How many days does sow from pregnancy to production?How do sows manage from pregnancy to production?

From pregnancy to production is a very critical stage. In order to ensure the health and production benefits of sows and piglets, in this article, I will talk about the cycle and breeding management methods from pregnancy to production.Get up and make a reference.

1. How many days do sows take from pregnancy to production?

The time for sows from pregnancy to production is generally about 114 days, but the actual time may be slightly different, depending on the difference between the sows.Generally speaking, the sow is pregnant between 112-115 days. When ovulation and fertilization, the embryo develops in the fallopian tube for about 4-5 days, and then enters the uterus. On the 21st day, the placenta will begin on the 21st day.The quantity and size will change with the number and size of the fetus.

2. Methods for calculating sow due to the commonly used method:

(1) The breeding month plus 4 and the breeding date is reduced by 6. For example, a sow was breeded on May 10th. The expected date of due date was (5+4) month (10-6), which was produced on September 4.

(2) The "Three -Three -Three" method is the monthly breeding month plus March.3×7+3 = 34 days, also produced on September 4.

3. How to manage sows from pregnancy to production

1. Feed management: Sow needs an appropriate amount of high -quality feed during pregnancy. Only in this way can we ensure the nutritional needs of sows and fetuses.In the early stages of pregnancy, its feed demand is not much different from usual, but in the late pregnancy, we need to gradually increase the proportion of feed and nutritional components to meet the growth needs of the fetus.

In order to ensure the nutrition of sows and fetuses, we can add to sow feed: maternal animals are too guaranteed+multi -dimensional Pacific guarantee+cord mold too much, it can regulate the sow’s reproductive system, give sows to protect the fetus, and it can also be given to the sow, and it can also give it to it.Sow supplies various nutrients to prevent sows prevent premature miscarriage.

2. Prevention: During the pregnancy of sows, we also need to make conventional vaccination work for pigs, which can increase sows’ antibodies and ensure the health of sows and fetuses.Conventional vaccines include swine fever, blue ear, pseudo -rabies, etc.

3. Environmental hygiene: During the pregnancy of sows, we also need to keep the environment clean and hygienic to avoid diseases caused by infectious diseases.Cleaning the pig house regularly, disinfected drinking facilities, and keeping air circulation are necessary sanitary measures.

4. Childbirth management: When the sow enters the childbirth period, we need to do the corresponding childbirth management work, such as providing a comfortable delivery room to the sows, maintaining the environmental quietness, monitoring the sow’s childbirth process, etc.Health and safety.

The above is the topic of sow pregnancy. It is recommended that we do a good job of breeding management from this article from pregnancy to production. Only in this way can we ensure the health and safety of sows and piglets.

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