How much is the physical damage to women?The doctor admits: Once the ring is on the ring, it will face 4 results

Do the majority of female friends understand the origin of the birthplace?As the name suggests, the nursery ring is a "tool" that can restrict women’s pregnancy.As early as the beginning of the last century, the birth ring was invented by doctors in Poland, but it was really promoted at the national level of our country, in the 1960s.

The time for most women to choose a fertility ring as a contraceptive tool was around the 1980s. The reason why it was stuck at this time node was because my country began to implement a family planning policy in the 1980s. A problem for unavoidable women after birth in the 190s.

So forty years have passed, and the first batch of women in the upper ring of that year have entered their old age. What is their physical status?Through the analysis of basic data, women who use the birth ring are basically divided into four cases:

Ms. Zhang is 62 years old. Her fertility is in 1985. The second year after the birth, she should go to the hospital to go to the hospital for a birthday. However, in less than half a yearEssence

Because after half a year after bringing the birth ring, Ms. Zhang has always had vaginal bleeding. Especially during menstruation, the amount of bleeding was very large.You can only take the birth ring to the hospital with the accompaniment of the husband.

The doctor told Ms. Zhang that because her uterine structure is relatively different from ordinary people and belongs to the malformed uterus, it is not suitable for the birthplace.

In fact, Ms. Zhang’s situation is rare, but in addition to Ms. Zhang’s congenital reasons, there are several other situations. When choosing a nursing ring, you need to be cautious: women with copper allergies need to be cautious

Why can’t the copper -allergic women bring the birth ring?This has a certain relationship with the material of the birth ring. Most of the navigable rings available for women are mainly copper materials. This is because copper materials can play a role in killing fertilized eggs and sperm, so as to achieve contraceptives to achieve contraceptionPurpose.

Women with gynecological inflammation need to be cautious

No matter what kind of birthplace, it needs to be brought into a woman’s body. After brought the birth ring, there will be some bad reactions, such as abdominal distension, abdominal pain, and vaginal bleeding.For women who have clearly suffered from gynecological inflammation, bringing birth rings will inevitably aggravate gynecological inflammation.Therefore, this type of woman should inform the doctor about their physical condition, and after comprehensive evaluation, choose whether to wear a nursery ring.Patients with cervical pine need to be cautious

Similar to the condition of the malformed uterus, there are great risks in the cervical -loose women with loosening.Because this situation has the risk of falling off the birth ring, once the birth ring falls off, it will not only cause harm to the health of women, but also have no contraceptive effect. Therefore, women with relaxed cervix are not recommended to bring birth rings.

All women choose to bring the purpose of the birth ring for naturally for contraception, but will the birth ring really have a contraceptive effect?actually not.

Will you get pregnant after wearing a birthplace?There is indeed this possibility.

Aunt Li, 57, has such an experience.Auntie Li’s first child was a girl. After a year of production, Aunt Li responded to the country’s call to the hospital to bring the birth ring.However, what Aunt Li didn’t expect was that when the eldest daughter was seven years old, Aunt Li was pregnant unexpectedly.

I have brought the birth ring, how can I still get pregnant?

Aunt Li and his wife thought it was a misdiagnosis of the hospital, but when she saw the real B -ultrasound check -up document, Aunt Li had to believe in the fact that she was pregnant.At this time, Aunt Li had been pregnant for more than three months.

Facing the doubts of Aunt Li and his wife, the doctor’s explanation may be that the birth ring in Auntie Li had fallen off, position offset or other reasons, which led to the failure of Aunt Li to get pregnant.

The doctor also told Aunt Li to perform abortion surgery as soon as possible.

Originally, Aunt Li and his wife still wanted to take the children to give birth to the child, but after listening to the doctor’s advice, they had to perform abortion surgery.Before surgery, the doctor took out the birth ring in his body for Aunt Li.

In fact, this situation is not uncommon in the last century. This has something to do with the quality of the birth ring, the method of operator, and the maintenance of the later period. Therefore, it is not impossibleFor women with the birth ring, how can we minimize the occurrence of such incidents to the greatest extent?

First of all, within two years after the first ring ring, patients should conduct three reviews in strict accordance with the doctor’s requirements. Do not feel that the body is not abnormal and give up the review.

Secondly, after the birthplace in the body reaches the specified period of time, the hospital picks up the birth ring in time and replace the new birthplace.This can not only ensure the effects of contraception to the greatest extent, but also avoid the pain and danger caused by the expiration of the expiration.

Compared with the first two situations, there are fewer people who have continued fertility in the 1980s and 1990s, and Ms. Wang is one of them. After Ms. Wang gave birth to her son in 1987, she also chose to bring the birth ring.But two years later, she had to go to the hospital to remove the birth ring.

Why is this?It turns out that Ms. Wang’s son has congenital heart disease. Although surgery has been performed, the child’s physical condition is still not optimistic. For Ms. Wang, she can regenerate one child according to the policy. ThereforeAfrican ring.

Because Ms. Wang has a short time to bring the nursery ring, her process of removing the breeding ring is not very painful. So what should I pay attention to for women who prepare for pregnancy preparing for pregnancy?How long can I have the same room after taking off the birth ring?

Under normal circumstances, one month after the birth ring is removed, the same room is strictly prohibited. This is because the patient will go through the bleeding period of 3-7 days after the breeding ring is removed.Due to the special position of the birth ring, it is not conducive to the rapid healing of wounds, so it takes a month.

After a month, the patient does not have obvious pain, and the vagina does not see bleeding. After the menstrual passage, you can have the same room.How long can I get pregnant after taking off the birth ring?

In principle, after the breeding ring is removed, it meets the following requirements, and you can get pregnant:

The menstruation has been recovered after the first picking ring; the ovulation is normally ovulation after the second month, and the ovulation is more than twice.

In addition, it is important to note that in order to improve the quality of fertility, women with such a situation are recommended to prepare sufficient pregnancy preparation after removing the breeding ring, take folic acid for 4-6 months and then conceive.

In fact, according to the data provided by the National Bureau of Health Statistics, we see that from the 1970s to the 190s of this century, in the forty years, nearly 400 million married and educated women chose to put in the body to put in the body for birth.Circle contraceptives, nearly 40%of them have not replaced the birthplace, especially women who have brought birth rings in the 1970s and 1980s. Now they have gradually entered the menstrual period. At this timeWhy did this part of the nightmare of women say that?

Because there is a period of use, the most commonly used T -shaped loop in the early days does not exceed 15 years.The use of Y -shaped rings and V -shaped rings is relatively short. Generally, it is not recommended for more than eight years.Later, the O -ring launched for the longest was used, but the useful life should not exceed 20 years.

However, in real life, a considerable number of women in women have long been overdue. They don’t know much about the knowledge of the breeding ring, and they do not understand the harm of not taking the overdue of the nursery.

First of all, the birthplasma ring that has reached the use period is likely to be deformed. At this time, through normal means, you cannot successfully remove the birthplace. If necessary, you need to perform a separate surgery.

Secondly, exceeding the duration of the breeding ring may cause periodontal tissue lesions, causing bleeding, inflammation and other conditions. Bleeding around the health ring will cause damage to the patient’s endometrium and easily cause endometriosis.

In the end, the overdue of the breeding ring is also willing to cause the polyps. This situation is due to the wear of the surrounding tissue due to the use of the health ring overdue, which causes polyps.If this situation is not corrected for a long time, it may cause other lesions.

It can be seen that women who use contraceptive ring for contraception must pay attention to the use period of the birth ring. Do not use it over time. Existing such luck may cause harm to their bodies.

In recent years, with the continuous development of society, many women are not willing to choose a birthplace contraceptive. A considerable part of them did see the pain of the mother’s generation to pick up the ring.But so far, compared with the damage caused by contraceptives and abortion surgery to the body, the damage to the use of breeding rings is relatively small.

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