How much do you know about the physical changes after pregnancy

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Many people say "the woman after pregnancy is the most beautiful", and feels that the woman after pregnancy has a halo of motherly love.The hardships after pregnancy only know that you often complain about "poor skin" and "body deformation". These seemingly "imperfect" physical changes are always reminding you that "a small life is growing quietly growing up quietly"" ".

Bringing life is a very magical thing. Not only is the small life in the belly grow up slowly, but also makes the expectant mothers changes a lot by themselves.As a novice mother, sometimes I feel novel and panic by her own changes. In fact, don’t worry too much, it is a process of continuous change during pregnancy.Some changes are only temporary. As long as you treat and deal with these small changes correctly, your body will return to the beginning after giving birth.


Hair will appear rolling, shedding and other phenomena after pregnancy, which is particularly difficult to take care of.This is actually caused by hormone changes in pregnant women. Usually, children can return to normal after 6 months of birth.

What a suggestion: May wish to give a few curls on your hair at home and make a new look.But remember not to dye your hair and perm to prevent chemicals from entering the blood through the scalp and affect the fetus.

After pregnancy, some pregnant women will feel that their brains are not enough.Indeed, pregnant women’s brain will have a mild contraction, but a few months after the child is born, it will return to the original size.

What a suggestion: Streamline what you must do every day, but just go without it.

During pregnancy, people’s eyes will become swollen with the whole body, the cornea becomes thinner and slightly bent. Some pregnant women will feel that the image is distorted when watching TV, and some even similar problems when they recognize people.In addition, because the shape of the cornea changes, about 1/4 of the pregnant women wearing contact lenses will feel that the glasses are inappropriate.

What a suggestion: If the contact lenses are uncomfortable, change the framework, and then wear invisible after giving birth to a baby.If you feel that your eye problems affect your life, go to the doctor.


The nose of pregnant women seems to be particularly spiritual, at least particularly sensitive to those bad smells.This is actually a kind of instinct for human self -protection.Pregnant women’s noses are also common. They always feel a little uncomfortable, and they seem to have a cold.Some people even flow from time to time.

What a suggestion: In areas where the mall is very heavy, it is best not to go to pregnant women.Usually feel nasal congestion, you can use physiological saline to drop nose, or take a 20 -minute hot bath. Of course, it is also necessary to prepare a box of paper towels at hand.


Pregnancy made the breasts obviously changes, and they started to prepare for breastfeeding.Pregnant women’s nipples will become strong, the areola becomes larger, and the color will be darkened.The interior of the breast is also changing, and more blood flows to the breast, so sometimes it feels sore, and the size of the bra will be about two.

What a suggestion: Choose the right bra. The band must be wider, the skeleton must be strong, the texture must be soft, and the texture should be softened to avoid stimulating the nipples.The number is best to ask professionals to help choose. If you need it, you can also wear sleep.

45%of pregnant women will feel sore wrists and numb fingers. This is caused by changes in hormones and blood flow. These symptoms usually disappear after delivery.

What a suggestion: For pregnant women who work in front of the computer and have a lot of hands, they must change their positions, move more wrists, and rest.In addition, training yoga can also help pregnant women overcome these problems.


Most pregnant women’s feet will become larger, and they often need to wear shoes larger than usual.This is caused by the weight gain and edema.And about half of the women’s size of the feet cannot be retracted after fertility, and the shoes have become larger.

What a suggestion: Frequent cold compresses and massage can reduce swelling.Buy a half or number one comfortable shoes and learn to accept a greater foot.

Photo source: Zhaoyuan Photography (with the picture that has nothing to do with the content of this article)

Early pregnancy changes

Pregnancy vomiting: Generally, in the 5th or 6th week of pregnancy, most pregnant women will experience pregnancy vomiting. The pregnant woman will feel flatulence, have appetite, and want to vomit.

A lot of secretions: This generally starts after the 5th week of pregnancy, but if the color is strange and the odor is accompanied by itching, and even the vulvar itching, it is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Breasts are bigger: pain may occur, usually the fifth week of pregnancy starts, and the color of the nipples will also deeper.

Constipation: It is usually started after the 5th week, mainly caused by drinking less water and less exercise.

It’s easy to sleep: Most of the pregnant women who are new to pregnancy have this situation, but not everyone is like this. Generally, people with fast consumption of physical calories, and people with low blood sugar are more likely to have trapped phenomena.

Frequent urination: Generally, pregnant women who have occurred in the 13th week. Under normal circumstances, the number of times the toilet will increase significantly, but the amount of urine has decreased.

Gingival swelling and pain, gingival inflammation: Some pregnant women will have this kind of situation, so pay more attention to brushing.

Changes in the middle of pregnancy

Stretch marks: Generally, it will grow after 13 weeks of pregnancy. Of course, some pregnant women do not have long stretch marks throughout the pregnancy.

Melanin precipitation: This is a phenomenon that often appears after 12 weeks of pregnancy. On multiple parts of the body, such as the vulva, the inside of the thigh, and the armpit.

Back pain: After 20 weeks of pregnancy, back pain often occurs, and almost every pregnant woman will taste this suffering.

The navel eyes are protruding: Generally, it starts to protrude after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Of course, some pregnant women are relatively late, and generally they will be retracted naturally after delivery.

Changes in the third trimester

Both legs are swollen and easy to cramp: fingers are prone to swelling.These are generally the phenomenon that starts to appear after 28 weeks of pregnancy. As long as you treat symptoms, rest, and supplement the corresponding nutrition, you can alleviate it.

Poor breathing: After 28 weeks of pregnancy, it feels tiring without feeling much, and it feels hard to breathe.

Pubic pain: After 28 weeks of pregnancy, due to the growth of the fetus, the pregnant woman will gradually feel the pain in the pubic bone. If there is too much pain, you need to rest in bed.

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