How many pounds do you get fat after pregnancy?Pregnant mother who exceeds this number must be careful, the fetus and you are dangerous

Yesterday, someone in the mother group asked such a question: How many pounds did you get fat after pregnancy?I feel that my weight is scared when I think of it, and I can shoot a small video.Probably this topic is also concerned about many pregnant mothers. In less than five minutes, the mothers in the group said:

Before I was pregnant, I was the type of long and not fattening. I originally had long fetus and no meat after I was pregnant.As a result, I did not expect that after pregnancy, even drinking water could grow meat.The whole pregnancy was 40 pounds, and it was not painful when giving birth, but to see the figures on the weight scales dizzy.

I am pregnant for six and a half months, and I have three meals a day. It is normal for the staple food, and my meal is very small.But I have been fat 14 pounds, it is really impossible to stop the car.

It’s really hungry if you don’t eat it at night, but I don’t particularly eat anything, and the amount of meals is almost the same.But five months have grown 18 pounds.The whole pregnancy drifted over 70 pounds, but my baby was less than 6 pounds.

Looking at these messages, I feel the same.At the time, the weight was also amazing.

Every time you go to the birth check, the doctor can’t help reminding, and you can’t grow meat anymore.When I heard such words, I wanted to cry.These meats are so disobedient, I can’t get rid of it.Especially when doing the four -dimensional ultrasound, it is really tossing and embarrassing.The doctor said that the meat on my stomach was too thick, and even the machine could not be worn through, and it was like a layer of yarn.Due to the pain of the experience, the pregnant mother must be reminded here that the meat on his body during pregnancy is crazy.

At that time, the doctor told me that the ideal growth value of the entire pregnancy was controlled at about 10-12.5kg.It cannot exceed 30 pounds, otherwise it will be very dangerous.

The probability of increasing fetal malformations

Medical research has found that if the pregnant mother is too obese, the probability of giving birth to a malformed baby will be higher.For example, the incidence of congenital heart disease, abnormalities of babies, abnormalities in the limbs, spine bales, and nerve tube damage will be about 50%higher than that of normal weight pregnant mothers.In severe cases, the fetal palace is distressed, and the probability of suffering from hypertrophymiamia after birth will greatly increase.

Increase production difficulty

If the pregnant mother is too obese, it will affect the pregnancy test during pregnancy, especially the third trimester.Doctors need to conduct prenatal assessment in various aspects, and excessive fat on pregnant mothers will add a lot of trouble for the birth check.In addition, because too much calories will not only go to the pregnant mother, but also may cause the fetus to grow too hard and huge children.At that time, the process of production may be extended, and even various accidents will occur.

It can be said that if you do not control your weight during pregnancy, it may be difficult to even get a hemp needle.What’s more serious is the health and safety of pregnant mothers and babies.


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