How many words do you know about these league vocabulary and segment stalks?Come in a wave of popular science

1. EDG will never die

Because every time the factory director fights, he can always escape blood, and fans joked that EDG would never die.That is the source of the factory director KDA universe.Of course, the director of the stalks started to play.In an interview with a fracture, there was an upright young man asking the factory commander.

2. Reverse Q

There was a day before Wei Shen, and a fairy in the back.In the first round of the S5 Finals, LGD played against KT. In front of the lower level defense tower, GODV used Weirus to use Q skills in the opposite direction, resulting in the smooth escape of Silk Blood Bloom.So once in the game, once someone ’s skills are used, they are called to pay tribute to Wei.

3. Crazy Xiaoyu

Because when the IG team met for the first time, she said nothing, and then found the topic.Having said that, what rare things you have ever eaten.He also said that he had eaten shark fins, and said that the bird’s nest had been eaten. It was the child’s turn. He asked, have you ever eaten Chinese 鲟?It was quiet in an instant, because at that time they thought it was the Chinese primary China -level protection of animals, which was actually artificially cultivated!Pride and fragile, that’s what I looked like!

4. Rotating Trojan

The rotating Trojan originated in the 2015 LPL spring playoff semi -final OMG VS LGD. OMG was abused by LGD blood three games. The GOGOING, which had been poorly performed before, exploded in the case of the second version of the version of the powerful hero.A single game was killed alone when I got a blood and blue buff, so both ordinary audiences or OMG fans feel that GOGOING retreats too much.Opening a big running has become everyone’s laughing stock.The more vividly named Rotary Trojan.Also read the blue man who spicy anti -Korean transmission around the backpacking clip

5. Zhao Chuanxiong

EDG jungler Ai Loli, in the first game of career in the career, the General Annie went to the team, and the team battles in a wave of high land were transmitted to their bear Tisbus.Scared that the universe sky trembled, and he couldn’t help it all day. Eventually, he lost his helmet and escaped.

6. Why have two calamities in a game

In the final of the S3 period, KTB22 leads SKT, and then SKT won two consecutive consecutive brought the game into the final victory.At that time, OGN’s rule was BO5’s last one was blind selection, and then KTB single RYU and SKT single Faker selected the robbery at the same time in a blind selection.Value of 400, RYU went home and bought a red medicine, but Ryu was overwhelmed on the Faker. The most classic place was that Faker under the highland tower showed a dismissed RUU full blood. Since thenTo spread, Liufang Bai Shi, Liufang has eternal ages.Ryu also had to go to Europe and leave this place. As a result, he successfully went ashore in H2K and entered the S5 and S6, so every time he played with Faker, someone would ask this way.At the same time, because RYU is very similar to a star guest Wang Yuelun in where Dad is going, netizens also joked RYU European Yue Lun.

Grade 7.4 Pansen 6 Mantis 2014 Paris All -Star OMG hit SKT scene, omg jungle grapefruit level 4 Pansen found that the praying mantis stole F4 in his own wild area. Can you bear it?Not a man!IntersectionSo he immediately punished the ghost of his F4, and Q made 4 gold coins.My heart is beautiful.However, the 6 -level mantis found that Pansen was only level 4, and immediately turned to rub Pan Sen on the ground. Pansen flickered or gave a blood on the second tower of the middle of the middle.

8. One bowl of beef noodles

During the S4, the EDG team went to the Bay to participate in the finals. The ADC Nami played very badly. EDG almost couldn’t go out in the group, and was finally eliminated by the royal family. The reason was that Nami ate one day before the game.Bowl beef noodles, poisoning diarrhea, so it is not good.A bowl of beef noodles destroyed a team of hard work for a whole year (there is also no strength to play the game, so you can throw the pot to a bowl of beef noodles).

9. One cannon 4 PDD

When the original PDD was not retired, the 2013 All -Star Game LCKVSLPL, Zach used alone during the game. On the opposite side is Jess, a single SHY in South Korea. This game showed PDD passive.SHY’s Jess bombed 4 jelly.He joked that 4 PDDs were killed.

10. One -handed Jess

In the 2015 Demasia Cup VG against IG, it may be because the death of death announced that the level of AD did not reach the level of MATA.It may also be because of the unsuccessful game, which led to the quarrel between MATA and the announcement. The VG team assisted MATA in the game to assist in the game. From the live broadcast, we can also see that the appearance and performance of the VG players are all faces.Surprise, not the so -called hidden tactics.Then Mata was half lying on the player’s seat and operated Jess in one hand to play the game.Crazy operation leads IG to win.

11. Flash R fake monkey/ban blind

In a DOPA (Korean passerby king) and cake rankings, when the DOPA wheel mother fled to the tower, the cake blind man sent the opposite hammer to the DOPA butt, and the rest of the scene was supplemented by the scenery·· Then this game flashed wonderful operations such as r fake monkeys. If you are interested, you can go to Baidu to see this video.After the cake played this blind man, it was lined up again with DOPA.As a result, with the help of translating Mia, DOPA couldn’t help but show the first Chinese in the national service in the chat box: Ban blind.

12. Chris closed the door, he couldn’t get on

55 During the live broadcast, he revealed that when he was still in the royal family, he announced a quarrel with death in the game, and he threatened to come to him to settle the account (the base of the two was very close.It was announced in the royal family LMQ), and May Five said that you have the ability to cut me with a knife. I did not expect to declare that it was really coming. Because it was announced that all year -round fitness, his physique was very strong, so he was afraid of the royal coach when he was afraid of it.Chris closed the door and not let it out.What he shouted at the time was "Kris closed the door, he couldn’t go up!"The meaning of derivatives came out. When someone joked that when someone opened the death, netizens threatened him

13. One blood of strawberries

This stalk mainly originated from the opponent who took a strawberry blood in the previous WE game, then WE will win (later was broken), because the opponent ’s jungler thought that strawberries were grasping.And then save the world.

14. Rune God of War GOGOING

2013 IEM8 game.All three re -opened due to network problems.The first, Strawberry took a blood of GOGOING, and then OMG asked to reopen, and no blood was given.In the second hand, GOGOING took the blood of strawberries, and OMG asked to restore a blood after reopening.Before the reopening, both sides of the blood had doubled, and they were not fighting up.After reopening the strawberries, I will send it. Gogoing also ate two troops, and played level 3 directly on the online level 3.The third, because WE is the three -AP lineup, after reopening, Gogoing quietly replaced the armor in the rune to magic resistance.So it is also called the Rune God of War God

15. Waste Mingkai

Knock the blackboard!IntersectionLet’s read it with me, abandoned ~ things ~ Ming ~ Kai ~ How many words are these?8 painting!8 painting!It’s 8 paintings again!Still 8 paintings!That’s right!These four words turned out to be 8 paintings!What does it mean?The factory director S is 4 in the 4th 8th!It can only be said that it has its own will in the underworld.This is also the most important sentence of the factory director who hangs in his mouth.

16. Bathing dog [Water fee 18w] [I went to take a bath] In a qualifying match, I came to the wild area to catch Uzi. Uzi handed over the double summoner skills and did not run away.The fierce little of Mao beat the ADC dual call from the opposite side, but because the UZI bloodline was also very low, the opposite side was 2, and then killed. Uzi started to spray., But Uzi insisted not to play, and finally said, "I’m going to take a bath", it probably meant that, so he quit the game.This is also the most word of dog black hanging on the mouth. The water cost of the bath dog’s team base is 18W (intended to irony Uzi hanging up to take a bath).

17.FNC 4: 0 EDG

In the eight -entry and four knockout match of the S5, EDG 0: 3 defeats FNC, and why is the FNC 4: 0 EDG circulating, because in the second game of this knockout match, the Q problem due to the Q barrel Q cannot be in the second stage of the second stage.Detonal, finally re -race.In this second game, EDGPICK Iron Man, Captain FNCPick (Captain Iron Men’s Captain BAN selected by S5, and selected any heroes of a hero is 100%), and the tactical tactics of the iron man at that time were the early stage of the dragon in the early stage.Quickly push the tower, the captain exploded in the later stage of development. In this game, EDG did not play the advantage of the iron man. In the early stage, a tower was not pushed away.When you want to win EDG, the bucket of buckets appear to re -race (God You LPL), so after the game, some friends think that the EDG game should be lost, so the last EDG 0: 4 FNC.

18.pdd playing snake

At a very early time, PDD spent a lot of money. At that time, he left Ehome in Chengdu and had an economic crisis, so he asked his girlfriend Min Min to ask her parents for 4,000 yuan.When Min Min borrowed money with her parents, the woman’s parents proposed that the woman would take a PDD to return to Yangzhou. If she could really be a son -in -law, borrow money. If it was not a serious person, she would hold her daughter.So PDD dare not go back.PDD complained with Min Min’s girlfriend Shen Xia. During the process of enlightening him, the PDD lost patience and became angry. He began to break the sound of Shen Xia, who was so good, and threatened all kinds of threats.He said that he had syphilis, and said that if Minmin dared to break up with him, he threw snakes to Minmin’s house. He also said that he was the second generation of the Black.Lost".PDD borrowed 1,400 yuan in Shen Xia, and then scolded after scolding.

19. Smile Duck Neck [Currently the first selection of Baidu Encyclopedia] On June 3, 2010, a netizen who ID was "Smile and Smile" posted a "Sun Yalong," Sun Yalong, "Sun Yalong,The article that tells you too much conscience ", the post pointed out that I had a short period of time with Sun Yalong (smiling). I finally became pregnant but was abandoned by laughing, and pointed out that I like to laugh every time I finish the things.The duck neck was eaten, and it was extended by many netizens as the duck neck door.Who’s wrong and no one is investigating (after all the media).For details, you can see Baidu Encyclopedia.The link was sent to the middle of the building.

20.55 Flowing female gun incident

At about 11pm the day before the S5 season, and the female gun in the team with the 55th team rushed to the king of the king, they scored 14 hours a day.

There is not much time, let everyone help it quickly.As a result, 55 men’s guns found the opposite Jackylove De Livin, and it was several public screens for fighting. The two asked the place to pick them up.

, Let the teammates also let 55 be played, help push.As a result, the female gun was settled for a few minutes, and did not get the king.After the live broadcast, the barrage exploded, 55 opened various shirk responsibilities.Then the live broadcast was broadcast for about an hour, saying that they did not see them let him push it quickly and apologize to the female gun.

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