How should expectant mothers use eczema?

Xiaoli was 5 months pregnant, and recently she found that she had a lot of puppets on her feet. Her mother told Xiaoli that it might be eczema.It is unbearable on one side, and on the other hand, it is worried that the treatment of medication will have an impact on the baby. In this regard, doctors said that the situation like Xiaoli is very common, and expectant mothers should pay attention to it.The expectant mothers who are worried about the baby can be treated through topical medicine.

Pregnant women are prone to eczema are mainly related to endocrine changes during pregnancy. Eczema can occur in any part of the body, but it is better to occur on the face, head, ears, calves, armpits, elbows, and feet.Physical constitution may be the main cause of onset.

Generally speaking, after the eczema grows, the skin is a small red pimples or red spots that emit or set at first, and gradually increase, and small blisters, yellow and white scales and scalp skin can be seen.

Under normal circumstances, skin lesions are symmetrical and itching is obvious. After scratching, it can cause erosion, exudation, scabs, and severely affect the scalp and the entire face and even the whole body.After secondary infection, pustules can be seen, and local lymph nodes are enlarged and fever.

Specific mothers are special during pregnancy, and they must be cautious in medication.There are two types of oral and external drugs for treating eczema. For pregnant women, the absorption of external drugs is less, so it is safer than orally.At present, most of the clinical trials of drugs exclude pregnant women outside, which lacks the experience of using the drug safely to use the drug. Therefore, many drugs that seem safe, doctors are concerned about it, even Chinese medicine.

In addition, many people are puzzled. "Can many external medicines use hormones?" Experts said that because external drugs are not as deep as orally, and some diseases still need to take additional oral hormones for pregnant women.It doesn’t matter if you apply it under the guidance of the doctor.

Eczema of pregnant women is a very common disease during pregnancy; if it is still early, it can be cured quickly with external medicine.Many expectant mothers are afraid of taking medicine and seeing a doctor. As a result, the illness is heavier. Now she still needs infusion treatment.Therefore, expectant mothers should be treated early when suffering from eczema.

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