How much do you know about the six major tricks of fast pregnancy?After these symptoms appear, congratulations you are pregnant

If the young couple wants to do after marriage, there must be a number of children in the top.However, many women and husband have tried for a long time and have not been pregnant, and even many have already given birth to one child, but they can’t be pregnant when they want the second child, so many husbands and wives can’t help but emotion: How to get pregnant, how to get pregnantSo difficult!In fact, pregnancy is also skillful. Mastering the scientific method can increase the chance of pregnancy. Today, I recommend you a few tricks for fast pregnancy. Let’s take a look together!

Six great tricks of fast pregnancy

The first trick: Calculate the ovulation period.The biggest secret of fast pregnancy is to know when you ovulate.Because most women only excrete 1 egg per month, they can actually conceive for only a few days per cycle.Women’s ovulation date is generally about 14 days before the next menstruation.For the sake of insurance, the first 5 days and 4 days after the ovulation day, together with the ovulation day, is called a total of 10 days as the ovulation period. Generally, the arrangement of sexual life in the ovulation period can increase the conception.

Second trick: Find the time that is easy to conceive.Once you know when you ovulate, you can arrange sex life during your best pregnancy.According to scientists’ research on one day of conception, if you want to get pregnant, the best time for the same room is from 5 pm to 7 pm.Because the number and quality of men’s sperm reached a peak during the afternoon -it happened to be the most likely to conceive at this time.If you choose to be a pregnancy season, it is better to get pregnant in July and August in the year.

Third trick: Use the posture of easy conception in the same room.The spouse’s same -room body has a direct impact on the chance of women’s pregnancy.The most traditional male upper and lower positions, sperm is closer to the cervix, which is conducive to sperm swimming in the uterus and converging with eggs to increase the surrogacy rate.

The fourth trick: ensure sleep and adjust the mentality.If both husband and wife intend to get pregnant, they need to ensure the rest and sleep of both sides. They must have good living and rest habits. Otherwise, your immune system will be affected and hormonal secretion will be disrupted. These are not conducive to pregnancy.In addition, during the time to prepare for pregnancy, the couple must keep their mood relaxed and welcome the baby’s arrival with a calm and natural attitude. Don’t give yourself too much pressure. You can try to practice yoga. You can relax and exercise.These are helpful for successful conception.

Fifth trick: prepare the best sperm.Healthy, strong, and sufficient sperm is the most opportunity for egg biscuity.Therefore, if men want to improve the quality of semen, they need to achieve the following points:

(1) At least 3 months before conception, quit smoking and drinking, because a variety of harmful substances in tobacco and alcohol will kill sperm.

(2) Supplement key nutrients, such as zinc, folic acid, calcium, vitamin C and D, and create abundant, strong and vibrant sperm.

(3) Do not make hot springs, steam sauna and hot bath, because high temperature will kill sperm.

(4) Participate in physical exercise appropriately.If men are overly obese, the temperature at the groin will increase and damage the normal growth of sperm, which will cause infertility problems.

Sixth trick: control the number of sexual life.For pregnancy, sexual life is too frequent.The couple during pregnancy is recommended to sex twice a week, and the ovulation period is the best one Wednesday, which is easier to increase the surrogacy rate.Too frequent sexual life can lead to the decline in the quality of male semen, the abstinence time is too long, and the man’s semen vitality will be reduced.

After these symptoms appear, congratulations you are pregnant

1. Mentalities.Mentalal discontinuation is the 1st signal of pregnancy.Women should remember their own menstrual date and use calendar as marks.

2. The body temperature rises.Basic body temperature refers to sleeping for more than 6 hours, waking up without moving, not eating, and the body temperature measured in a quiet state, which is also a indicator used to determine whether pregnancy is.

3. Early pregnancy reaction.After getting up in the morning, pregnant women will have nausea, acid reflux, loss of appetite, and picky eaters.Some people don’t want to eat or even vomit. Some people want to eat some sour things. These symptoms are called early pregnancy reactions.

4. Breast change.In the early stages of pregnancy, the breasts will increase, and it will become solid and heavy.

5, frequent urination.In the early stages of pregnancy, many people with babies have frequent urination, some once an hour, which is caused by increasing uterine compression of the bladder.

Children are the focus of a family.After all, love will gradually dilute, and two people will have various contradictions, but if a child is in the middle, it will help adjust the relationship between husband and wife and maintain family harmony.Therefore, we hope that every couple can quickly make the crystallization of love and have a healthy and smart baby.Well, this is the push content today. I hope it can help you. If you have any questions, please leave a message for consultation. Goodbye next time!

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