How much do you know about building a card in October?

After many expectant mothers were pregnant, they calmed down after they were happy, and they were worried again. What was the card built?How to build it?Where should I go to build a card?Is it okay after the card is built?

Don’t worry, the mother of Jin Dou will answer you one by one with the experience and experience of the people.

1. What is the card building?

Jianka, also known as building files.It is the archives established by the local maternal and child health hospitals and production hospitals during pregnancy. It mainly records some information such as the age, physical condition, and gestational week of expectant mothers. This is a process that pregnant mothers must complete from pregnancy to production.

Some mothers asked, what is the use of cards?Can I not build a card?

The purpose of building a card is mainly to systematically manage the maternal and fetus. After the card is built, you can enjoy regular inspections and have a full tracking record.On the one hand, problems occur during pregnancy, such as high risks of pregnancy, and early prevention of problems that may occur during pregnancy.On the one hand, the growth and development of the fetus can be monitored throughout the process. When you replace the hospital, you can connect well, which is conducive to doctors judge the condition of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

Regarding the question of whether you can build a card, it has just been talked about it. Building a card can enjoy sustainable production inspections. No card building means that these persistent production inspection items cannot be enjoyed, so it is recommended that you go to build a card.On the other hand, because domestic medical resources are currently very tight, especially large public hospitals, if they do not build a card, they may not be accepted by the hospital.Therefore, in order to consider the pregnant mother and the fetus itself, I strongly recommend that you go to build a card.

2. How to build a card?Where to build a card

Card building, many places are divided into small cards and big cards.The small card, about 7-8 weeks, is to go to a nearby community hospital for registration after the registration of the neighborhood committee.To apply for a small card, you need to check the hepatitis B, syphilis, HIV, and blood routine. After none of these results, there will be a health care class of a pregnant woman school. Give a pregnant woman manual, fill in some materials as required, and build a small card.

Note: Jian Xiao card can be built when holding a B -ultrasound with fetal heart. Every time you hurry up, it is recommended to handle it as soon as possible

To build a big card, about 10 weeks, the pregnant women’s manual and all the test sheets when holding a small card and all the test sheets are prepared to prepare the hospital.When you go to the big card for the first time, it is best to go empty in the morning. Some hospitals may take time to take abdominal blood, draw blood, and do some routine examinations. When the results come out, it is normal to be a successful card.

Note: The big card is generally built after the establishment of a big card. To prevent the number of hospitals be full or the reservation is not available for NT, it is recommended to handle it as soon as possible

3. Is it okay after the card is built?

After the card is built, it may be easier for pregnant mothers. I don’t have to think about looking for a hospital. I am worried that there are various messy issues such as the reception of no hospitals. Active transactions have come to an end.The subsequent examination of the doctor will make an appointment in advance. Just arrange it according to the doctor’s arrangement and regularly go to the hospital for delivery.

Finally, I wish all pregnant mothers usher in a healthy and beautiful baby!

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