How much do you know about pregnancy?7th pregnancy month in the second trimester (25 ~ 28 weeks)

After this month, the last three months of pregnancy.Pregnant mothers come on, this is about to enter the last paragraph of the "schedule".Enjoy the days of pregnancy.Do you think time passes quickly?You will see your baby in 3 months!Is it very excited?Is it very excited?

People who come here tell you, be calm ~

Pregnant mothers and fetal baby will change greatly at this time:

1. Physical change:

During this time, the stomach of the pregnant mother is getting bigger and bigger, but you are also trying to adapt to let yourself move "flexibly" with a big belly.And the breasts will become larger and secrete the coloster (some people), and you will have a beautiful "cleavage".Some pregnant mothers will have varicose veins and stretch marks.

I remember that I had stretch marks and varicose veins when I was 7 months old, so don’t be afraid of trouble. Remember to apply some big brands of products to prevent stretch marks and wearing stretch socks!

With the increase of the stomach, the chance of constipation and hemorrhoids will also increase. Remember to have a light diet and take more vegetables!

2. Emotional changes:

Almost every pregnant mother is worried and worried about pregnancy.Some pregnant mothers usually hide these emotions, but they often have some fearful dreams.Some pregnant mothers think that dreams are really real and they will be afraid.

The experience of the person telling you that you go to the hospital for examination on a regular basis, count the fetal movement on time, and buy a fetal heart instrument.Or go to the hospital for a check, there is always a way, don’t be too anxious.If you are really anxious, then go to the hospital and the doctor’s number is full, then ask the nurse if you can add the number.

1. Development of baby baby:

The baby looks more like a little old man, because the skin is wrinkled a lot, but don’t worry, it will slowly grow under the skin in the back.At this time, the baby is about 35 cm long and weighs about 1,000 grams.

The baby has grown up, and there are less liquids that have a buffer effect between him and the world outside the mother’s uterus. Therefore, pregnant mothers can feel the baby’s activity more strongly.You will see the outline of your small hands and small feet.Breast health must be done well.Cleaning and massage must not be less.Otherwise, it will be suffered when feeding.Constipation and hemorrhoids increase.Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise appropriately, and develop the habit of defecation on time.keep working out.Such as pregnant women or mild yoga.Remember to change the underwear by size and wear short slopes.Varic veins appear, remember to wear elastic socks.Leg cramps.Remember to straighten your legs, bend your ankles, and then massage your calves.The hand is swollen.Over time, some pregnant mothers have swelling in the afternoon and evening. Wearing loose shoes, the ring should be taken off in time.come on!You are the best mom!Your baby is also taken care of by you!

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