How should hamsters care after pregnancy?

After hamsters are pregnant, they still need to take good care. After all, hamsters may have more babies in their stomachs. 4-10 are possible. The more difficult, the more difficult.

1. Timely male and female divide cages

1. Immediately after mating

In fact, after the male hamster and the mother hamster are finished,

It should be divided immediately.

Hamsters are unique animals,

There is still a risk of fighting.

And on the surface, it is more beautiful,

However, it may suddenly fight. The next day, I found that one less half of the tragedy was often seen.

2. Temporary cage needs to be taken care of at any time

If it is not good to judge whether it is mating,

The two hamsters do not fight. If someone watchs during the day, it can be briefly cooked.

With no one’s care,

It is better to be separated for the time being.

3. Make sure that pregnancy must be divided into cage

But once it is determined that the mother and hamster are pregnant,

Then you must divide the cage.

Because the estrus of the co -hamster will not stop because the mother hamster is pregnant,

The mother hamster was relieved to raise the fetus, and the male hamster over there was in estrus.

4. Divide the cage to prevent the male hamster from hurting mice

There is another reason for the cage. If the mother hamster has a hamster,

Some male hamsters may eat the hamster or kill the hamster.

Not necessarily active, most of them are passive,

Because the little hamster wants to drink milk, where to find the male hamster, then you know.

Mother hamster because of pregnancy production, the mother nature brought by pregnancy,

Let them better tolerate the hamster, but the male hamster is not available.

5. Prevent blood matching

And two hours after the hamster produced, there was a particularly strong estrus,

The male hamster feels that the female hamster will also be in estrus and mating.

This leads to the mother hamster on the side of the mouse.

But there is no milk after pregnancy, and the first baby hamster is troublesome.

And pregnancy continuously,

The physical damage to the female hamster is extremely high, and the chance of premature and miscarriage is also particularly high.

2. Provide a good breeding environment

After the mother hamster is pregnant, it is more sensitive to the environment.

Therefore, the mother hamster needs a warm, quiet, dry, ventilated, and clean breeding environment.

1. Guarantee environmental warmth

Hamsters are small animals that are more afraid of cold,

The interesting statement of pseudo -hibernation is actually frozen and frozen to death without timely treatment.

When the mother hamster is pregnant,

The temperature requirements are higher and stricter.

Therefore, be sure to provide a warm environment for the female hamster,

The temperature is best above 25 ° C, but not higher than 30 ° C.

If the environmental temperature is not good,

It is recommended to provide warm cotton nests. Warm equipment such as crawler heating lights, warm baby, etc.

2. Provide a quiet environment

Mother hamster is particularly sensitive to the surrounding area when pregnancy,

If there is a lot of noise, it will cause unexpected abortion of the mother hamster.

So hamsters should avoid being placed near other audio such as TV,

If there is construction outside, it is recommended not to put it on the balcony in front of the window.

If there are major festivals such as the New Year, fireworks and firecrackers may be set up,

It should be noted that put the hamster in the most house and take some sound insulation measures.

3. The dry environment is important

Hams are fur animals, and they used to live in the northern temperate areas.

Like a dry environment, not used to the humid environment.

The humid environment will make hamsters very uncomfortable, anxious,

And it is easier to make them infect skin diseases such as fungi.

4. Want ventilation

The hamster still has a certain taste,

Pregnant hamster urine will be slightly more urine than usual, and the taste is slightly larger.

Therefore, it is recommended that the hamster breeding environment must maintain a certain amount of ventilation,

Make the taste in the environment a little bit, so it is good for the master and hamsters.

Some people want to keep warm, quiet,

The hamster was made of a small closed room and ignored the ventilation factors.

5. Keep the environment clean

Pregnant hamsters eat more and drink more water,

First, the stool and urine are also a multiples of usual.

So be sure to sweep the hamster cage frequently,

When cleaning, pay attention to holding the hamster lightly, it is best to let the hamster enter the hut.

Prevent accidents when grabbing hamsters,

Cause tragedies such as hamster abortion.

Say a small experience,

You can put snacks in the hut where there is only one door.

Then put in a hamster cage (can also be a hut in the hamster cage, so that the taste is more familiar, and the hamster is more assured),

Let the hamsters go in to eat snacks, seal the door of the hut with hard objects, take out the cage and put it in the temporary place prepared in advance.

After the cleaning, you can let the hamster go back.

You can also transfer the hamster back with the hut again.

Third, the big cage is easy to configure

1. Big cage is important

Prepare a large cage for pregnancy hamsters,

You can put more furniture and supplies in large cages.

The large cage is mainly to make the pregnant hamster more comfortable and more at ease.

The small space in the small cage is too small to make the hamster psychological problems.

Psychological problems are very serious,

The most serious may lead to the recycling of the little hamster that the mother hamster recycle.

And the large cage can also make the mother hamster better in the cage,

More exercise is very good for pregnant hamsters and is conducive to smooth production.

2. Be careful in the layout of furniture in the cage

Some of the furniture in the hamster cage must be cleaned up,

The pregnant hamster’s belly is very thin, and it will be stabbed and stabbed. After the hamster is born, it may also be stabbed.

In addition, some of the furniture that may be sandwiched and stuck,

Such as bracket running wheels and other furniture, they must be cleaned up.

Too smooth furniture must be careful,

Prevent pregnant hamsters from accidentally sliding down and falling.

3. The second or other multi -layers need to be removed

The hamster is the most taboo after pregnancy,

Therefore, it is recommended that the second floor and three layers in the cage are temporarily removed.

This is why it is necessary to prepare a large cage,

That is, although some cages are not large, they are very high, and hamsters are not small.

But this will not work after pregnancy,

There is a large cage that allows hamsters to play at ease.

4. Prepare a delivery room

Prepare a delivery room for hamsters,

For hamster production and nurturing small hamsters.

The house should not be too small, and the hamsters can lie flat to feed 10 small hamsters.

Of course, it can’t be too big,

If it is too empty, the hamster will not feel security. If you pile up your own delivery room, you will be embarrassed.

Materials, ceramics and other materials are all available,

There are some strong water absorption such as paper cotton in it.

Fourth, diet attention

1. Diet increases

The amount of mice and mice will increase after pregnancy,

With the amount of pregnancy, the amount of food will be doubled together.

The corresponding hamster drinking water will also increase,

It was more than double or even twice before.

Therefore, the amount of feeding is more than before,

The watercraft should also observe whether water is short of water.

It is recommended to add a larger waterman to the hamster,

Two drinks heater are more secure.

Why do you say that the water heater problem is special,

Because the production process of hamsters is actually very long, it is born for about half an hour.

The hamster will always rest for a while to regenerate the next one after giving birth.

At this time, you may have to drink some water (having a child is a heavy physical labor, the water loss is very large), eat some food, sleep for a while, etc.

Water is the most important,

If the water is lacking, the hamsters are particularly thirsty, and they are particularly uncomfortable to give hamsters a sense of crisis.

It may cause the mother hamster to recycle the hamster,

I have really seen this tragedy, so I must pay attention.

2. Properly supplement nutrition

Many people think that hamsters need to compensate for nutrition when they are pregnant.

Then feed a large number of supplements of hamsters.

As a result, the hamster was fat with the ball,

This is actually very dangerous.

Hamsters are too obese during pregnancy,

It will cause hamsters to be difficult to produce, which is the most common problem.

And too much nutrition,

The little hamster in the mother hamster’s belly will develop a lot.

This is not a good thing,

When producing, the result of too much hamster is that it is difficult to produce, causing a tragedy of a dead body.

3. Increase the diet flower

When the mouse is pregnant, the personality and taste will change a lot.

So you can appropriately increase the diet of hamsters.

Give hamsters to choose more grain (don’t add too much new food, mix a small amount),

Snacks can also choose more, but it is not suitable for increasing the amount of too much snacks.

Five, prepare for production

The mother hamster’s stomach is particularly large,

The double -breasted buckle is already obvious, and some nipples can appear milk. At this time, hamsters are about to give birth.

Under normal circumstances, the mother and hamster will handle everything by themselves, without the owner,

What the owner can do is to do a good job of logistics, and pour water in the tea …

Well, prepare sufficient food and water for hamsters,

There are good environment and so on.

But there are some times,

Hamsters are difficult to produce or abandon after delivery, so they must be prepared.

1. Contact information of the city’s alien pet doctor

Find the contact information of pet doctors who are close to the local or foreign places in advance.

Consumer some precautions with the doctor in advance. If you produce problems, you can consult.

If there is a problem in hamster production,

Then call to consult. If the phone guidance can be solved, it is not recommended to send it to the treatment immediately.

2. Ready to pick up products

Need to prepare hot water, dry towels, wet towels, toilet paper, etc.

Disinfection of iodophor, medical cotton swab, skimmed cotton, etc.

Of course, these must be used under the guidance of a professional life,

It is not recommended that individuals operate to avoid danger.

3. Prepare sufficient food and water in the cage

The probability of hamster is actually very small,

It is really difficult to meet, and most of the hamsters will be successfully produced.

But the biggest problem is that there is no sufficient food and water during production,

As a result, hamster production is generally thirsty and the tragedy of recycling small hamsters.

So be sure to supplement sufficient food and water in the cage,

Even if you prepare a double share, get a double insurance.

In fact, hamsters also drink a lot of water every day during breastfeeding.

Because more than a dozen little hamsters of breastfeeding also need a lot of water to produce milk.

After the hamster is pregnant, the female hamster must be the key care,

But don’t be too enthusiastic, it is necessary to appropriately increase nutrition.

After the hamster successfully unloaded the goods, it was extremely cute to watch more than a dozen little hamsters.

Then after weaning, how to send a headache.

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