How often do you do to do B -ultrasound?

The clinical prognosis of single velvet and double -velvet twins is obviously different. Single velvet twins are more prone to fetal complications. Therefore, the frequency of prenatal ultrasound monitoring is different.

Double fold-free double fold-fold twin pregnancy should be performed early in pregnancy, that is, NT examination at 11-14 weeks to determine the gestational week, clarity of chorionic membrane, and the tire marking, etc., Biology measurement, amniotic fluid measurement, and cervical length measurement. If there are no special circumstances, it can be 4 weeks, that is, 24-26 weeks, 28-30 weeks, 32-34 weeks, and 36-37 weeks.Amniotic fluid measurement and fetal blood flow Doppler evaluation (see Figure 1 for details).Double folding folds, double -folding twins, have more frequent ultrasonic examinations and more monitoring items based on the specific conditions and severity of the disease.


In addition to the ultrasound (11-14 weeks) ultrasonic examination in the early pregnancy (11-14 weeks) of the single chorine film, it is recommended to conduct once every 2 weeks of pregnancy every 2 weeks of pregnancy to timely discover the twin blood transfusion syndrome and the anemia of the twin.Red blood cells increase sequence signs.Periodical assessment, amniotic fluid measurement and fetal umbilical arteries blood flow assessment, amniotic fluid measurement, and fetal umbilical arteries are conducted in 16 weeks and 18 weeks.Long measurement, which has been conducted every 2 weeks of fetal growth evaluation, amniotic fluid measurement, fetal umbilical arteries blood flow, and middle cerebral arterial blood flow assessment, which lasted until 36 weeks (see Figure 2 for details).Single folding folding folds with complications, pregnancy, more frequent ultrasound examination and more monitoring items based on the specific conditions and severity of the disease.


Reference Source: Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Xipin Yidi Affiliated Hospital

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