrition and diversification of diet. You can eat gastrodic chicken, fish meat, yam pork trotter soup, beef, etc.

5. Give spiritual comfort

If you do not want to continue pregnancy, most people will choose painless abortion or abortion.In many cases, women will choose painless abortion or abortion of drugs, and there will be emotional situations, such as insomnia, irritability, depression and other emotions, they need family and friends to give understanding and tolerance.

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