How old can I do for pregnancy test?What is the reason for pregnancy -inspection and pregnancy?Prepare the pregnant couple to see it

There is a fan in the background asks Jing Mom: I am now facing a difficult choice. I originally planned to have a second child, so there was no contraception this month, but there have been some personnel changes in the old unit now.There is a new unit who wants to dig me.I plan to resign if I am pregnant, and I will change jobs if I am not pregnant.I want to know if I have a pregnancy as soon as possible?

This problem is also a problem that many pregnant parents want to know very much. Many times we say that we do n’t think of pregnancy testing without menstruation. In fact, we do n’t need to wait until menstruation.

First of all, let’s find out what the principle of our pregnancy test is?

When our eggs are discharged with the sperm, we combine it into fertilized eggs. After the fertilized eggs are divided into the uterine after the fallopian tube is divided, the uterus has been prepared to wait for the fertilized eggs to bed.After bed, the placenta will be produced, and the placenta will secrete velvet fur membrane to promote gonadotropin (HCG).

This hormone exists in the mother’s blood and urine.At this time, we can measure this hormone with pregnancy testing tools.It is also tested whether there is any pregnancy.

And when can we get pregnancy or not the earliest?

Generally speaking, after the fertilized eggs are formed, they will reach the uterus in about 7-10 days. After bed, HCG hormones will appear in the mother’s blood and urine.So see if you have any pregnancy, you don’t have to wait until the menstruation should not come or not.

It can be checked with early pregnancy test strips 7-10 days after ovulation during ovulation.(Of course exclude the use of early pregnancy test strips improperly)

In addition to buying early pregnancy test paper, we can also consider the hospital to check the blood test, but because the blood test requires an artificial examination, it is recommended to be more convenient and fast for your own urine test.

What may happen to early pregnancy testing?

There may also be fake negative or false positives during early pregnancy testing

The reason for false negatives is:

1. Improper operation, or inadequate techniques

2. The amount of HCG produced by the mother is relatively small

It is also possible to be positive, and it may have something to do with your mother taking some drugs.

If this test is negative, but when the menstruation is not coming in a few days, you can consider testing again.Or mothers can also go to the hospital to check the blood test, which will be higher.

If menstruation does not come, what is the negative may be negative?

If the menstruation does not come, but the pregnancy test is negative several times in a row. It is recommended to go to the hospital for a detailed examination. Seeing whether the menstruation caused by endocrine disorders or running the wrong place to run the wrong place, it will cause ectopic pregnancy.

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