How much B -ultrasound can the blood HCG value be seen to see the pregnancy sac?

Xiaohong got married last year and was preparing to be pregnant for half a year. Usually menstruation was more accurate. This time, menstruation exceeded 1 week before, so he hurried to the hospital for examination. The blood was drawn HCG 980 IU/L, and the progesterone was about 21ng/ml.I recommend going to the hospital to check the color Doppler ultrasound after a week. During the next examination, if the vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain occurs at any time, there is a might be abortion or ectopic pregnancy.Xiaohong said, doctors, I am preparing to be pregnant for half a year, and I have read a lot of knowledge about pregnancy. The book says that the vaginal ultrasound examination can be checked for 5 weeks. I have to wait for a week to confirm whether it is in the palace pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy. I waitIt’s anxious this week!It’s better to do a B -alien check for me now.

B -ultrasound doctor check the pregnancy sac

I said, Xiaohong, you are really serious. You can see the gestational sac in 5 weeks of B -ultrasound. They are clearly understood. I really have made a lot of preparations.In theory, the menstrual cycle is 28-30 days. Normally intrauterine pregnancy can be seen in the uterus through B-ultrasound in about 40 days of pregnancy.Pregnant women will be postponed until about 45 days.

B -ultrasound during the early period

When we do the B -ultrasound, whether the diagnosis is diagnosed in the palace pregnancy, we generally require the blood HCG> 2000 IU/L, and the vaginal color Doppler ultrasound can see the pregnancy sac; if the abdominal B -ultrasound sees the pregnancy sac, the blood HCG> 6500 IU/L;First: Your HCG 980 IU/L, the color Doppler ultrasound may not be seen, so do not need to rush to B -ultrasound; second: progesterone is about 21ng/ml, exceeding 20ng/ml, considering the possibility of pregnancy in the palace.Third: Nowadays, you have no manifestations of vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain. Considering the possibility of pregnancy in the uterus.If I really suspect that the ectopic pregnancy is, I will definitely arrange you to do a B -ultrasound.

After listening to my explanation, Xiaohong went home and waited for a week before checking the B -ultrasound.

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