How much impact is the impact of smoking during pregnancy? 3 color photos are distressing and not alert enough!

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For pregnant mothers who are addicted to smoke, doctors will repeatedly advise them to quit smoking as soon as possible. If they are still smoking during pregnancy, they will have a serious impact on the development of fetal treasures.However, some pregnant mothers are lucky to be lucky. They still smoke two cigarettes every day when they see others with their children, and the children given to the child are not wrong, so they take the doctor’s words as alarmist.I think the problem should not be big.

The appearance of pregnant women’s smoking is cool, but the fetus in the belly is very bitter. The 4 color photos make people feel distressed.

Quit smoking addiction is actually to fight against the weakness of human nature. Quit smoking is a psychological and physiological thing, and many pregnant mothers have lost.In fact, it is not because they do not love children, but because they have not faced the harm of smoking to fetal treasures, because they do not know what their babies will experience when smoking.A expert in a four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound technology clearly compared the expression of smoking pregnant women and non -smoking fetus, which was shocking.How much impact is the impact of smoking during pregnancy? 4 color photos are distressing and not alert enough!

The first is the color Doppler ultrasound photo of normal without smoking. It is obvious that the fetal treasure is quite quiet in her mother’s arms. Occasionally, open her small eyes to see the world around, and from time to time, put the small hand to her mouth and licked it from time to time., Play, and sleep quietly in peace, the closer to the pregnancy period, the number of activities of the fetal treasure will be reduced. This is also the last preparation for birth.Very healthy.

In this photo, the expression of the fetal treasure made the people who watched it sad. There is no doubt that this is the actual response of the baby when the pregnant woman is smoking.Obviously, it is found that the baby’s movements of smoking pregnant women are obviously more moved. They will touch their little head, eyes and mouths, and they look very upset, and their expressions are quite uncomfortable. Those pregnant mothers may not expect because smoking is because of smoking.Instead, the uterus of breeding of the fetus into a "poison" cradle.

Through such a set of photos for comparison, I believe that everyone can intuitively see the impact of smoking on fetal treasure.We know that a large number of nicotine and carbon monoxide releases in the cigarette after burning. They will affect the development of the fetal central nervous system and cause premature birth.Although occasionally drawing one, it seems that the influence will not be so great, but there are still harm. For the sake of your own refreshing, why should your baby take this risk.

Your smoke looks cool, but the fetus in your belly is very bitter.The reason is understanding, but it is still difficult to do with smoking quitting.

Introduce the three methods of quitting smoking, the pregnant mothers who smoke are determined to do it

1: Determination of ordering smoking

Those who have no determination are likely to be fishing for three days and two days.To be firm in mentality, it is best to find the supervision of the family.

2: Slowly reduce the number of smoking

Some cigarettes are relatively long, and you need to use a gentle method to reduce the number of smoking every day and quit this bad problem step by step.

3: People who do not contact smoking

Tobacco friends and smokers should not be exposed, especially those who encourage you to smoke. If you want to turn around, you have to get along with people who do not smoke.

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