How much young people love to "gambling" this year. This year, the lottery sells for more than 200 billion yuan.


Remember the Biaozi in "Long Season"?

At the end of the episode.

He had encountered a car accident, but was arranged a beautiful and full of mourning slow lens:

The lottery is flying.

Yes, lottery ticket.

Once, the lottery betting station was a gathering place for middle -aged and elderly people. The lottery is the hopes of the frustrated alliance. What about now?

Some time ago, Yu Yueming ended a job and met fans.

Fans who chased stars directly sent him a stack of lottery tickets.

Later, Uncle Shen Teng walked the red carpet.

Others say hello, it is a group photo, what are he doing?

Give fans lottery tickets.

The lottery has become a "lifestyle" of young people.

According to data from the Ministry of Finance, from January to May 2023, a total of 225.171 billion yuan sold in the country, an increase of 75088 billion yuan, an increase of 50.0%year -on -year.

In China, it has been singing all the way for several years.

Same as "Shangxiang" to win the prize?


Behind the hopes, the refraction is a more "present" mentality.


There was such a scene in the dark horse movie "6/45" last year.

A soldier who guarded the North Korean border picked up a lottery worth 5.7 billion won ($ 6 million), but accidentally happened, the lottery was blown to the hands of the Korean soldiers opposite.

what to do?

For the soldiers of both sides, this lottery is a hope.

South Korea’s upcoming soldiers Qian Yu.

He wants to build a cow ranch with postpartum management.

He was born in the professional and livestock mating. He saw that people frequently made cows getting pregnant in order to squeeze milk, which made him feel very painful.

Korean soldier Rong Hao.

He wanted to buy a Swiss -made braces for his parents.


Because of these little hope, the original hostile parties temporarily put down their prejudices and cooperated: When soldiers became captives mixed in the enemy army, they were willing to explain their lives to protect the other party.

See money?


After all, it is because they are all at the bottom, and this lottery ticket is the fastest way they realize the "class jump".

This is why Fan Wei was punished by his boss and a conflict with his son in "The Endless".

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