How many days is the birth of October?Some people say that pregnancy is not ten months at all, whoever listens to

How many weeks of pregnancy?how many days?How many months?This is often a question that many expectant mothers ask.What we often say "October", is this statement correct?

There are actually two pregnancy time, one is the time to calculate the due date in medicine, and the other is your real pregnancy time.

There is no way to know the time for your ovulation and conception.Therefore, most people, including health experts, will determine your pregnancy date based on your LMP (last menstrual period).

To use this method to calculate you for a few weeks of pregnancy, you need to remember when your menstruation started.The first day of LMP is the first day of your pregnancy.Most people have determined their due date through the 40th weeks from the first day of LMP.

40 weeks are about nine months (30 or 31 days per month) or October of the lunar calendar (28 days per day), or seven days a week, a total of 280 days.

Some women prefer to calculate their pregnancy frequently from the day of their pregnancy month.This will give you an estimated date of pregnancy, usually the first day of the last two weeks of menstruation.So if you are calculated based on your LMP instead of your estimated date of pregnancy, you will be two weeks more during your pregnancy.

Few expectant mothers know when they are pregnant.Most people just estimate.Doctors just start calculating from the first day of your last menstruation.If you have a normal cycle, on average, that day is usually about two weeks before pregnancy, which is why pregnancy will last 40 weeks.

This is why health experts tell you that the time you use to calculate the due date is about two weeks longer than your actual pregnancy time.It takes about 38 weeks from pregnancy to childbirth instead of 9 months.

Therefore, pregnancy time depends on how you calculate.According to the method of calculating the due date of medicine, the pregnancy is forty weeks, ten months, and 280 days. If the actual pregnancy time is calculated, it should be about 38 weeks.

If your menstrual cycle is regular and the menstrual cycle is every 28 days, the calculation of the due date is the most effective.

If your menstrual cycle is irregular, you may not know the date of LMP.If your cycle length is different, the calculation from the first day of LMP may not be accurate.

Your first ultrasonic scan will give your baby a more accurate due date.Doctor ultrasonic doctor will measure your baby from head to toe.This is called his crown hip length (CRL), which can tell you the time of pregnancy more accurately.

The whole pregnancy is divided into three stages, early pregnancy, second and second trimester, each stage for three months.This is a useful way to describe your body is changing:

Early pregnancy: Your first pregnancy continues from early pregnancy to 13 weeks of pregnancy plus 6 days.When you find that you are pregnant, you may feel tired and nauseous.

In the second trimester: Your second pregnancy lasts from 14 weeks to 27 weeks, plus 6 days.In these three months, you may feel much better.Your belly will appear, and the symptoms of early pregnancy will pass.

Xien pregnancy: From 28 weeks of pregnancy to your child’s birth in the third trimester.You need additional energy to help your baby grow rapidly, and fatigue may come again.

Your due date is just an estimate of when you produce.Only 5%of babies were born at the due date.Most babies are born between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy and are usually born within a week of due date.Therefore, most people are unlikely to have children on the day of the due date.

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