How many women can bear "abortion" in their lives?I hope you don’t exceed this number!

As we all know, abortion hurts women’s physical damage very much, which is not only good for physical health, but also affects their fertility.So, how many "miscarriage" can a woman’s body bear?

Original address: How many "abortion" can women bear in their lives?I hope you don’t exceed this number!

In recent years, the social atmosphere has become more and more open. Many young couples may live together before they get married. In the process of living together, if the contraceptive work is not done well, it is easy to get pregnant accidentally.

Data statistics are global, and 10 women are aborting every minute.

In China, there are 13 million artificial abortion each year, with a repeated abortion rate of 55.9%, of which more than 3 frequent abortion ratios are 13.5%, and the time interval of 45%of repeated abortion is 0.5 ~ 1.5 years.

Repeated abortion, multiple abortion, and artificial abortion under 20 years of age have occupied the top 3 of high -risk abortion.

Regardless of whether it is helplessness or fighting with heaven and people, do not deny that many women face the pregnancy that is not in the plan, and will choose to take artificial abortion to terminate pregnancy.

But is the flow of people safe?

Will it affect your future "pregnancy" process?

Is your uterus damaged?

Will the baby who is pregnant in the future be healthy?

Do you know how many abortion bottom lines that women can withstand?

It is shown in a research report released by the Family Planning Branch of the Chinese Medical Association:

Among patients with secondary infertility, 88.2%had a history of abortion;

The incidence of placental abnormalities during childbirth during childbirth is 44.2%, while the incidence of first mothers in the history of unparallia production history is only 5.5%.Times.

Therefore, gynecological experts suggest:

This abortion surgery is a kind of artificial abortion operation when the fetus is large.Around this week of pregnancy, the amniotic fluid in the fetus has been formed, and the amount of amniotic fluid is more. When the fetus is taken, the fetal bones have developed a little. If the operation is improper, it may damage the woman’s cervical canal, whichWomen’s uterine health.

In addition, women who have miscarriage in this gestational week will leave wounds after the uterine endometrium, and private segments will increase, the chance of infection will increase, and the recovery period will be longer.

Therefore, the artificial abortion method of pliers scraping is already very great to hurt women once.

In operation, this surgery is likely to cause damage to your body due to the rotation and frequency of rotation of the straw.

Experts suggest that if you look forward to a healthy baby and maintain the health of your body, then the bottom line of this kind of abortion before breeding is 2 times!

The necessary conditions for these two times are that your physical health is suitable for this kind of surgery, and the interval between two times is at least 1 year.

Many women have sees the drug and abortion as a life -saving straw that solves themselves.

However, in fact, the success rate of the abortion method of drug flow is not high, and once the abortion is incomplete, the second Qing Dynasty needs to be performed, and the harm of the Qing Dynasty surgery to the woman’s uterus is more than artificial abortion.

So in this life, the drug flow must not be more than 3 times,

After the flow of people, you must do this:

1. Rest well

Generally, it is necessary to rest for half a month or a month. Due to the new trauma and vaginal bleeding in the uterus, it is prone to retrograde infection. Basin is prohibited before the blood is not cleaned. Sexual life is prohibited within one month.Don’t touch cold water, lift heavy things, and work hard.

2. Pay attention to hygiene

① Pay attention to the hygiene of the genitals. Wash it with warm water 1 or 2 times a day. Remember to change the aunt towel frequently;

② Can’t take a bath within half a month, prevent bacterial infection;

③ Some female compatriots will have bloating, tenderness, and heat, and a few people secrete milk.At this time, keep the breast clean and hygienic to avoid mastitis.

3. Appropriate activity

During the rest period, you should move appropriately to lift blood in the uterus and discharge, and do not bed all day.

4. Pay attention to nutritional intake

① Do not eat spicy and greasy foods, it is not suitable to eat radish, hawthorn, bitter gourd, orange, etc. with qi, blood circulation, and cold food.

② Eggs should not be eaten more. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits can promote appetite and help digestion. Eating more foods containing more cellulose can promote gastrointestinal motility and prevent constipation.

③ Choose more foods rich in various vitamins and trace elements, such as vegetables, fruits, beans, meat, etc.

And if you plan to get pregnant, it will be more than two years before the last miscarriage.

Before preparing for pregnancy, it is best to go to the hospital for examination. After pregnancy, you have to go to the hospital to diagnose whether there is an ectopic pregnancy problem.

There are different abortion methods, and there may be some differences in the number of times, but in general, it cannot exceed 3 times!

The flow of people is just helpless. If you are not ready, please take contraceptive measures!

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